Saturday, October 6, 2012

Running for Beginners

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

I have a lot to say and not a lot of time to say it. haha. I am currently getting ready for my cousin's weddding, but I will multitask and blog while my toe nails dry. :-)

So let's just start off with the Confession now.  As I was leaving work last night I was asked if I wanted to go out for a quick drink with a couple of coworkers. I really REALLY wanted to go to the gym because I had missed it on Wednesday and I didn't know what what going to happen this weekend.  But, I never hang out with Ms. Kerri outside of work so I said yes.  I said "Oh HECK YEAH" when she said they wanted to go to Rock Bottom Brewery.  Some of my longtime followers will remember that this is the place that has the soft pretzel appetizers that I just cannot say no to.

Two giant pretzels brushed with our handcrafted ale and sprinkled with fresh garlic and Kosher salt. Oven-baked and served with Spicy Spinach Cheese Dip.
I was not up for drinks so I got a diet soda and asked if anyone wanted to split the pretzels. They didn't, but that didn't stop me.  My first thought was: Oh I'll just take the second one home.  And the second thought was: What's the point without the dip?  So yes, my dinner last night was two soft pretzels and a cheese dip.  BAH!
So this morning there could be no excuses. My butt had better get to the gym!!!!  I made it over there and the intention was to run for an hour.  However, as I was on the treadmill my brain went in a 1000 different directions.  1. I am going to a wedding this afternoon and I will be wearing heels. If I run and wear heels I will not be able to walk for a week because knees will be the size of cantaloupes.  2. I really need to trim my bangs. They are getting in my face. 3. What am I going to eat for lunch? I don't want to be starving at the reception. 4. What happens if I can't safety pin the dress in the boobie area?  What will I wear????  Basically, I got 15 minutes of running in and the rest of the time I just walked fast and read my book. 
My run today made me think of many things.  So this is for you beginners. For those of you who think you can't, oh you can!  I've come up with some tips and things that you will encounter.
So often I hear "Walking/running is so boring" or "I just get so bored doing that". And that's fine. It's not for everyone. First I will say, find something that interests you.  Second, make it not boring. By this I mean, get on the treadmill in front of your favorite tv show.  Just watch that and walk.  Or grab some friends and go walking and talking. Or read a book while walking. There are many ways around this.
But, sometimes your brain won't be in it for the day.  Most of the time I can get in a good zone and the hour is up before I know it. However, there are times (like today) when my brain is on overdrive and I am thinking so much that I can't focus on the run. That's okay.  The back up was to get out the book and just be happy with a walk. This just means I get another run day soon.
Tip 1. Pull your hair back.  I am never more aware of when I need to trim my bangs than when I am running and sweating. My bangs just hang in my eyes.  So I keep a headband in my gym bag. 
For my big chested ladies, please wear a good sports bra. It is the most important advice that I can give you. It makes such a difference.  Seriously, if I could duct tape them down I would.  Now please note that the most annoying part of my run is the first few minutes. I'm just going to put it out there. The nipples are rubbing against the bra and are very sensitive. Don't worry, it doesn't last that long.
Tip 2. Wear the right underwear.  You don't want stuff creeping up your butt when you are running.  Nor do you want your panties falling off because they are too big.
And just be aware, if you are anything like me you are going to sweat...everywhere...even down there. I keep a towel in my car for the ride home.  The other night after my really good run I got in my car and realized that my trunk wasn't closed all of the way.  After I got out and closed it, I came back and saw the nasty pile of sweat that was in my seating area...and it was puddle like. My whoo-ha was sweating something fierce.  Ick!  And don't suggest wearing a pad, because I sweat so much that the adhesive wears off and it will just fall out (been there and done that...not kidding).
Tip 3. Don't forget to eat before you run. Nothing huge, but you can't run on an empty stomach. We don't want you passing out.  Eggs. Oatmeal. Half a bagel.
Don't eat fried eggs and hash browns.  You don't even want to think about having to run to the bathroom because of the grease running through your system.  Then you are running with your butt cheeks clenched and it's just not a pretty sight.
Tip 4. HYDRATE!  Before, during, and after.
If you are running for more than 45 minutes plain water isn't going to cut it.  You need a gatorade or propel to replenish you.
Tip 5. Eat some protein after.  You are going to be hungry the rest of the day.  Do not panic!  You have jump started your metabolism.  Just be smart about it. Don't run and then spend the rest of the day on the couch with a bag of cheetos.
Alright kids, my nails are dry and I'm pretty sure I've given my mother a heart attack by now so I shall sign off.  I will tell you all about the wedding tomorrow. 

Have a Blessed Night my friends.

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