Thursday, August 8, 2013

A sucky day turned into a GREAT Day! was a roller coaster ride let me tell you.

I haven't been feeling all that great this week. I'm exhausted. I'm run down. I'm stressed. I'm in full on panic study mode. It's not been good. Work has been hectic and I haven't been able to catch a breath for the past couple of days. This isn't good.

Today I had a monster headache that only got worse as the day went on.  My eyes are strained. They are bloodshot and they hurt. And then I started to feel like I was getting a sinus migraine. Oh goody.

My lunch hour included watching a study video and I just felt a full on panic. I'm not ready. I need to study 24/7. Oh and I need to pack. I'm leaving town straight from the gym tomorrow night. 

I don't want to skip Boot Camp. I really don't. I hate when it comes up. It's a free class. It breaks me out of my comfort zone. It educates me for my future. I learn from it. I sweat. I don't Want to miss it.  But, I could not do it tonight. My head just hurt too much. It was staring to feel like someone was trying to poke my eyes out of my head from inside my skull.

I don't like to miss it for a couple other reasons. I like to be a good example. I'm busy, but I make it work. There's no excuse. In my head I know that I more than make up for missing one class. I'm fine, but I want to be that inspiration and motivator. I don't want my not going to influence someone else not to go.

I also don't like to miss it because in my mind there are very few good excuses not to go. And I hate the word Excuse. The Former Fat Girl was full of them. She mastered the art of using excuses. I don't want to be her again. NO EXCUSES!

So right before class we had the announcement of who won the fitness challenge. I knew the team that won and the competitor in me was sad. It was my arch nemesis!  That's right. Fitness Challenge Arch Nemesis Ryan and his team the Six Pack Factory won. If you will remember, they are the reason why I decided to compete again. BAH!  I knew I wasn't the fierce competitor that I was last year, but GAH that drives me crazy. haha. But, props to them for doing so well. Nice job guys.

And then came the time to announce the individual winners male and female. First and second place for the Female winner was decided by 1 point. The winner got 42pts. I got 41. I came in second. And I'm so good with that.

First of all, Nicole won First Place and I could not be happier to lose to her. I watched her initial assessment. I had seen her at class and knew of events that she participated in. I was there for her final assessment and I knew she did really well. She was a tough competitor. If I was going to lose, I'm so glad it was to her. GO NICOLE!

Second of all, my numbers this year were not as high as they were last year. But, it was less time and I was a little less obsessed and focused. I've been studying and doing more running. So the fact that I came in second is huge for me. I'm still moving in the right direction.

The good news is that I still won. I won better numbers...and I got a shirt!  WOO WOO!  Thank you Alex.

Props to mom who said it's a good thing I didn't win again. She said no one would want to participate next year. haha. True dat!

Okay, so I stopped by class before I was leaving to talk a little more and then was blinded walking outside. My poor eyes were so sensitive to the sun. And then I realized I missed my Rush Hour window. Doh!  So I decided to run to Panera for some soup. It happens to be across the parking lot from a Verizon store and I had been looking to get a new phone. So I stopped in.

My salesperson was very helpful. I bought my bundle packet in the store, but then we walked over and I ordered my new phone online to save money. I have to wait until Tuesday to get it, but $50 is $50. I can wait.

We got to talking and I mentioned about my studying. He is going for a stress test next week and really needs to make some changes. Can you guess where this is going? We talked about the difference walking can make and about how just losing 10 pounds makes a difference and is very encouraging. And so we exchanged information. It looks like I may have my first official client!

This is why I am doing this. I want to help people so much. I get goosebumps thinking that I could help someone make a switch to a healthy lifestyle. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: If I could do it, EVERYONE can!

Seriously, I struggled so much with whether or not to go to class tonight. Obviously God had a plan for me. I could have done without the headache though. haha.

I still went to Panera for dinner. I secretly ordered from the Hidden Menu....shhh...I got my Mediterranean Chicken salad again. It is quickly becoming one of my favorites!

And then I had to stop at Grandmom's on the way home.  I had to pick up something for my trip this weekend. And the bonus is that when I got there Grandmom handed me a salad that she made me for my lunch tomorrow. And then she gave me some chicken so that I could make a sandwich for dinner. I heart Grandmom!  She's my Number 1 Fan!  (not at all creepy since I read Misery...which was on the other night...ACK!). No, she's not creepy at all. Grandmom is delightful and I'm very lucky to have two such wonderful ladies in my life.

Oh I almost forgot. It's been a good week for my Run For Autism fundraising too. I got 3 big pledges this week. I'm halfway to my goal. HOLLA!  #TogetherWeCanMakeADifference #YesIHashtagEverything

I am packed for the weekend and now it's time to log off and do a little more studying before I go to sleep. Now let's hope that tomorrow starts off a little better...but who are we kidding...TOMORROW IS FRIDAY!  It's already better.

Have a Blessed Night.

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