Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Former Fat Girl and the City

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

It's been a little longer than anticipated, but as many of you know, I have been sick since Easter.  I got a little cough on Saturday while in NYC and then Sunday afternoon I got knocked on my butt with a horrible headache and fever.  The fever lasted until late last night.  So I was not quite up to writing.  I'm not sure any of it would have made sense anyway.

So I think there will be a couple of posts today :-)  Let's start with my NYC trip.  The plan to start the day was to meet my ride at my Aunt's at 8am.  I was up early and had to decide what to wear.  I pulled out a few dresses.  I started putzing around and then realized that I wanted to go a little fancy.  I was going to Carnegie Hall after all.  So I pulled out a pretty little black and white cocktail dress that I wore to the rehearsal dinner for my brother's wedding a few years ago.  I HEART this dress.  I felt smokin hot in this dress back then.

Um...I'm a little smaller now.  First off, I was able to zip it on my own.  I did not need any help.  Holla!  The first time I wore it, it was a tad snug.  Alright, I could not sit comfortably in it.  This time I could shove a fist down both sides.  The dress has spaghetti straps.  They were falling down all day on Saturday.  The pretty dress is now retired :-)

Okay, so the dress is picked out and I had to get on the road.  I took a little longer than anticipated, but I still needed to stop for some cash.  So I ran to the grocery store and grabbed some bananas for the week and a protein bar for the car ride.  I also brought my water bottle.

We got on the road a little after 8 and needed to be at Carnegie Hall by 10:45.  Not knowing how much traffic we were going to hit I did not really drink too much water on the ride.  Turns out it was a quick trip.  We were standing in front of Carnegie Hall by 9:45.  We had a whole hour to kill.  We found a cute little cafe and I needed a hot chocolate.  It was Chilly in that dress.  So I ordered my hot chocolate...with a large black and white cookie.  They are my New York favorite.  I could not say no. 

They also had some delicious looking salads and sandwiches.  In retrospect, I should have gotten something more than a cookie.  The show started at 11:30...and wasn't over until almost 2.

Before I go on, let me give a shout out to my cousin Keeley.  She was the finale for the performances and was Awesome!  I had never really seen her play the piano before and I was awe struck.  She also looked very beautiful in a champagne dress that I would like to borrow one day :-)

The plan was for us to go to lunch at the Carnegie Deli.  The line was a little long and we were a lot starving.  Change of plans.  We walked across the street and went to the Ben-Ash Deli instead.  If you aren't familiar with these locales, they are famous for their ginormous sandwiches.  The sandwiches are more than enough for two.  I could not decide what to have.  I could smell the burgers and my belly was freaking out.  But, I really wanted some corned beef or pastrami.  They had salads, but no way was I wasting this opportunity.  My mom and I were going to split something when my cousin asked her to split a steak.  I was on my own.  What to do?  What to do.  Then I saw fried pierogies and I made my decision. 

The orders were placed and one by one everyone's plates were brought to the table.  These portions were huge.  I was getting very excited.  Naturally mine was the last to come out.  And my plate had 5 pierogies on it.  Are you freakin kidding me?  Everyone else has a plate that could feed a small country.  I was starving!  I had a few bites of my mom's steak.  I had half of my grandmom's bagel (it came with her awesome looking salmon salad). And I had a small portion of my uncle's towering pastromi/roast beef sandwich.  Yes, the pierogies were delicious, but Oh dear lord I needed more food.  Remember, I also had that monster run the day before.

After lunch, Keeley and I walked over to Starbucks for some Vanilla Chai Tea (I was still cold).  I wanted one of their cookies, but alas, I had already had my black and white.  Then we walked the few blocks up and took pictures in Central Park.  It was such a beautiful day. 

I would have liked to have drank a lot more water, but I was unsure about bathroom breaks and so I held back. I did suck down a bunch when I got home.  I also stopped and got a lean cuisine to eat for dinner.  I was still hungry :-(

Many moons ago I lived in Jersey and worked in Manhattan for a year.  It was a wonderful experience.  I did a LOT of walking during that year and lost a lot of weight.  I also did not eat well.  I was particularly fond of corn fritter and knishes.  I did not have a lot of money, so I often ordered my food from street vendors.  Here's a tip: if it's sold from a street vendor just keep walking.  Nothing nutritional there!  Now I will say, I was quite impressed that there was a produce vendor on the corner of Carnegie Hall.  Yeah!  However, no idea where that fruit came from so I passed.

I loved being back in the city, but my food habits were coming back too.  Back then I ate no veggies unless they were fried.  I lived for hot dogs and soft pretzels.  Cheap and quick.  Not good!  I also never drank water at that time.  I was the queen of Diet Coke.  Happily, I didn't have the urges I had before.  I was quite proud. (I meant about the street vendors...I realize that I ate fried potatoes for lunch *sad face*)

Knowing what I know, I would have done things a little differently, but I won't let that overshadow what a wonderful day it was.

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you!  Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week.  The journey is so much easier if you have support.


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