Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tailgating after Work

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

Well tonight was the Tailgating party after work and you would think that I had never eaten before. After work, Ms. Kerri and I  took our stuff to our cars and walked around to the back parking lot where the party was in full swing.  There were people everywhere and tables full of food. Lines of people and it was hard to figure out where everything was. One giant line was for the beer. Um, not interested, where the heck is the pulled pork????

After about five minutes we ran into Ms. Tracey and she had some on her plate. She pointed us to the appropriate table and off we went. We each got a plate and a roll and stood in line. Then we saw that there were cheeseburgers at the table too. With one look and a quick nod, we got a second roll. One burger and one pulled pork please.  I didn't get far before I saw the potato salad. I only took one spoonful.

We reunited with Ms. Tracey and then we were off to find a drink. We found the coolers with the water bottles and then we found the coolers with the soda. Sprite and Coke. There was nothing diet. CRAP. I would normally just get the water, but I was about to shovel a bunch of food in my mouth and I need the soda to help me burp or it's going to get all sorts of ugly up in here. So I took a coke.

When we finished our sandwiches we headed over to the snacks table. There was a great bean and corn salsa. I took a spoonful and a couple of chips. Ahh...that was good.

Then we all decided it was time to leave.  However, in order to leave we had to pass the desserts table. I took a cookie...and then another (everyone took two for the road). Crap, are those dark chocolate covered pretzels? Yep. I took a couple of them too.

What is wrong with me?  Seriously, can you tell that I have been on a serious budget these past few weeks? I felt like a sailor on leave in a strip club.

Eating on a budget is hard. Especially since I am no longer frequenting the Dollar Menus. I used to live for them. I love how I would buy two burgers or throw in that frosty because I was saving money. I really wasn't.  By the time I got everything and wanted (and a few extras) I ended up spending more money than I would have on a regular meal.

And coupons aren't even a big help. I cut coupons every week. And the Former Fat Girl would love saving her money. But, she would also buy things because there was a coupon.  Instead of cutting everything out, I only cut out what I really will use or need. I don't get the frozen pizza just because I have a coupon. I don't get the ice cream because I have a coupon. I use the coupons on my cheerios, fiber one bars, guacamole, crystal light, and string cheese.  It sucks that there aren't more coupons for healthier foods.

So after I left the party I was driving home and trying to figure out what the plan was for tonight. I wouldn't be going to the gym because I can't workout right after I eat. I would be heading home and packing a little. Maybe do a little laundry.  I really wanted to finish my book though. I had read a little bit before Bible Study today (which was great because I was full of paranoia and anxiety). I could tell that I was only pages away from her busting out the ax. BAH!  I just want this book over with. I can't take the suspense!

I pulled into the parking lot of the park I used to walk in. I figured I would read in the park for a little while. I didn't get out of my car though. I just sat there and read....and then the ax came out and I am sitting in the car screaming. I had to leave. BAH.

I don't think I will be finishing it tonight, but tomorrow is it! I want to study dang it!

Have a Blessed Night my friends.

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