Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Last Boot Camp Class - So Sad :-(

Hello Beautiful People!

Well it happened...Boot Camp came to an end tonight.  So very sad.

This morning I was talking to Ms. Barb about having class tonight.  She asked when the Fitness Competition was ending.  My response "I hope soon.  I'm freakin exhausted!  I'm going to need a week off after I win!".

And it's true.  I'm tired. I thoroughly enjoyed my day of rest last night.  I would like more.  I need to catch up on rest.  I just need a few days.  I worry that it would turn into a habit.  I like to think that I have enough motivation to get back moving.  I hope so at least.

I have the half marathon as my motivation and also the fact that my body is changing...sounds like an after school special (awww...do you remember those?).  I was in awe today.  I looked DAMN good!

So it's Tuesday and you know what that means...RAIN.  We had some rain last night and the forecast this morning said Partly cloudy with showers in the afternoon.  NOT AGAIN!

I was at work when I realized I had a problem...since I had an unexpected day of rest last night I never opened my gym bag.  I only had shorts and a white shirt packed.  I am going to freeze my ta-tas off if we are outside...and if it starts to rain during class I will be a one woman wet t-shirt contest.  Um...

I had to stay hydrated though.  Especially if there was a chance that we would move inside.  Ugh that gets soooooo hot.  I peed all day long...still peeing actually and I stopped drinking after dinner.  But, it's a small price to pay.  Hydrating oneself is soooo important.

A couple of hours before class I was asked what the expected turnout would be...I am guessing just me.  I asked a few people, but no one could make it.  One of my teammates promised to be there after last week...so I was hopeful.

As it got closer there was a large black cloud looming....drat.  It stayed away and no rain. HOORAY!  And bonus, I remembered that I had a sweatshirt in my locker.  I had brought in last fall to use if it was too cold for walking the parking lot at lunch.  YEAH!

So I change into my shorts and just stand there admiring myself.  My legs look awesome! Woo Woo!  I throw on my sweatshirt and headed out to the field...just me again.

As we got started I got to pump Hottie Instructor with more questions about becoming a Trainer. :-)

Since it is the last class we started off heavy. Happily he even did some of the sprints with me between each rotation.  My favorite was the hop.  It took me 4 hops to his 3...boo.  Stupid short legs!   

I mentioned before to him that I am struggling with the shoulder weights at the gym.  I love my shoulders and I work my shoulders a lot, but I cannot seem to move the weight up on one particular machine at the gym.  Everything else is increasing except that and it frustrates me to no end. So we went heavy on the push ups tonight.  Very happy that he works with my needs.

So during my second rotation we got a visitor.  Michel came walking up the hill.  Ducks in the house! One of my teammates has joined me for class.  The Ducks earned 4 points tonight...everyone else SQUAT!

And so we stepped it up cardio and legs.  bah...not how I want the second half to go.  But, I am a team player and hit it up.  I may have dropped off a bit on some of the skipping and leg kicks, but I gave it my all on each rotation.  I only asked on the last rotation if I could skip the jumping jacks and hit up some more core.

The best part is that the last station was supposed to be Push-ups. It would have been my fourth push-ups station of the night so I asked if I could do plank.  Hottie Instructor: For how long? Me: As long as it takes!  Game on!

I'm proud of my time and wish I could have gone longer.  Michel outlasted me.  I was having trouble with sweat burning my eyes and my sweaty palms slipping on my mat.  I should have done it in the grass.

And then it was time to stretch.  Alas, I was on my own. Oh well, it was bound to happen some time.  We stretched our legs a while and then it was time to move on to our arms and chest.  I always have a hard time reaching behind to stretch my chest and shoulders.  I do not have a lot of range once I lock my hands.  I asked if that is because I don't stretch enough after chest workouts.  Probably.  So I got a little help tonight. YEAH!  That felt good!

It was sad to say goodbye because Hottie Instructor has really pushed me these last couple of months. I didn't want class to end.  I got my hug and thanked him for pushing me so much.  I am forever grateful.  He helped me and in an effort to help him I am looking to get together a private group for a Boot Camp class.  It's such a great idea for a group of friends.  Get together and book a group training with a trainer.  It cuts down on the cost and you do it with people you like and have fun with.  It's a win-win really :-)

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