Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Random Wednesday same time same place

Happy Random "I can breathe!" Wednesday,

So glad the week is almost over...YEAH!  I'm even more glad that I have Friday off. I could not be looking forward to relaxing and kicking back this weekend any more than I am.  Make no mistake though, it's race crunch time. I will get my miles in!


I have the biggest zit on the base of my neck. It's in a sweaty spot that rubs when I looks like I have a nipple growing on my neck. #SoAttractive


I've been watching a lot of shows on HGTV and everyone wants an "open concept". I get it, but I also am a big believer in having rooms with a function. Especially when it comes to food. Keep the food in the kitchen and dining room. When the lines a blurred bad things happen.


So now that I am certified Mr. Wil has said that he feels that he has to pay me when he asks for my advice...with reeces peanut butter cups. haha. They are the little ones. I'll allow it in small doses. Just need to make sure that I don't find myself wandering over there pushing him to ask me questions. haha.


Everyone keeps asking what I'm doing with all of my time.  Well right now I'm blogging. Work is busy and I'm getting my workouts in. I keep planning on reading at night, but my eyes are fighting me on that. So I'm going to relax that for a little bit. I do have some knitting to do right now.

After this weekend I will get to work. I have a list of equipment I want to get. I need to get my insurance. I need to order business cards. And I need to apply to the gym.  I also have to get some paperwork together. Because I have clients! 

I was asked today if I would work with a lady at work during lunch hours. Heck yeah!  Plus another lady at work who lives by me (and sees me at Starbucks every week) said she would be my first client.  So I need to get busy...after my rest time.


Tomorrow is the last Boot Camp of the year...booo...but that just means that Yoga is coming soon. YEAH!  I miss yoga. I miss it sooooo much. I would marry yoga if I could.


I am excited that now that the studying is over I can get back to my Healthy Tips. So follow my facebook page or twitter.  I will try to do a tip a day.


I'm going down to mom's this weekend. I didn't get to go to my BBQ place last time I was there. But, I'll be there for 4 days this time. I will get there!  But, I have to make sure that I get in a long distance first. There is a Planet Fitness it and there are lots of hiking trails. I will make it my reward for a long distance.


Okay, I'm ready to pass out for the night.

Have a Blessed Night.

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