Monday, August 26, 2013

From Former Fat Girl to Personal Trainer

Happy Monday Bleeps!

And I do mean HAPPY! WOO WOO.  Guess what I'm not doing tonight...Studying!  Cause I PASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSED! 

Alright so let's get started. I cannot even tell you how fast that alarm went off this morning. Just FIVE more minutes!!!  But, alas I got up, showered, and put on my Supergirl underwear (you bet your ass I did!). I grabbed some books to take for a quick review before the exam started. Then I grabbed a banana, breakfast bar, and a bottle of water for the road.

So now let me say that when I scheduled the exam I had NO idea that it was the first day of school. Insert slight panic that I would now be really late for the exam because of school buses.  I didn't see any. I was good.  Actually it's kind of funny. The exam was very close to a house I grew up in..well until I was 5 or 6. I hadn't been in that area in a long time.  I was still a skinny little kid when we lived there.
I got there a half hour early and they took me right back to the testing room and got me set up. WHAT?  I need a review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She was setting up my computer station when I realized I would lose testing time if I didn't go to the ladies room first. ACK.   So I asked her if I could go first. I was already in a panic over my morning hydration. I needed to drink water, but I knew I couldn't afford to be going every hour. Plus you aren't allowed to bring in food or drink (even though the lady next to me had some water).

Okay so once I got started all of the nerves went away. I was in the zone. 150 questions and 3 hours to do it.  I was doing well. You could flag questions to come back to and I was feeling really good at question 50. I actually thought "I kinda got this!" But, I slowed it down when I realized that there were still 100 questions to go. Don't get ahead of yourself Jennifer!

So how were the questions? I am glad that I did my big review yesterday. The questions were nothing like I expected. I'm not sure how to explain that. The same themes kept coming up when other sections were completely missed. So bascially, if I was good in one area I was good for a lot.

I'm sure the proctor was back there giggling. The whole time I was talking out questions with my body. I would make a pull up motion and pay attention to which muscles I was using. I would mimic a running motion and feel my legs. I would touch my back, butt, and chest. Thank goodness I was pretty far away from most people. haha.

Okay so I got to the finish and I still had over an hour to look over my flagged questions. But, I had 50 flagged. That is when I started to get nervous. All of those positive feelings went out the window. I couldn't second guess myself, but I wanted to make sure I didn't rule anything out.  I think I changed about 4 answers.

Alright so then it's time to hit "Submit Exam". My belly was just all sorts of knots.

"Your Score has been determined....but first please take this survey" Are you EFFING KIDDING ME?????????????????????????????????  I took it as fast as possible and then said a quick prayer before I hit submit.

I didn't see my status at first. And then I saw it. Status: PASS.

About a split second later I was was a good cry. Although the poor proctor thought I was having a meltdown. I told her they were good tears and she was happy for me.  We printed my results and then I somehow made it to the front of the building. The receptionist asked if I was okay or needed anything. Obviously they don't get too many emotional basketcases taking these exams.

I honestly don't remember the walk to my car. I kept thinking "I made a mistake. I misread it. I didn't pass".  So I had to sit for a little while before actually driving.  But, soon I was off to the gym.

Oh, before I started moving I was listening to my running playlist while I was concentrating on breathing and the Rocky theme song came on. I was just sitting there laughing and crying. I had just mentally run up those steps and celebrated.

I had thought about making it an outdoor run, but it was hot and I was not hydrated properly.  So I found the Planet was not the nicest one. It was a little dark. I kept wanting to scream "Turn on the lights!", but they were on.  I had texted Heather what it was a scary gym. She asked if it was in the shopping center with the dairy queen...what? I didn't see one...but I did when I was leaving and that's all I could think about. The Former Fat Girl was practically pulling the car over for ice cream. I didn't give in though.

*Side note: there were several young men wearing apparel from the local University. They hit on me. Awww...thanks boys! That made me feel good.

I was a little hungry and dehydrated. I knocked out a 3 mile run and then headed home for a shower and nap.  But, I didn't quite get a nap. I did rest and relax though.

Well not completely. The hard thing about the exam is that I don't know what questions I got wrong. I know I could just let it go, but we are talking about affecting people's lives. I want to make sure it's right. So I was looking up as many answers as I could remember. For the most part I was right for the ones that I questioned. So that's good.

Here's the breakdown. The exam is broken into 4 domains. During the practice exams I was having the hardest time with Domains 1 & 2, but nailing 3 & 4. So of course that is where I focused my review. The breakdown of this exam: I did the best on 1 & 2. haha.

Here's the bigger kicker. Remember when I said that it was a 56% pass rate last year?  Well the actual pass score is 62%. HOLY BLEEP!  Seriously? Thank GOODNESS I didn't see that before. I am not sure I could have handled that. The good news is that even if the Pass Score was 80% like I originally thought, I still would have passed :-)

So now for every quiz and exam I took I had an email from ACE within seconds congratulating me. Um...I still haven't gotten an email from them. So for a while I was starting to feel like I really didn't pass. I had to have looked at that Results sheet a hundred times. Well I just went to the ACE site and saw my certification number :-)  It's all good.

Grandmom wanted to take me out to celebrate. I had considered making plans for dinner, but I didn't want to plan for something in case it didn't happen. I was glad this was an option.  She even said I could pick anywhere I wanted.  I was hungry. It was definitely a "Do as I say, not as I do" day. Food wise, I was a mess. I was in such an emotional state that I wasn't eating...even though I was hungry.  I wasn't thinking too clearly today.

I was happy to pick a restaurant close by and we were able to eat outside. It was lovely. I got an eggplant entree opting for the side of ratatouille (I'm addicted!). I was so full when we were done that I would have unbuttoned my pants if that was an option.  Dessert? Um...well...they had a reeces peanut butter cup pie!  Come on! You KNOW I had to!...I split it with grandmom. It was a tiny slice...and OOH was it good. 

She was showing me off to all of the ladies in her building and they commented that I could practice my training with them. Consider it done ladies!  They also liked my new bright colored sneakers. haha. Bonus.

So now, I can enjoy the rest of the summer!  WOO WOO...wait, it's over next weekend?  But I'm just getting started!

Have a Blessed Night.

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