Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Fitness Competition is ON! BRING IT!

Happy Thursday Bleeps!

I forgot to talk about my complete and utter lack of coordination during boot camp the other night. Towards the end when it was time for plank again, Cutie instructor wanted us to extend the left leg and right arm.  Then switch to the other side.  Okay, so I can so very easily do that when my plank is with extended arms.  However, when I am on my forearms, I turn to spaghetti.  We had 30 seconds and it took me about 28 seconds to finally coordinate myself.   Doh!

So today I met up with my fellow teammates.  I'm very excited.  We have a good group.  But, going into the meeting I was nervous.  Am I going to be the one that holds us back?  My immediate thought when I saw my teammates was: Crap!  I'm the oldest and have the most weight to lose.  But, I started to feel better as the meeting went on.

My team consists of Heather, who I recognized from Yoga.  She is an avid rock climber and invited us to go climbing with her after work.  I am totally in!  Although the whole time I was picturing the scene from Failure to Launch.  My other teammate is Michel.  He is from Brazil and walks to work every day. 

We sat and went over the points and providing support for each other.  When we got back to our desks we had all sent emails separately saying how nice it was to meet each other.  Then Michel said he was Amazed by us.  That made me feel so good.  I really was feeling like the one that was going to weigh down the team.  Pun intended. 

Basically, of the three of us, I have the weight to lose which could get us more points.  The problem is that I'm stuck in that "changing body, but the weight isn't coming off the scale" stage.  Argh.  That was playing on my mind pretty much the rest of the afternoon.

Right after the meeting I went out to lunch and got my half sandwich/half salad.  But, I was still hungry when I got back to my desk.  All I could think about was the chocolate covered pretzels in the vending machine.  It took all I had not to go buy them.  I tried to analyze myself.  Was I really hungry or was it more self-sabotaging?  I tend to think it was both. 

The size of the half sandwich was small and the salad was mostly lettuce, so yeah, I was still hungry.  But, I also know that when I think about my success I tend to want to eat something bad.  I want my belly GONE, but will I know who I am when that happens?  Do I associate myself with my belly?

I don't want it to be like that.  So I was going to hit it hard at the gym tonight.  My knees were still bothering me today so running was out.  I opted for the elliptical.  My thoughts were 30 minutes and then hit the weights.  But, do I hit the weights at the gym or come home and do them?  Well around minute 25 I spotted Gym Crush 2. The best part is that I spotted him watching me.  Oh heck yeah! Barb said he gets her vote.  She is forbidding me from flirting with Cutie Instructor as we aren't sure how old he is, but fear that I would really be a Queen Cougar with him. lol.  Don't care.  Flirting will continue next week.

Anyway, once I spotted GC2 I of course decided to stay.  I pounded out more time on the elliptical and then my feet gave out at 45 minutes.  GC2 left and so did I.  I came home to hit the weights.  I really wanted to work my abs, work on my push ups, and my squats.  I need to get those 15 extra points for each.  So I need to be comfortable with surpassing those 15 reps.  I killed the squats tonight with extra weight and extra reps.  My knees will probably hate me tomorrow. 

So now it's time to relax and charge my ipod :-)  Have a Blessed night.

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