Monday, June 11, 2012

A Monday of Randomness

Have I told you how beautiful you are lately?

How are you on this wonderful Monday?  I'm going to be honest with you, I have a lot on my mind and my night was off schedule so I almost skipped tonight's post.  But I have so many little things to talk about that I'm not sure that is possible.  Haha.

I love hearing what an inspiration and motivation I am for so many of you, but you really need to know how much you inspire and motivate me.  *Mutual Admiration Hug*

Since I have a bunch in the old noggin let's see where this goes.

First and foremost, I failed to throw out some major props yesterday.  When I was sitting in church I was looking at Gym Buddy Lisa standing up and singing.  Girlfriend is disappearing!  I had such a hard time staying in my seat.  I wanted to run up so bad and just yell "LOOK AT YOU SKINNY!"  Hard work is paying off.  SO proud!!!

So last night I was in complete relaxation mode.  I put on a movie...a three hour movie and watched...and then I was ready for bed at 9pm.  But wait!  Extreme Makeover: Weight loss edition is on!  CRAP!  I'm soooooo tired.  I put it on and made an attempt.   I made it through the first half and the next thing I know my alarm was going off this morning.  So as I write this I am watching it on Demand.  I like to think that I am spending the night with Chris Powell.  haha.

I was in a good mood today...Take that Monday!  My body felt great.  It's amazing what that can do for a person.  I actually thought I looked skinnier today too.  Woo woo.  And then around 10am I got hit with some serious butt cramps.  Dang it! I was sitting on the exercise ball for a bit, so I got off it and then I felt a little better.

I was originally supposed to go to lunch with my pal Amie today. But, it got postponed until later in the week.  So I made my lunch last night but I didn't feel like staying in today.  I asked Ms. Barb what she had planned. She needed to go get food.  I would go with her.  Where would we go?  We were in the car and driving and she still couldn't commit to  what she wanted.  She finally decided on Wegmans.  Dang, why did I have to bring my lunch?

My first comment was "Are you sure?  You have such a hard time deciding there." But, she committed.  Okay, let's do this.  When we walk in the side door the first section we pass is the fried food bar. You Suck Wegmans!  Really???  Once you get past it though then you have the Veggie bar and the salad bar.  The next bar is the Asian bar and off to the side is the Homestyle bar.  Just past that is a sandwich counter.  After I pushed her past the Homestyle bar we were looking at the sandwich counter.  And right next to it is a prepared salad section.

Personally I prefer making my own salad, but this is the way to go for Ms. Indecision.  The only problem was deciding which one.  And salad dressings became a huge issue.  The salads she wanted did not come with a dressing she wanted.  She did find a nice chef salad that did not have a dressing.  So off we went to find the small packets.  She was looking and looking and couldn't decide.  I was pretty excited because we were looking at the labels for her.  The sodium was killer. BOO.  Well, we are in a grocery store so let's go see what else they have.  We were in that aisle for over five minutes.  It was painful, but I'm very proud.

She likes blue cheese dressing and they had a light one.  "No, I don't like blue cheese out of a bottle.  It tastes funny."  Huh?  How else ya getting it?  "Hey, how about this red pepper vinaigrette?" "I don't know that I would like that."  "Okay, look at this low fat honey-mustard." *insert icky face* Everything she was picking up was oily or creamy.  But, she was looking at the labels and putting them back. "I wish I hadn't gone to that nutrition seminar with you!"  Awww now I know she didn't mean that!   Eventually she went with the low fat honey-mustard.  And as we were walking away "I better like this. Or I am going to kill you!"  Just another fun day with Ms. Barb.  haha.  And for the record, she liked the dressing :-)

I will say that when we were looking at the individual packets she did make a comment that I am forever proud of.  "If you weren't here I wouldn't be getting this.  I would be at that homestyle bar."  Like a proud mamma bird I tell you!  Soon my baby will be flying!

So earlier today I was texting with Gym Buddy Lisa to see if she was going to the gym tonight.  She was, but she was thinking of going to the other location so that she can go to a store by it.  Booo...Oh wait!  I can do that too!  So I told her I would meet her there.

I got there pretty early.  No traffic and it's closer than the other gym to work.  Yeah!  So today was supposed to be a day of Rest, but things changed when I took Friday off.  I didn't want to negate the stretching so today turned in to a cardio day.  And since I was there early I decided on 90 minutes. The first thing that came into my head was: Can I run before Lisa gets here and yells at me?  NO JENNIFER!  Today is not the day. Think of your shins!!!  So I pulled out my book and walked.  I walked for 90 AND finished the book.  It was so hard.  Two speed demons came next to me, but I stood my ground and walked.

While I was on the treadmill I noticed the 12 minute ab circuit.  WHAT?  My regular gym does not have that. Maybe I can make Monday's my cardio/abs day at this gym...hmmm...Ms. Lisa and I discussed it and I think it may be the new Monday.  YEAH!

We ended up talking a bit after the workout and then I went over to the store with her.  I could not find my protein bar and I was starving.  Then I saw what time it was and I had to run home...which was further away than the regular gym. BAH!  I had every urge to pull over and grab something quick to eat. It was a horrible urge. There is a chance that I could have done that and made a good decision, but the likelihood was that I would make a bad decision. Luckily I had made some chili in the crockpot last night.  All I had to do was pop it in the microwave.  YEAH! 

I hope you have a wonderful night and a fabulous week.  You deserve it!

****Please note****
If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you!  Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week.  The journey is so much easier if you have support.

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