Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Using not-so "rest" days to my advantage

Hello Beautiful People,

So here's the thing. It's been a little crazy hectic lately. So busy that I haven't gotten in all of my training days. It's been a good and a bad thing.

Some days involved helping out in classrooms. Some days involved packing and unpacking my car. Some days I was just nursing injuries.

My packing days may not have been in the gym, but they were workouts. I want a shout out for how much I lifted. Girl got strength!  Now strength is only effective if you lift properly. I was trying to be all cool and carry something with one arm. I knew it was stupid. It killed my shoulder. I was actually a little nervous that I tore a muscle. I was in a lot of pain the next day on moving day. A heating pad and aleve helped. It feels much better, but it didn't feel good for a little while.

There was a lot of stress with the move. I am excited and full of anxiety. It doesn't help that I was missing my runs. That is a good stress reliever. And then I get more stress when I don't workout. It's harder to get started back up again the more I "rest". That's when it gets in my head. The Former Fat Girl gets a little excited. She remembers these days.

Yesterday I had planned on a run. That was the plan. But, my work training moved from 8am to 11am. That pushed back my lunch time. And as we discussed yesterday, lunch time is very important!  I ran to meet Ms. Amy for some food. Then we went to the mall to walk around. I wanted to get a massage. We walked around for hours and stopped for a Margarita. According to fitbit I logged 4 miles doing that. I was actually a little impressed with that.

The day that I moved, I logged 5 miles. That was literally just taking things to and from my car. And they weren't light. I lifted a lot and I got my cardio. Of  course I went from loading from the first floor to unloading on the second floor. I like to end it all on the steps. Spoiler: My knee was ANGRY with me after.

I decided to use all of this "Rest" to my advantage. Today was a distance day. Let's see how I do on fresh legs. I planned on 13 miles. I didn't want to overdo it. PS. I love that 13 is not overdoing it. haha. I felt great approaching 13. I decided to keep going for 2 more. And I felt great approaching 15. But, I was now well past lunch time. 15 it would be. I was good with that. I celebrated with a massage. This Planet Fitness does not have the water pressure massages, but they do have the chairs. I forgot that they are still good. Not AS good, but good.

I still hate having so many busy "rest" days. I don't like what it does to my brain. I don't like that they make me feel lazy. But, I have to remind myself that I am in great shape now. I can afford several in a row.  And I will just use them to my advantage. I shall Distance after.

The Former Fat Girl would have been SPENT after each of these "rest" days. Well not anymore!

Have a Blessed Night

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