Thursday, August 9, 2012

Crushin on the Olympics

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

So let me just say it.  In case you haven't figured it out, I'm crushin on the Olympics.  I have always enjoyed them, but man I really cannot get enough.  I realized as I was walking in to work this morning that I had to really think about what day it was.  Without a sitcom frame of reference from last night I had to think it through. haha.  Luckily I am well aware that tomorrow is Friday. HOLLA!  But, I hadn't even realized that preseason football was going on tonight. DOH.  That is so not like me.

I loved the Olympics when I was little because it was every day people competing.  For the most part, the majority of the athletes still have day jobs.  But, with sponsorships and more TV exposure many of the athletes are professional now. So shout out to the athletes that paved the way.

Now that I am taking care of my body I am well aware of the dedication of these athletes.  Before I just enjoyed it, but now I appreciate it.

So let me shout out some of my favorite moments.

Today a USA runner competed on a broken leg. WHAT?  Manteo Mitchell heard his leg break as he started the relay for the Men's 4x400 relay. Seriously, WHAT? This man ran on a broken leg and the team qualified for the finals. WHAT?  Mad Respect for you Sir!

Today was also a pretty historic was the first time a Saudi Arabian woman competed in a track event. Sarah Attar was last in her heat, but she won the heart of the spectators.

Allyson Felix!  DANG GIRL!  She has won the Silver Medal in the women's 200 twice...but FINALLY she got her Gold yesterday.  I knew she had won, but I was still sitting in bed screaming at the TV.  I want her abs!

One of the most amazing stories is of the legally blind archer.  Yep, you read that right.  South Korean Im Dong-Hyun started losing his site as a teenager.  First of all, his sight is 20/100 in the right and 20/200 in the left.  Well, okay, I'm more blind than that.  I am 6.5 in each eye which is approximately 20/800.  Perhaps he cannot wear a corrective lens because he aims at the blur.  And he beat the record this year. Dang.  There is hope for me after all!  Although I would prefer to wear my contacts.

Kerri Walsh and Misty May Treanor!  HELLO!  Three Gold Olympics world they ain't spring chickens, but they have the experience and the talent.  How could you not get swept up in their excitement...and how could you not want to have your legs sprout and look like Kerri!

You know I'm Crushin on Oscar Pistorius.  Well in the relay qualifying round the South African team suffered an injury.  They thought their time was over, but there was a review and they were sent to the finals on a technicality.  Oscar lives to race another day!  HOLLA!

I really tried hard to avoid the spoilers today.  I wanted to see how the Decathlon ended by watching.  After five events American Ashton Eaton was leading American Trey Hardee. I couldn't do it.  I peeked...Eaton won!  Hardee came in second.  Even Usain Bolt showed them respect.  He is the fastest, but they compete in 10 events....Eaton earned the title "World's Greatest Athlete".

I could go on for days and I haven't forgotten Swimming and Gymnastics, but they were the stories that everyone heard about.  These are just some of the stories that have held my attention this year. 

I'm sad that it's almost over and am really looking forward to Brazil in four years....more importantly I'm looking forward to Shark Week starting on Sunday!  I wonder if I can get the gym to put the Discovery Channel on one of the TVs...although that may be too gross for the treadmill.

Have a Blessed night my Friends.

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