Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Trying to be good, but there's a plate of little desserts in front of me...CRUEL

Hello Beautiful People!

So I mentioned previously that I attended a wedding shower for my cousin Lindsay this past Sunday.  It was my planned cheat day since I had no idea what the menu was going to be. Events like this always cause me great stress.  It has nothing to do with my family, it's all about my food anxiety and my appearance anxiety.

I hadn't really thought about what I was going to wear until the night before.  I'm pretty lucky to have a lot of really nice dresses and tops to chose from now.  They all look good on me and I no longer have to run out and face the fitting rooms because I ended up hating the potato sack that I got last time.

I had purchased a new pair of orange flats on Saturday that I thought would be nice to wear (I did 10 miles that morning and there was not enough money in the world to make me put on heels).  But, I also thought it would be a nice occasion to wear the hot pink flower headband I got for NYC.  Luckily I had a dress with just those colors that I wore last year for my Grandmom's 80th birthday party. SOLD!

So here's the funny thing about it.  It was monster huge in the upper back area, but felt on the snug side around the waist.  It wasn't tight, but I felt like a big meal might make me uncomfortable. And yet you could stick a cantalope down the back. It weirds me out how my body changes shape.  I know my waist is almost 3 inches smaller than it was in February...so it's gotta be smaller than it was last August. So why did it feel snug around the belly?  Bah.  No matter, I can make it work.  It accentuates my legs and arms very nicely so it's the winner.

Mom and I were leaving right after church to head over since we didn't know how long it would take, but not without a stop at Starbucks.  Now I had gotten us Weight Watchers english muffin sandwhiches for breakfast, but I had a sweet craving.  I got my iced chai tea with vanilla (so refreshing) and I wanted a cookie.  I said I shouldn't get it because we would probably have cake. My mom said to get it anyway.  So I did. bah. But, I justified it by thinking that the shower starts at 1 and we may not eat until 2 or 3.  It's a valid justification if it wasn't a cookie, but I couldn't help it.  I told you I am battling the Sweets these days and I think the Sweets are winning...hmm..that could be the problem with the waist on the dress...although I highly doubt I put back on the 3 inches in three weeks.

We made record time and were pretty much the first guests there. We got to scope things out and the first first thing I noticed were the little hershey kisses on the table for every one, two at every setting. Mine were gone before anyone from my family arrived....and the two next to me disappeared about an hour later. ARGH.

So Lindsay arrived and was surprised! HOORAY!  She looked beautiful...but all I could think was "How soon are we eating????"  It wasn't long before we were ushered over to the buffett. There was chicken, salmon, small potatoes, string beans, ravioli, salad, fruit, cheese/pepperoni, and bread.  Mmm...I got one piece of chicken (half of the size of my palm), two ravioli, two small potatoes, some beans, a plate with the tossed salad with vinaigrette, a small bowl of fruit, and one piece of bread.  I was hoping this would be enough.  And for a long time it was. 

There were 80 people invited and the presents mountains were massive.  At one point I got up to use the ladies room and when I came back the dessert platters had arrived.  Now we're talking!  They were full of cookies and these delicate little pastries.  One of the pastries looked like a mini quiche except instead of egg it was a flavored whipped cream or something. Less than a bit size.  I had one strawberry one.  Another pastry was this fantastic little tortilla crust with a little whipped cream berries.  Again, smaller than a bite size.  I had one.  I wanted more and kept eyeing them, but I was really trying to control myself.  It was a difficult battle.

After a little while, I started to feel the need to eat. It wasn't that I was hungry, it was that I could only sit still for so long and I knew that there was still food over there.  So I got up and headed for the bowl of fruit again.  I almost made it too, but saw the mound of cheese still there.  So I got a few more pieces with crackers and then a bowl of fruit.  At that point I was able to finally stop thinking about the tray of desserts on every table.

I spent a lot of time talking to my Cousin Kim, who I adore.  She is a Zumba instructor (and is currently in Orlando for a Zumba convention so feel free to follow her updates on twitter right now @kimquigley). She has recently starting running 5ks and is anxious for us to run one together.  It still cracks me up that when we are together now most of our conversations are about health and fitness.   And I love hearing our mom's say "Can you believe that these are our daughters?"

We are also big giant hams for the camera...to the point that I think we get on everyone's nerves. haha.  But, her mom took a picture of us sitting in the chairs facing each other and fake laughing (we are the best at that).  When I saw it I was freakin excited!  My arms looked ripped!  Go me!

And speaking of pictures, yes, I take them with my phone and my camera.  I am basically the unofficial photographer at family events.  "Oh no, Jennie is at it again.  We'll never get out of here."  Wait, just one more! 

For years I hated pictures of myself. HATED them. They were worse than a mirror.  They were permanent.  I would think that I looked good and then the picture would remind me how fat and out of shape I was.  So yes, I am a little vain these days, but I have a lot of time to make up for :-)

PS-I had a lot of fun at the shower, but I did miss Oscar Pistorius' race to make the finals. Sadly, he did not qualify, but the winner of his heat traded name bibs out of respect.  Gotta love it.  I can't wait to see his relay qualifying on Thursday.

PPS-How freaking awesome is Sanya Richards-Ross?  I Love watching her run.  Dang woman you go!

PPPS - Have a Blessed Night

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