Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hump Day Randomness

Happy Hump day Bleeps!

I hope you are prepared for the heat wave.  Don't forget to drink your water!  It's great for you and cools your body temperature....ahhh.

So I took yesterday off from the blog because I had an errand to run at lunch and then I wanted to finish a project at home.  I needed to run out and get the Father's Day gift for my dad since I am going to see him this weekend. As I was leaving the store I saw some really nice workout shirts on I may need to go back soon :-)  And then I ran to the liquor store for a bottle for this weekend. I am all over the Skinny Girl Margarita, but ever since I heard about the Skinny Girl Peach Margarita I have been salivating.  I only got one bottle since we don't know if we will like it and we can always go out for more.  The good news is that this one does require refrigeration after opening so that is keeping me from testing it out now. lol.  But, I am counting down the hours until it's time to bust it open. Stay tuned....t-minus 53 hours...

Last night I got to the gym a little late because of traffic.  It's not so bad in the summer if I get there late because there are generally more machines available and I am not in such a rush to get home for Biggest Loser or Big Bang Theory.  I had been trying to decide on what to do during my car ride and finally settled on a full night of the treadmill.  My shins had not bothered me for a week so perhaps it was time to test the water. 

I hopped on and gave myself extra walk time before my run.  Usually I walk for 5 then start the running.  Last night the plan was 15 - 30 - 15.  I felt pretty good during the run.  I was having fun.  My legs felt fine.  And I'm glad because I went heavy on the leg weights the night before.  I thought they might be too tight.  I did well though.  I felt like I could have gone 15 more, but I wanted to be smart about it.  I probably shouldn't have run just yet, but I can't take the biking every day. My butt hurts. haha.  And I am not getting stretched again for a couple of weeks.

I went over to the stretching area to hit up some plank and pike after, but it was crowded and I couldn't find a comfortable spot.  I did not do so well :-(  In all fairness though, my brain was preoccuppied with how my legs were doing.  It's okay though, I did well the night before.

*And so you are probably wondering how the shins are doing today...sore, but not as bad as previously *

Knowing that my legs would probably bother me I planned ahead for tonight's workout.  I swapped out my sneakers.  I packed the sneakers from the last 5k.  I shouldn't run in them and I think that's where all of my feet and shin problems are coming from.  So knowing that I will be wearing them will put me back on the bike and then upper body weights.  It's all about planning ahead people!

So let's go back to Monday night.  I still had sunburn on my chest so I didn't want to do upper body weights and I didn't want to sweat.  So Gym Buddy Lisa and I hit the bike for 15 minutes then it was legs time.  We went over to the thighs and I was pretty excited when I was able to up my weights to 180.  BAM!  Then when it was time for the butt machine it was occupied.  I felt like a lost child.  We could have waited, but Lisa wanted to do the leg presses.  So off we went.  I love this machine, but it's not the best thing for my knees.  So I put my weight down to 95 so that I didn't kill myself.  Ms. Lisa was on 125 and I stayed with that for the last two sets.  I felt the pull in the knee and we were done.  Next up was a Quads machine.  I don't usually do it because of the knee so I didn't have any weights written down in my notebook.

*Side note - Shout out to Gym Buddy Lisa for starting a notebook.  It's a great way to track your progress*

So in keeping with the high weights I put it at 95.  Now this is the machine that you sit on an incline and put the weight up with your feet and straighten you legs.  Hence I don't know it because of my knee.  I felt like I ripped through them.  I almost bust out screaming.  It hurt like hell.  We went down to 35 and just did light reps.  I was pissed at myself. PISSED.  I risked serious injury for no reason.  BAH!  And it was my idea to do it in the first place.

Later that night I got to thinking.  If you are supposed to work the muscles Biggest to Smallest I know we messed up.  I don't know the size of the muscles in the legs.  I'm working on that for ya.  I also started wondering if there is a correlation between the muscles and the size weights you should be able to do.  Why are my thighs so strong?  And what the heck is going on with my quads?  The leg press engaged the quads and hams so yeah I should be able to do more than just the quads.  But, was that problem all knee related? 

I still find it funny that I think about these things now.  So proud!

So after the gym the past two nights I have been finishing up my Scrapbook of the Half Marathon and Polar Plunge weekend.  It has been on my to do list for so long and I really wanted to have it done before the next Half. haha.  I loved reliving each event. They both made me so proud of how far I have come.  They were not that long ago and yet I was struck by how different my body is now.  Wow.  I am even further mentally and physically.

 So I started thinking about the next challenges.  I have put out there my desire to become a personal trainer and to finish a full marathon.  What else can I challenge myself with?  Next week I am having lunch with a friend who finished his first Tough Mudder last month.  We talked all through his training and I haven't gotten a chance to hear about his experience.  My first thought when he showed me the video of what he would be doing was "I can't do that." But, I've been thinking about that statement.  Why can't I?  Now I'm not saying that I will.  Because there is a difference between "can't" and "don't want to".  I don't know it it's something that really interests me.  I think it's the Former Fat Girl planting the "I Can't" seed in my head.  I never thought I would jump in the ocean in February either, but I did.  I'll let you know how the lunch goes :-)

Time for some Ms. Barb moments.  Yesterday she went on the errand run with me.  We discussed the Fitness Competition Final Assessment that is coming up.  She said she didn't think that she would even go.  I got so sad!  I haven't quite gotten her to the level that we had both hoped for, but she is making great strides.  "I haven't done anything so what's the point?" But, she has started walking more and thinking about her food.  It's not all for nothing.  Today I asked her what I could do to get her to take the assessment.  "wave your magic wand and make me get better #'s than the initial ones".  So my response was: Think about how good you will feel if you can even do just 1 more push up or one more squat.  That's a point each!  She didn't realize that.  She thought you had to do 5 for a point and that seemed like too much.  So she's going to do it.  :-)  GO Barb!

And then we went over to the kitchen for her to heat up her lunch.  She forgot to pack one because she is leaving for the beach tonight.  So she stopped for a Smart Ones before work. She got a turkey and mashed potatoes one.  I asked "Where are your vegetables?" And with a straight face she held her drink and said "I'm drinking tea."  What?  "If it grows out of the ground then it's a vegetable!"  I never laughed so hard.  Oh dear Barb we were doing so well. haha.

Alright, time for some Gym Crush updates. I have not seen Gym Crush 1 in so long that I think it's time to move things around. You would think that Gym Crush 2 would jump to first, but that is not the case.  Gym Crush 4 has now made the leap to 1.  haha.  Are you following?  New Gym Crush 1 is my runner.  I love to watch him run. He pushes me on to go longer and faster.  I also like to watch him lift...NICE arms and legs.  So he moves to 1.  2 will stay where he is.  I have not seen 3 in a while either.  So I am moving the former 1 to 3 and the former 3 to 4.  Got that?  haha

Alright kids, it's time to sign off.  Go drink some water!

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