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Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition - Jonathan

I''m a little behind because of the Olympics, but luckily I was not that interested in Monday's new Shark Week episode. So instead I watched Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. 

This particular episode was about Jonathan.  Jonathan is 30 and over 500lbs. He is a father of two young boys and feels that he is depriving them of a childhood because he likes to eat.  When he's outside playing "catch" with the boys it's so difficult for him.  If the boys don't throw it directly at him to catch, then they have to run after the ball too.   When they were really young, the family went to go see the Globetrotters.  Jonathan could not fit in the seat and spent the entire game holding his youngest son behind the seats.  They never went to another sporting event.

Jonathan was fat growing up.  He was 235lbs even in high school.  That's where he met his wife.  Oh it made me so sad when he said "I'm sure she doesn't find me sexy anymore."  He doesn't even know how much he weighs.  He has a scale, but it maxes out at 500.  It says Error when he steps on it.  Sadly, Jonathan sleeps on the couch.  The bed is not comfortable for him.  He also has sleep apnea and that scares his wife.

"If I don't do it now, there won't be a future."....sad, but true

So when Chris goes to surprise Jonathan and tell him that he was selected, Jonathan had gone out for pizza.  When he walked in he saw all of his family and friends sitting there and immediately thought it was an intervention.  SURPRISE!

Chris always asks what they want. Jonathan's want is so simple it breaks my heart.  He wants to ride a bike with his family.

Training Tip: When asked which to do to burn the most fat, Weight Training or Cardio, Chris responds: Both. Cardio burns the fat, but weight training increased the metabolic count. Muscle burns fat even at rest.

Okay, so not it's time for the weigh in....543lbs

Before the workouts even start, they get right into the Nutrition.  Jonathan loves pizza.  So they make a pizza with pesto instead of sauce. They put on some tomatoes and cheese.  Instead of fatty meats, which are high in sodium, they use the cheese for protein.  The verdict: YUM.

*on a side note I had this tonight and it was delicious*

The Plan for Jonathan is 2000 calories a day.  This will be broken down into 5 meals at approximately 400 calories each.  He will also be working out 6 days a week for 2-4 hours.

Next up is the medical assessment.  In addition to the body mass index, they also do a study on his sleep apnea.  So the next day they take him to the pool.  They ask him to hold his breath under water for as long as possible.  He taps out at 11.8 seconds. Then they tell him that during the night he stops breathing for 26 seconds.  Does that not just scare the $#%^ out of you?

So the first big workout Chris calls the Fight or Flight workout.  You either fight for it or keep running from your problems. He challenges Jonathan to hold Plank for 60 seconds.  This is going to be tough.  First attempt: 8 seconds.  Second: 10.  Third: 18.  So then he challenges him to Farmers Walks. This is walking with heavy weights in both hands.

Nutrition Tip: Start your meal with a broth based soup or a small salad.  Studies show that people who do that eat 180 calories for that meal.

Okay, so now for the good stuff.  The 3 month goal is to lose 135lbs. The reward would be Mountain bikes for the whole family.  I have never wanted anyone to make that first goal so bad!  Jonathan breaks my heart when he says "Riding bikes means being a dad."

So by now we know that when they come back the house is different.  There is workout equipment and a kitchen stocked full of healthy food.  But, there was also a surprise...a new bed.  Jonathan told Chris that he had the best sleeps in a long time at Boot Camp so they got him the same mattress.  Chris pays for the food and even pays their salary for the first 3 months.  "It's their job to lose weight."

Early on they go out to dinner with his family.  Chris had asked them to write letters to him.  His brother had said that he sees them all making poor choices every day and vows to support him.  His wife says that it's very hard to see what life would be like without him, but that's a reality.  It was a good start.  Unfortunately, they all ordered crappy food. Chris was upset.

He was facing problems with Jonathan.  He seemed to be lost and not giving it his all. So they went to an airport...and he had him pull a 4000lb airplane one mile. I SO WANT TO DO THAT!

Training Tip: Without an incline, the treadmill is doing the work for you.  Always keep it at an incline of at least 1.0 (Noted...and I will do that now).

So time to weigh in: 408lbs.  He lost exactly 135lbs.

The goal for Phase 2: 80lbs.  It's going to be difficult.  Chris leaves and he has to go back to work.  The best part was the family out for a bike ride and Jonathan says that Chris Powell turned his son into a monster.  "Pick up the speed!" and "Do you feel the burn?"...too stinkin cute!

His daily schedule is now: waking up at 4:30 and hitting the treadmill.  Heading out to work at 6am. Sometimes working a 12 hour day.  And then another hour on the treadmill when he gets home.

Jonathan starts to lose his zest and his wife emails Chris.  So he comes back to talk to him....and then takes him to a gymnasium...with the Harlem Globetrotters!

At the 6 month weigh in Chris asks "Do you see it now?" And he does.  He looks GREAT!  He brings a shirt that he loved in high's too big now.  Sadly, the weigh in was only for 55lbs.  That's okay though.  Chris still rewards them with a trip to Disneyland!  He can finally ride a roller coaster.

The goal for Phase 3 is to get under 300.  He has 54lbs to go.

During this time he and his wife start competing in 5Ks....but does he make his goal?

Phase 3 weigh in: 298!  He did it!  He qualifies for the skin surgery. They actually showed his sons burying their head in the extra skin.

So for the final reveal the Globetrotters are back.  It's so cute.  Jonathan wanted to come in with smoke and flashing lights...he gets his wish...and pun intended he looks Smokin Hot!  Let's get down to it.  The goal was to weigh 293...he weighs 277!  He lost 266lbs!

Several months later his family has just gone on their first skiing trip. It's a whole new world for him.

He did have a day that scared him.  One day he had two meals and 6 donuts before lunch. But, instead of letting it get to him, he just focused on reprogramming his brain.  Good stuff!

I loved this episode!

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