Monday, June 25, 2012

Locks of Love

Hello Beautiful People!

I have missed you.  I really have!  I did enjoy my weekend though :-)  And I promise to tell you all about it...later this week.  I have so much to tell, but I still have stuff to do tonight.

Besides, it was a big day today.  I did it!  I cut my hair for Locks of Love this morning.  Wow, what a difference.  I absolutely love it.  I was really trying to grow my hair long enough to have a shoulder length cut, but I think we all know I would never make it that long.

I have a LOT of hair.  It's very thick.  And in the humidity it's just not cool.  It gets heavy and flatter (if that's possible).  When I knew that I wanted a short cut I felt compelled to donate to Locks of Love.  What a fantastic cause.  I tried it once before and caved at 8 inches (10 inches is required).  I have not forgiven myself for that.

I like my hair shoulder length and it would have been nice to go that long.  As much as I wanted to cut it though I knew that it would be chin length.  Can I do that?  Is my face skinny enough for that?  I could picture myself with a cute chin-length bob.  But in that picture I had a tiny cute little body to go with it.  Am I small enough to pull off a cute little bob?

There's only one way to find out.

I had the morning off  because Bestie was leaving this morning (we opted for an additional night at Dad's and came back at the crack of dawn this I'm also pretty tired right now).  Anyway, once she got on the road I had a choice: go to the gym or go get my hair cut.  I wanted the, I hadn't seen any gym crushes since Thursday so...(yep, saw them tonight :-)

So I pulled up to Great Clips and ventured in.  She measured my hair and it was cutting it close.  It was going to be chin length with not a lot of length to play with.  I must have looked nervous because she kept asking me if I was sure that I was ready for it.  I closed my eyes and told her that I was ready.

Snip!  Snip!  Snip!

She cut three pony tails and it was over in a matter of seconds.  No going back now.

Oh My Gosh!  I love it!  It's so light and freeing.  It totally fits my face and guess what!  I'm small enough for it to be cute too!  What was I worried about?  I know I can come off all confidant and self-assured sometimes, but very often it's all talk and it's me trying to talk myself into believing it.  It's about time that I start seeing myself through other people's eyes.

So the big question is: How would it do in the gym?   I started the night with it down (there isn't a lot to pull up).  It was doing okay during my run, but I did get a little hot.  I stopped to get water and ran my fingers through it.  SOAKED...and I'm so not surprised.  So I pulled a little back.  I looked a little silly, but it worked.  It looks nicer when I brush it. haha.  I think I can do this!

The shower was fun.  I am going to save a ton on shampoo!  haha.  It's like I lost a limb. I kept running my hands down expecting more hair. Then after the shower I flipped my head down to wring it out in the towel but nothing came.'s short!

It's going to take some getting used to, but I absolutely love it!  I am so mad that it took so long for me to do this.  I wish I had not been so hung up on that vision that I wasn't small enough to pull this off.  Bah...Oh well, no looking back now.  I believe now!

Oh and on a side note - Since my cut was for Locks of Love, it was free.  So if you are thinking of doing it, check out Great Clips.  It's cute and free.  Can't beat that!

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