Thursday, August 15, 2013

It's Crunch Time People!

Hello Beautiful People,

I made it through the week. HOLLA!  Thank was a hectic one.  Things are so busy right now that I can't remember the last Verse of the Day that I sent out :-(

So here the thing. I took my gym bag to work today. I haven't been to the gym since Monday and I won't be going again until next Monday. And then I had a panic attack. I NEED study time. Things are clicking as I review...I feel much better when I study.

I have a game plan for this weekend to get some study time in even though I am traveling a lot, but I know that anything can happen. And so I opted to go to Starbucks for the night and study.

Before I knew it I was there for 2 hours and was flying through my chapter. It was a good decision. I didn't eat there because I defrosted chili the other night and I wanted to have that before I go away. Beans...long car ride...probably not the best idea.  But, I kept my Starbucks to an iced green tea.

On my way there I called Ms. Carol and we got all excited about me spending time with the girls tomorrow. YEAH! She has been telling them that Aunt Jennie is coming and they appear to be excited...well as excited as a 2 yr old and 5 month old can be. We are going to the park. YEAH!

My body is severely missing working out.  I am in crunch time and under a deadline though. I have to get my studying in. We are not far from exam day. Not far at all.  I'm starting to freak out at all of the "free time" that I had that I didn't study, but let's face it, I've been trying to balance my life without losing it.

I know that a little time off from the gym won't kill me. I will still get in some workouts before the exam, but I can feel a difference in my body already.  Visually it's still the same. But, internally it's crazy.

The good news is that my knees are less swollen and not bothering me. The bad news is that in addition to my neck issues, I am also having hip issues. I'm trying to stretch them as much as possible, but the lack of mobility and the constant sitting hurts. That's right, right now it physically hurts me more to sit than to workout. 

So hopefully I will be back at the gym regularly soon. Darn it I miss looking at Hottie Headband. Of course I haven't seen him in a little while. Boooo.

OMG did I mention that my hips hurt? It doesn't help that I worked from home yesterday sitting in my bed. My legs were elevated and that was good, but dang my hips hurt.

So the plan for dinner tomorrow is pizza and salads. I did not argue because the theory is that if Ms. Carol doesn't have to cook and shop then that is more visit time.  I am ALL in for that. I miss her. We did discuss going over a workout plan for her so that's almost like studying...and the cousins don't know it yet, but when we get back from the airport I will be giving them some movement screenings to see which muscles are weak and which are tight....shhh...let's let it be a surprise.

Okay, I mentioned the other day about overtraining and my lack of appetite and disrupted sleep. Let's just say that it's a good thing I have a habit and schedule for eating. I am forcing myself to eat. I'm not overeating, but I'm not undereating either. So we'll take that as a win. I am drinking water, not as much since I am not at the gym, but I'm still getting my 64 oz a day. And I'm not peeing as much. The body is a pretty amazing thing. Just a week off and it feels all different.

So I will tell you a funny story before I go to bed. I was asking someone about Newark Airport (haven't been there in 10 years) and I won't mention his name...former work husband...but he reminded me to go the Arrivals gate. He made the mistake of going to the Arrivals gate when he was dropping someone off....because at 4am he thought he was "arriving them to the airport." So technically I should go to Departures because they are departing the plane right? Te he...Oh FWH I miss you!

Okay kids, I'm going to bed and then heading to the high grounds of the mountains...far far away from sharks...athough I am scared of snakes too...and mountain lions...

PS - I want points for not getting a treat at Starbucks!

Have a Blessed Night.

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