Thursday, June 7, 2012

Set Backs and some Personal the same day

Happy Thursday Bleeps!

So today was good and bad...but, the good far outweighed the bad!

Let's start with last night. I was happily running on the treadmill when Gym Buddy Lisa came over and asked "Are you supposed to be doing that?"  Of course, I hadn't run in a bit and was feeling good.  "What about your shin splints?"  Crap...forgot about them.  Honestly, my leg has not bothered me in a week.  I think I'm good!


I was fine for my 90 minutes running and walking.  I was not fine laying in bed.  My leg hurt so bad I had tears in my eyes.  I could not relax.  I don't know how I even fell asleep.  I woke up completely sore and in pain.  It hurt to walk.

I got even more stupid and tried sitting on the exercise ball for a few hours.  Yeah, it was not cool.  So eventually I pulled out my chair and put my feet up.  A coworker left last week and gave me a bench to keep under my desk.  I sighed with relief putting my feet up.  I felt much better at the end of the day, but not 100% (please note I have packed a tennis ball to bring to work tomorrow to massage my leg).

Okay, so here's the panic.  I wanted to plan on walking and running the Half Marathon in September.  If I can't run now, I don't know how much training I am going to lose.  I think walking will be okay, but I'm a little concerned about that too.  I'm a hard walker.  Argh!

Time for reinforcements.  I scheduled a Stretching session for the weekend.  My first one will be for 45 minutes.  Go Big or Go Home I say!  Then I am thinking on one 30 minute session a month until the race.  I would go for two a month, but we'll have to see how the funds look.

I felt much better knowing that there will be some relief coming. Ahhh....

Then it was time for the Nutrition Seminar.  Ms. Barb and I walked in and the first person I saw was Michel!  Oh heck yeah!  10 points for the Ducks!  Heather was out of the office or she would have been there too.

I will go over the Seminar later.  He is sending us the PDF so I can be pretty specific.  I was excited though.  A lot of things he mentioned I've already told you as tips that have helped me :-)

*Plan your meals for the week
*Avoid eating out
*Find a support system
*And a whole bunch more :-)

So all afternoon I was trying to figure out my workout for the night.  I obviously can't run.  And quite frankly, I wanted to avoid the temptation so the treadmill was out.  I settled on the bike and some weights.  I hit the bike for 30 minutes and then I wanted to try something.

The shoulder press is killing me!  I have not been able to move my weight up on it no matter what.  That was to be my first stop.  But, as soon as I got off the bike both machines filled up.  DOH!  Okay, Plan B.  Hit the Torso Rotation.  My weights on that have been gradually going up.  I'm pretty psyched about that.  So I did my max for 1 rep on each side.  Then I lowered the weights to my previous high and did 2 more reps on each side.  And then I upped the weights again and did 1 more rep on each side. FEELIN GOOD! 

Then the shoulder press opened.  I tried adding 10 pounds.  I was ready! Nothing happened.  DAMN IT!  Instead of going down 10 I went down 5.  I nailed it!  You know what?  I'll take it!  I finally broke through.  I will be up another 5 by the end of the Fitness Competition.  Mark my words!

So I was feeling really good...what next?  Plank time.

Do you remember when I wanted to work on my plank after the initial assessment?  I had done 93 seconds for the assessment and no matter how hard I tried at the gym I could not get past 30 seconds.  It was KILLING me.  What is wrong with me?  I could not figure it out.  Maybe I had worked my core too hard before.  Maybe it was the surface I was on.  I just don't know.  It made me nervous.  How was I going to improve for the final assessment?  Can I get negative points for going backwards?

Well I did 90 tonight!  And that was after several Pikes and the Torso Rotation.  I now feel confidant about my final assessment.  It makes me want to go into a conference room tomorrow and test it out.  haha.

Okay kids, I have a book that I am currently reading that is calling my name.  Until next time...

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