Sunday, June 17, 2012

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

So the question is: Did she or didn't she?  Well we will get to that in a little bit.

Let's go back to Friday night first.  I picked up my cousin from the bus station and gave her a choice: A pool party for my 11 yr old Godson with pizza and cake or the gym.  I was very proud that she chose the gym. YEAH!

When we got there I had opted for 30 minutes hardcore on bike.  I pushed it hard.  I increased my 30 minute time by half a mile and that was on hills :-)  As I was getting off I noticed Gym Crush 2 on the Elliptical.  Oh heck yeah!  I have never seen him on a Friday.  That made my night.

I texted my excitement to some people and here's how one conversation went:

Me: Gym Crush 2 is here!
Kristin: Are you going to talk to him tonight?
Me: No, my butt is sweaty
Kristin: You can't talk because your butt is sweaty?
Me: I am drippy down there no need to scare him away

I moved over to the Triceps press and he came over to work his chest.  ahhh...I have been working my triceps and my weight was my highest to date.  So proud!  Then I moved to biceps.  Where I had a clear picture of him...ahhh.  I knocked out three sets and then I HAD to hit my abs.  I hit the torso machine and then went over for some plank.

I nailed plank!  My goal was 60 seconds over my base time.  I did it!  That would be 12 pts.  So now I think I can hit that 75 seconds no problem and get my full 15 pts.  As if that wasn't good enough, Gym Crush 2 had come over to do abs too and I got to watch him through my legs while in plank.  It really does not take much to make me happy.  haha.

After the gym we went to Q'Doba for dinner.  Now, it's not always the best choice.   But, I had coupons and they have my Mango Chicken Salad.  Don't panic!  I ate it naked.  No tortilla shell for me!

When we got home of course we had to watch the guy on the tight rope over Niagra Falls.  I love stuff like that!  He kept stressing to follow your dreams.  Everyone told him that there was no way he was going to do it.  Either he wouldn't get permission or he wouldn't make it across.  Boy proved them wrong.  I want that full Marathon!

So I tried to go to bed early. We needed to leave at 7:30.  But, I did not fall asleep until after midnight.  And in a fit of excitement, I woke up at 5:17am and never fell back asleep.  Oh this can't be good.

Eventually I got up and got moving.  Immediately after my shower I put the bikini on.  I decided to get ready and do everything without a cover up for a little while.  I needed to see my body.  Soon I was ready to go.  Cover up on and out the door we went.  No turning back!

The Bikini: The bottom is black with a little ruffle on the bottom and makes my butt look awesome!  The top is black with white and yellow polka dots.  It's so stinkin cute!

We picked up my friend Jen and her daughter Madi.  I hadn't seen them in about 8 years. So we had a lot to catch up on.  We talked about the treadmill in her living room and the exercise machines down in the basement.  Good intentions.  We talked about organizing her schedule so that she can work out.  Good intentions.  We talked about eating out.  My favorite moment was when she said that she needs to stop eating out so much.  She will save money and save calories!  She said it, not me.  I was so excited though :-)

We got down to the beach a little late thanks to our talking and me missing an exit (I get thrown off if it's not my usual route).  So I dropped them off on the boardwalk and went to park.  I was only gone for 5 minutes and when I got back to them they had already eaten the lunches we packed.  DANG people!  I am still not relaxing the "no eating in the car" rule though :-) 

We had stopped on the way and I got a turkey hoagie with honey mustard, spinach, and cucumbers.  I also grabbed a bag of apple slices....and then I saw Madi walking around with a mini can of Pringles.  Crap!  I want!  So I got one too. I ate my lunch and then it was time to get serious. 

We wanted to put our suntan lotion on before we got in the sand so that it would be less messy.  I let everyone go first, but eventually I was going to need to take off the cover up.  Here is goes!  I did it! I was standing there in my bikini on the boardwalk and the ground did not open and swallow me whole. I think I got this!  Of course as soon as the lotion was on I threw the cover up back on for the walk to find our spot on the beach.

After we set up our area I took off the cover up and laid down faster that you can say "Go!"  Deep breath Jennifer you are doing just fine.  And a big thank you to pal Jen who said how hot I looked and how I have worked so hard for it.  Starting to feel a little better.

I was scared enough about the bikini that I needed to follow some rules.  To make sure there is as little bloating as possible I avoided soda (I have done that in general anyway) and brought bottles full of crystal light).  I did eat the pringles, but I waited until the cover up was back on and I was in the chair at the end of the day reading.  NO chips!  Salt makes you retain water.  And I need all of the help that I can get!

The day flew by and before I knew it we were using the outdoor shower to wash up and getting ready to change for the evening.  Can I scream now?  There has been a food cart parked by the bathroom all day.  And now I am hungry and smelling hot dogs.  Um NO!  If I am going to cheat, I am going to get my pork roll sandwich!

After we changed we drove over and parked by the shops. No one else was starving like me so we did a little shopping first.  Good in theory, but every time I walked out the door of a shop I smelled garlic!  It was overpowering and it smelled GOOD!  GET ME FOOD!

So we walked back to the boardwalk and hit the Arcade for my Pork roll and fries.  I was good all day and this is my treat.  My favorite part is taking the food out to the back deck and just sitting and watching the ocean.  The beach is usually pretty empty by the time I eat dinner so it's always my favorite part of the day.  In addition to my food, my cousin got onion rings. Damn it!  I had 4-5.  And they were soooo freakin good.  But, alas I was burping them up for the rest of the night.  It's my punishment.  I wanted to get ice cream then too, but I knew we would be getting some after Mini-golf later.  I can wait.

After dinner we went back out to the beach to collect shells/rocks and take pictures.  I was not wearing the outfit I had planned because that was a skirt and it was pretty windy.  So I wore my "I'm only Half Crazy" shirt with some sweatpants. I didn't think it was that flattering of and outfit, but when I saw the pictures later I was struck by how flat my belly looked.  Seriously?  WOW!  I was pretty happy.

Eventually they dragged me off of the beach (I DON'T WANT TO GO!) and we headed back for a few more shops before Mini Golf.  GAME ON MADI!  It was really crowded and we had to wait a lot between holes.  Around hole 7 my heart stopped.  There was a giant frog on the turf.  Madi picked it up and turned around to show us.  I screamed and ran to the next hole and jumped up on the bench.  This of course made them laugh hysterically.  After much coaxing, Madi put the frog in the water hazzard and we moved on.  Except that my heart was still pounding and it was getting dark and any quick movement made me sick. Who needs cardio when your heart is racing like that?  I had this horrible fear of reaching in the hole for my ball and grabbing a frog.  Argh!  I let it get to me for a few holes, but then I got it together and whipped their butts!

After of course we got our ice cream.  My lips were burnt and I NEEDED it!  It was a medical emergency!  Well okay, I didn't really buy that either, but I got it anyway.  A single.  No need to go crazy.

We got on the road later than planned and a few things hit me.  First, I had been up since 5 with no nap. Second, I had no caffeine all day until dinner.  Third, my chest and face were sunburned and I was hurting.  Yes, I had put lotion on and the fact that I didn't get burned anywhere else is testimony to that, but my bra straps made me cry. *yep, all of that worry over the belly burning for nothing...well only to be postponed until next week I guess*

We stopped for gas about 30 minutes into the trip home and I had to get a soda.  Or it was going to get dangerous.  I had to walk a fine line though.  I needed to drink enough to stay awake, but I didn't want to have a hard time falling asleep when I got home either.   Well we made it home alive and I was able to fall asleep around 2am.  So you can imagine between the lack of sleep and the sun burn that I have been a ray of sunshine today. 

I am bathing in refrigerated aloe (because I am a sado masochist).  I am doing better today, but I was able to wear a strapless bra too.  I cannot workout without a sports bra and right now the thought makes me want to vomit.  I am planning on a couple more applications before bed and hopefully I can workout tomorrow.

I did not take any pictures in the bikini (below the neck).  One thing at a time.  But, I promise that once I can get an even tan I will do it.  I'm good for it now.  It was like ripping off a band aid today.  Once I did it, it wasn't so bad :-)

Have a Blessed Night.

Oh and ps - Happy Father's Day Daddy!

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  1. Well your 11year old godson was upset that you didn't attend his pool party. There were plenty of veggies,fruits and salad for you to eat in addition to the pizza and cake. Your cousin was invited as well. You preach restraint and moderation. You could have shown restraint and not eaten the forbidden food. But instead you went to the gym and then ate Q'doba.i still think that's worse than attending the party. Oh wait, you HAD to wear a bikini. The later on the weekend you eat pork roll, ice cream, and star bucks (even the skinny ones) are bad for you. Hypocritical talk as I see it.