Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fitness Competition Results are in. And the winner is.....

Happy Tuesday Bleeps!

Well today was the day.  The Fitness Competition Results were finally announced.  The big reveal was scheduled for 2pm.  I started to freak out around 11.  What if I didn't win?  Seriously, I busted my ass for this.  I know in my heart that I gave it all that I had. I was already a winner from it.  But, I cannot even begin to tell you how upset I would be if I didn't win.

I was begging Hottie Instructor to find out for me. I would still go to congratulate the winner, but I wanted to be prepared. I knew I would be THAT upset if I didn't win.  My cheeks would get bright red and I'm pretty sure there would be tears.  It's a freakin work competition.  It's not That big of a deal.  Except it is....to me.  It was my challenge.

The Former Fat Girl would never EVER have done this.  She would have consoled herself for not being confident enough to even enter it with a box of oreos.  Have someone measure my waist?  I think not.  You are Crazy!  Get weighed in public?  haha I laugh at you.  Nice try.  It never occurred to her that she Could do it.  That she had it in her.

Shoot, they have had this competition for a few years and it's the first time I was willing to put myself out there.  So what changed?  I don't know.  Maybe it was starting this blog.  I tell you everything so what's the big deal about having someone pinch my fat (wince)?  Maybe it was completing the Half Marathon.  I definitely learned so much about myself.  I learned just how strong I am and what I am capable of. And so without hesitation I signed up this year.  I think we all know that I went all out.

You get points for that?  Okay, I'm doing it.  

I really want to take a night off.  Nope, you've got a competition to win.

I'm the only one in Boot Camp?  More points for me!

During the morning I went over to HR to pick up my 5 Year award and Lovely Carol who ran the Fitness competition said that she is supposed to go out at lunch and get the prizes.  But, it's pouring.  If the rain doesn't let up then the winners will just have to wait.  BAH!  So you know I sat at my desk looking out the window willing the rain to stop...it did. HOLLA!

Okay, so 2pm rolls around and Ms. Barb and I head over to hear the results. 40 people competing, and only 7 there to hear the results...hmm...disappointing, but less people to see me cry if I don't win.

Unsure if they should wait a little bit they started talking about competition.  It went a little longer than planned. Finishing around July 4th was tough with everyone on vacation. What did we like?  What didn't we like?  COME ON!  I think I was starting to have a heart attack.

Okay, so I of course was listening closely.  Alex asked Carol if she put the names on the envelopes.  She had not. But there was talk of her getting one more than needed.  What's this?  Overall Male.  Overall Female.  And three for the team winner.  OH crap....Fitness Competition Arch Nemesis Ryan's (FCANR) team lost a member. Did they win?  Did they beat me?

Then Carol asked me if Michel was coming...now why would she ask me about my teammate? Did we win? BAH I NEED TO KNOW NOW!

First the winners of the individual titles.  This was the first year that you could compete as an individual or as a team.  No, you could not win team and individual.  So the overall female was not there. But she got kudos for her events points. The overall male was there.  He lost 5% body fat.  Go sir.

And then it was Team time...."This team was led by an enthusiastic and energetic member...the winning team is the.......*seriously SPIT IT OUT*  The Ducks!"  In my head there were balloons and confetti raining down on me.  They didn't let me give a speech, but...haha.   It turns out we just edged out FCANR's team.  But, wait....the third member of our team didn't have her assessment.  We won even without that. I BEAT FCANR!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I could say that all day..too bad he wasn't in the room to hear it. BAH!

So I won a gift card to Season's 52 which is a wonderful restaurant by work. I had done a post on them in the very beginning.  They use seasonal food which makes it fresher.  They buy local and all entrees are under 475 calories. YEAH!  When I ran into FCANR he said I could take him to lunch...hahah...nice try.  Although anyone who wants to come may...but you're on your own paying.  haha.

I was so happy that I could feel my body just breathe and relax.  It was a good day.

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you! Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week. The journey is so much easier if you have support.


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