Sunday, June 10, 2012

Stretching with Hottie Instructor :-)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....that's some good Sunday Y'all!

Today was Stretching Day.  And oh holy heck did I need this.  I wanted to blog about my anxiety over it, but I didn't want Hottie Instructor to read it and then suddenly cancel because I'm a Crazy person.  I'm only Half Crazy (at least that's what my new shirt says...haha...and then it says 13.1).

So when we were scheduling the session he asked how long I wanted. Well um...I know my 5 minute cool down. So what are my options?  Usually 20-45 minutes.   Can you stretch for 45 minutes?  I sure as heck am going to try!

Once we settled on the time and day I asked if I was coming to him or him to me.  He would come to me.  When people asked me about it and I said that the immediate response was "Wow!".  What?  Now you're freaking me out.  When I would question that the response was always "That's so personal."  Yeah I know.  Hence my Anxiety.

So let's go back.  I love massages.  I started getting water massages at the mall in Charlotte and they were awesome.  But, they were great because no one touched you.  Then I moved up.  I had a lovely lady in the next section over that I would go to for chair massages all of the time.  You're clothes are on and I trusted her.  Usually I only got the 10 minute massage.  If I was feeling particularly rich that week I would get the 20 minute one.

When I moved back to the Philly area I had access to my friend Danielle who is a massage therapist.  She is the only person that I would strip down to my underwear for for a massage.  Even though I had started my journey, it was still not a fun moment getting under that sheet.  I have known her since I was ten and she is allowed to give me massages.  She has felt the fat turn to muscle and that's cool now...but not when it was still mostly fat.  BAH!

So now I have this cute boy coming over and he's basically going to be pushing my body into all sorts of positions...he's gonna touch the fat!  If you think I did not up those gym sessions this weekend you are completely wrong!  Tighten up fat and tighten up NOW!

What the heck am I supposed to wear?  I know "underwear" is the wrong answer.  It has to be flexible.  So the right thing to say is my workout clothes.  Most of my shirts are tight and I don't really want that.  I need to move.  I don't really want short shorts...cause when he's shoving my knees up into my face it's just an ugly picture....Bah!

I had that running through my head and then I started to wonder about things.  For massages it's all about the experience...low lighting, candles, meditation music...Am I supposed to light candles?  What about music?  I kind of wanted to put the race on, but I knew that would be distracting.  And if I put some Sade on he would walk in and think it was a seduction scene.  Bah!   

And then I panicked about my eyes.  When we stretched after class I had my sunglasses on.  Most of the time I had my eyes closed, but I would look up sometimes and his head is right there so that's where I'm looking.  Can I keep my eyes closed for 45 minutes?  Will I look like a loon wearing sunglasses inside?

You can see why I did not want him to read this before the session.  haha.

Okay, so here's how it went down:

I opted for 1 nice smelling candle in the kitchen with one light on low.  I opted for a loose fitted white t-shirt with loose shorts.  Still cute though.  I am a girl after all. For music I had the race on until he got here and then changed to the Reggae station.  Love me some Reggae.

We started off with the stretching we had done after class.  He added a little more and then we were going a second round "It's going to get harder."  Okay, you have my attention...WHY?  Because this time I would be pushing back against him a little.

After the first round of upper body he said I am really flexible up there and that he didn't need to work as hard.  My legs were tight though :-(  We discussed why there is such a difference.  I am good about stretching my upper body, but I suck at stretching my lower body. 

I brought up the knot in my shoulder and he gave me some stretches to work on it and then tips to strengthen the other side.

Oh and speaking of the other side, there is a huge difference between my right leg and my left leg (bad knee).  The left is Way tighter.  One of the stretches had me on my stomach and he was bending my leg back so that my foot would touch my butt. If I could do that then he would lift my leg too.  He started with the bad knee and it didn't happen.  But, my right leg touched no problem.  During the second run through I was much better and wanted that left foot to touch my butt!  It did!  GO ME!  It was a strangely proud moment.  Does Hallmark make a card for that?

The last stretch of the day had me standing with my hands facing down on my lower back.  He would lock his arms around my elbows and pull them towards each other.  Then it was my turn to use my arms and push out.  We did this three times.  On the last time he said he needed to get a death vice going because I was too good at that.  haha...He's so cute.

I needn't have been worried.  We talked most of the time and it was nice and relaxing. Some of the talking was about stretching and working out.  Some was more joking around.  I'm comfortable with him so it's all good. We were talking a little more after it was over and ready to head out to get something to eat when he got the call to come help someone.  So alas, we will go to dinner next time.  My questions will have to wait.  I did get two more hugs though and this time I was not sweaty so even better!

And in case you were wondering, I did not specifically ask for more butt stretching, but he could see when I was feeling it so we pushed a little more.  He always says to say "when" and he always asks me three times when he sees my face cringe.  I'm really bad at saying "when" if it's a stretch.  If it's my knee I will holler bloody murder.  I mentioned at one point that I really felt the pull in my butt.  Then I told him I had been doing the bike because of my shins.  I got a good nod for that :-)

I knew I was going to feel better after this, but I really had NO idea.  WOW.  I feel amazing!  I cannot wait until the next time!  I am anxious to see how my body responds tomorrow at the gym.

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  1. I remember when my trainer was having me do some shoulder presses but I was on one knee and my lower back had been hurting prior to the workout. We were taking it easy because of that. Well suddenly my leg cramped and locked up. So he made me lie face down while he tried to push my heel to my butt. One leg was better than the other but he said my quads were extremely tight. I have to stand with my back to the back of my sofa (since it's out in the middle of the floor) then bend one knee and get my foot locked on the top of the sofa. Then bend the other knee and lean back into it to stretch my quads on my own. It definitely helps and is amazing how the fronts of your legs being tight can affect your lower back!