Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Thinking Outside the Box

Hello My Lovelies and Gents,

I want to share with you an idea that I had today. I've been worrying about my gym situation once I move. I will be switching my "home" gym to one closer to work and meeting up with gym buddy Lisa every night (well most nights). I'm very excited about this.  I've missed her.  So I'm good for the weekdays, but what about weekends?

I have the membership that allows me to go to multiples locations, but there is nothing right in the area. However, the closest one is 30 minutes away.  I can do that if I have to and on Sundays it's not a big deal. I can go to the gym by church. So what about Saturdays?

There is a park around the corner which is a great option. I had even considered getting a second gym membership. Although I don't love the idea of spending that extra money, I don't want to not have the option either.

And then it hit me!  I will be very close to Longwood Gardens. I can get a membership there (for the price of two months of the gym) and go there on weekends. There are beautiful outdoor gardens and large indoor gardens. It doesn't have to be a massive workout, as long as I am out and walking around I am happy.  And the bonus is that they have bathrooms!  The key will be not to give in to snacks and to limit my photography. haha.

As another alternative to the gym I got back to walking at lunch today. Ms. Tracey wanted to walk and it was just so nice outside.  So we walked. It wasn't a super fast pace. My foot was bothering me (surprise!), but we walked for 45 minutes. I also got back to sitting on the exercise ball during the day.  I haven't been doing that because it bothers my knees with all of my running.  I sat on it for 5 hours today.  My knees hurt after, but it felt good on my abs. So I will try to do it a couple times a week again.

I had still planned on going to the gym after work, but with my foot and knees bothering me I didn't want to push it. Plus, I have weights at home.  So the new plan is to lift on commercials during Hart of Dixie tonight :-)

Sometimes you just have to think outside the box (Parks, Gardens, Zoos, Aquarium, Mall, etc). Sometimes it's just about being active and not a couch potato. 

Have a Blessed Night my friends.

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  1. it's true, we have to think outside the box more often. Because life is often not in accordance with our plans.

    good luck with your training :)