Monday, August 5, 2013

Finally! My recap from Last Sunday- Birthday/Graduation Party

Happy Monday Bleeps!

Before too much time goes by I will share with you my adventures from last Sunday. When we left off on Saturday night, Aunt Kathy and I were contemplating a run to Atlantic City for the night. Ha. We did not go. Instead she stayed at my place because Chez Grandmom was booked.

In the morning she got up and went for a run. I give her props. I would have loved to, but I was beat. Plus it was drizzling and my knee was still sore from the day before. The exciting news is that I got her to go to my new church with me. YEAH! Have I mentioned how much I love it? hahaha. It was nice to get to share it with someone.

After church we ran to CVS to pick up some items for the party. When we were back looking at the gift bags I turned at the smell...the candles were on an endcap right there. They smelled nice. And then I saw them.  Did you know that Entenmann's make candles? Butter pound cake....Coffee Cake...mmm....NO!  Stay away from food smelling candles. The only thing they will do is make you hungry when you are not. DANGER!

As we were leaving I made the comment that it was after noon and the party was an hour away. We should pick up something to eat. So we stopped at Starbucks for some much needed caffiene and some spinach egg-white feta wraps...Oh a big YUM YUM there!

I don't know how it happened, but soon we were in the parking lot at Grandmom's hula hooping. Aunt Kathy got the big one and was doing really well. I was left with the dinky wal-mart one and failing miserably. Naturally Mom and Grandmom were trying to take pictures. They didn't see me with the big one and how well I was doing. We decided to bring it to the party.

So we arrived in the middle of a rain storm, naturally, but it cleared up right after we got inside. We were lucky. That was the day that Philly got 8 inches. Yikes.

People were already eating when we got inside. I saw some veggies and fruit so I made my way to the counter. Also on the counter was the black bean hummus that they had at Kim's baby shower. Oh hello! It was sooooo good. I believe it was purchased at costco, but also available at Giant. I will need to check that out. I was dipping into it all day....which of course was not great news for my belly later, but oh well. It was good.

The party was being held for two reasons. It was cousin Ella's 6th birthday and a celebration for Aunt Kathy's Graduation. What does one get a 6 yr old? Why a Cinderella book with a matching tiara of course.

Once the rain cleared Miss Ella and I went outside with her brother Tom. It was Hula Hoop time!  And these kids are GOOD. They were so fun to watch. Ella could hoop all day and Tom was using both the big one and the small one at the same time.

I was a good girl and they even let me play with them. I was rockin that hoop. THANKS KIM!!!!

I was excited to wear my long pink flowy maxi dress. It's very flattering. At least I thought so. Until Ella pointed to my belly and asked if I was pregnant. um....Well that sucked.  I would like to think it is because Kim and Brad were there with the baby and she had baby on her mind...and not that it was a really bad cheat weekend.

 I hope it's just the angle and my boob doesn't look that ginormous in that dress...first Ella thinks I look pregnant and then I think I look like I could breast feed...but forget about me, how awesome does Kim look!  Love ya like a sista!

This was the first time that the Great Grandmom's were introduced to Cassidy...that was so sweet.

So what's a birthday party without a cake?  There was a cake and there was a special cupcake for Ella with her name on it. I love this picture of the cake. If you look closely you can see that when no one was looking, my little girlfriend stuck her finger in every balloon and tasted it.  Yep, I've done that...and I wasn't only 6.

So she was so cute. She was promising her cupcake to anyone and everyone. First it was me. Then it was Grandmom Joyce. Then it was Uncle Skip. In the end, we cute it in multiple pieces and we all got a bite...and a piece of cake. YUMMY.  Happy Birthday Ella!

And Happy Graduation Aunt Kathy! Thank you for all of the Encouragement, Support, and Inspiration...and the late night texts. They have helped keep me moving in the right direction more than you will ever know...also, thank you for all of the free medical advice and info. WOO WOO

It was a great day with family. We laughed. We cried. Some of us, NOT ME, changed some diapers. And some of us were just plain wiped out.

When it was time to go home I remembered that I needed to stop for a few groceries. We stopped for gas and mom hooked me up with bananas, fruit, carrots, and a case of water. THANKS MOM!

PS-I'm not pregnant

Have a Blessed Night.

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