Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Random Wednesday: Fantasy Football and Footloose

Happy Random Wednesday Bleeps!

So I've been a little busy lately. Can you tell? haha. Last night was my first Fantasy Football Draft of the year. YEAH!  I started this league when I was in Charlotte and I love being in it with my Charlotte Boys. It's hard to do the draft by phone though.

For a few weeks I wasn't sure if I would be able to call in. So I asked a friend if he would draft for me. This was VERY hard. I don't trust others with my team easily.  Then I decided that I would try to make it. But, I probably wouldn't make it at the beginning. I still have a long drive to deal with. So I asked him to draft for me until I got home and on the phone.

In previous years it ended around 7:30. So I decided to make a quick stop at Subway on my way home. I got my usual footlong Oven Roasted Chicken with spinach, tomato, and cucumber. That way I had dinner and then I didn't have to pack lunch for today. Win-Win.

I'm glad I was on the call. I miss my boys and I love hearing their voices. Hopefully I will be back down there soon enough and I can attend in person again next year.


Tonight is a study night since tomorrow is Boot Camp. So I scheduled a walk at lunch with Ms. Tracey. We walked around the mall several times and when we left my arm pits were a little I'd say it was a good walk.

Earlier in the day I was falling asleep on my desk. I was very tired. I thought about getting a coffee or tea, but then I remembered: a) I am going to Starbucks after work 2) I am going to walk at lunch.

Walking always wakes me up. It's such a wonderful magical thing. So here's your lesson for the day: if you are feeling lazy and don't have any energy during your couch potato day, GET UP and MOVE!  It'll wake you up. Being "tired" isn't an excuse.

Okay so yesterday I put on my comfy black dress to wear to work. It was 9:30 before I realized that I was wearing it backwards. WHAT?  How did I do that?  I am chalking it up to study brain. That's the only explaination. So I had to go to the ladies room and put it on right. Good Lord, I've been dressing myself for how many years now?

To make sure that didn't happen again today, I put on one of my favorite long skirts and a nice tight t-shirt (It makes me feel like a ballerina haha). No worries about it being on backwards, but I do have to wear a jacket to cover up my boobs as I walk around the office. I could poke someone's eye out! Argh.  Of course the other thing is that I always get it caught in my underwear after I go to the bathroom.

I am a Wardrobe Malfunction waiting to happen!


There is a race festival weekend that I want to do. Heather is signed up for the 5K. I thought about the Half, but realistically will probaby sign up for the 5K. The problem: they discourage wearing headphones. WHAT???????????????????  No music???  Are we in a remake of Footloose? Are they going to tell me that I can't dance either? Oh and let's just get rid of ALL FUN while we are at it! 

I can't run without music. My body responds to it. No matter where my brain is, my body is keeping pace to the music. What if I carry my phone in my hand and play the music outloud?  Or what if I just sing?  Will a big giant white hook come out from the side and pull me off the course?  Or will two men running in suits and sunglasses looking like security will tackle me to the ground?

I haven't signed up yet, seriously don't know if I can do it without ROCK'N'ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!


So today was breakfast day. There was a little miscommunication. Someone wasn't sure if the person who missed his week was bringing anything so she stopped at McDonalds. (and apologized to me). She got egg mcmuffins and hash browns for everyone.

I was so hungry I didn't car. And then I seriously regretted it. We dubbed it the "McDonalds Regret" you actually start regretting while the food is still in your mouth.  I felt greasy all morning. I went to the ladies room a hundred times to wash my hands and face...and use some mouthwash. Of course I also smelled it in my trash all day.

And yes, the other person brought bagels. So we have breakfast for tomorrow. Good thing it's Boot Camp night!


Monday night I finally got a run in at the gym. It had been a while so I wasn't sure how I would do.  It wasn't my best, but it wasn't my worst. But, I could definitely feel the lack of workouts. I definitely need to get back to my training next week.


Tonight I went to the library to study. I wanted to switch things up. But, no food or drinks are allowed and quote frankly I was parched. I stayed for an hour then came home to study. Dang you Library Rules!

Have a Blessed Night.

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