Monday, October 8, 2012

Dancing Queen or Jumping Bean

Happy Monday Bleeps,

Okay, so yeah, I was beat yesterday.  The wedding on Saturday was so fun and so exhausting. So worth it though.

So remember that I started the day at the gym.  I put in 4 miles because I was couldn't focus enough to run.   But, that's good because running would aggravate the knees and that would hamper the dancing. After the gym I stopped for a small turkey hoagie and a side of sliced apples.

Soon it was time to get dressed. A big Thank You is going out to my mom for helping to perform surgery on the dress. I used a different bra and I safety pinned the straps. Then mom put a stitch in on both straps to pull the dress in a little. I was good to go :-)

Due to some traffic issues we were a little late, but there were some issues so we didn't miss a thing. But, things were a little off schedule and that includes eating. Soon we were heading towards the reception.  Along the drive I passed part of the course for the Rock'n'Roll Half and I saw the Susan G Komen walkers. I got emotional. I really really Really wanted to do the 3-day with them. But, obviously, family wedding trumps all.  It was pretty sweet to see all of the pink walking though. I am doing it next year if it kills me.

When we got to the reception I could barely see straight. I needed some food. The appetizers during the coffee hour were outstanding. And they seemed to have some sort of magical powers. Because I couldn't say NO.  I started off really well. My first mini plate had vegetables, cheese/crackers, and a small chicken tender. Soon some mini spinach puffs arrived and they multiplied like crazy on my plate. OMG is that mini-hot dogs wrapped in pastry that I spy?  GIMME!

Technically if I had spaced out the food it would not have been so bad. But, I was hungry and I ate fast. This led to a minor upset belly. I had a diet soda.  It helped me burp and that was good. Soon it was time to move to the reception area.  There were some dances and speeches. And then it was time for dinner. There were many stations to choose from. I started with small slider with chicken and a side of ratatouille. Next up was the prime rib table. Like I'm going to say no to that. I only had one slice.  I skipped over the pasta bar and took one pot sticker from the Asian table. While I was there I was catching up with my cousin Matt and noticed the grilled eggplant on his plate. He pointed me in the right direction and off I went.

I felt extremely stuffed when I was done. My stomach is much smaller than it used to be and it was not happy with me. So you know that's when it was time to dance. I was torn. I wanted to dance, but I also needed to digest my food. I did not want to be that girl puking on the dance floor. I waited out a song or two, but the pull was too good.

I love to dance. I dance in the store if a good song comes on. I dance at the gym.  I dance everywhere.  I'm a jumper though. I have a great vertical leap. My family was enjoying watching me. haha.  My cousin said everyone was asking her where I got my energy.  She very proudly told them how much weight I have lost and that I am eating healthy and working out. Why thank you ma'am.  At one point someone asked if I was okay to drive home. haha..That's just me. I was not drinking anything except diet soda and water. 

I had a lot of fun, but I knew all of that jumping would hurt my knees. And I was right.  It also hurt my calves. They were mighty sore today, so I took it easy on the treadmill. For I am terrified of charlie horses.

There was a pleasant bonus at the end of the night. I was talking with cousin Matt, who recently moved back after living on the west coast for many years. He got his ACE Personal Trainer Certification back in 2006. It was great to talk to him about it, but then he scared the bejeebers out of me.  It was telling me how hard the exam is and what the passing rate is. He gave me sample questions.  SEE!  I told you I need to study hard.  He has offered me his study materials and has offered to help me study. I am most definitely taking him up on that!

Oh and I talked with another cousin who lives in Georgia (it's been a long time since I had seen some of my family). He and his younger sister do 5Ks together. He said I should come down for the Peach Tree City 5K. It's on Fourth of July and it's the largest in the country.  I don't think I can swing it next year, but it's now on the wish list!

It was a wonderful night. I was not fully prepared though. My mom was. She packed her snack in case she got hungry. Bah!  Why didn't I do that?  I ALWAYS do that!  I'm blaming it on the dress surgery. lol. It doesn't matter. I did not go overboard.  When I got full I stopped. I still had plenty of vegetables. When it was time for cake, I filled half of my plate with fruit and took one slice of cheesecake. Not the healthiest of cakes, but I was burning calories on that dance floor.

Okay kids, I'm still tired. haha. So I'm going to call it a night.

Have a Blessed Night my friends.

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you! Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week. The journey is so much easier if you have support.

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