Friday, August 23, 2013

Flashback Friday: Namaste! Raise your hand if you could use some Yoga this week.

Flashback Friday: Namaste

Well it's Flashback Friday again! It's been another rough week. I really REALLY could use some yoga. I got all excited at Boot Camp last night because I was yelling "Yoga is back this fall!!!!!" I need to be more flexible. My chest, shoulders, and hamstrings are sooooo tight. Argh. I think I will do some yoga as a study break tomorrow.

Namaste! Raise your hand if you could use some Yoga this week.


Come on, everyone take a deep breath. We did it! We made it to Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From what I gather I was not the only one having an incredibly sucky week. I hope you get to enjoy your weekend.

So I took last night off from blogging. That doesn't mean that I didn't go to the gym :-) I had been away for two days and terribly angry so I was super happy when I walked in and had my choice of machines. I grabbed a treadmill with hopes that I could maybe run a little. I ran on Monday and I can't usually get away with more than one run a week, but I have been smart this week. I limited my time on the exercise ball (It's great for my core, but I think it's hurting my knees because I use them so much to keep me upright). I gave it my usual 5 minute walk warm up and then I took off. It was a slow run, but I kept at it for 30 minutes. I had a few twinges, but nothing that hurt too bad. After the run I walked for the rest of the hour and read. It was quite nice.

The good news is that I saw Gym Crush #3 and he was on the ab machine I like that was right in front of me. Nice. Very nice. The bad news is that I got on it right after him and upped the weights. I was a tad disapointed in him. haha. Not too much though, he's still cute.

When I got home I jumped in the shower and got relaxed in time for Big Bang Theory (my Must see TV). I debated about getting on to blog, but I thought the pattern of the week was giving me the rep as Angry Chick, so I opted to read and relax instead. Very glad I did.

So fast forward to today. Today was a sad day. Last day for Yoga. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! If EVER I needed yoga, this was the week. It was a small class and we were inside, but holy dag nabit it was rough. No handstands, but a whole lot of shaking going on. And by shaking I meant my arms, legs, and abs shaking while trying to hold poses.

For a "relaxing" class it was hilarious. If the words escaped my mouth that I wanted to shout I would have sounded a lot like this "BLEEP! OH BLEEP! BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!". The only way I can describe class today was that it was a lot like the worst game of Twister EVER, and you were the only one on the mat.

I was glad we were inside because I have such a problem concentrating when we are outside, but my head was still so jumbled and angry that it did not relax until halfway through class. I think it was the toughest class and quite frankly, I was sore after. My plan was to go to the gym tonight and walk, but I started to worry about my knees. With all of my back problems on the weekend and my sore knees I opted against the gym. I'll be there at 10am and I had a killer workout today so it's all good. And I do mean killer. I was sweating. That was the first indoors class that I really sweated in. Thank you Richard!

Tonight I met my friends and their kids for dinner. We chose Qdoba (southwest grill). The last time I ate there and then went to the gym my dinner was coming back in burps all night and it was quite gross so I think it was wise to call it a night.

Afterwards I ran to Target for a few groceries and decided to treat myself to a new Yoga dvd. That makes three. I like that. They are all different and I will rotate them. I don't want my body getting used to one. This was focuses on Stress Relief. I'm So on board for that.

So today's lesson is: When you are having a bad day or are extremely stressed, take it out at the gym. Don't turn to shopping or food.

Have a Blessed Night.

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