Thursday, September 11, 2014

Some of my favorite memories from NYC

Hello Beautiful People,

Once again I can't decide what to write about tonight. I am adjusting to a new schedule. It's 9/11 and I was supposed to be in that area that day. Looking through old pictures.

 Sometimes I feel like I am Forrest Gump. There are certain parts of history that I was right there for. For 9/11 I was supposed to be there. I had spent the year before working in NYC. My office moved from Wall Street to Broadway. And then after I left they moved back to Wall Street. Mr. Brian and I were supposed to go up to see old colleagues and tour around that day. And then something weird happened. I woke up that Monday and said "let's go tomorrow". So we did.

I also had interviewed for a position with Lehman Brothers that would have me in NYC on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There were some communication issues and I never got the job offer, even though I was supposed to.

I absolutely believe in Guardian Angels and that is a very specific reason why.

I went through a lot of my older NYC pictures and so I thought I would share them with you. I still have a bunch before the digital camera age and will one day scan them and share.

I loved my year in NYC. Well technically I lived in NJ, but I worked there. I did a lot of walking that year. Especially when the office moved to Broadway. When we were on Wall Street I would spend my lunch hour walking up and down South Street Seaport while clenching my butt because someone told me that would help tone. um. And then at the end of the day I would take the ferry back to Weehawken and climb this crazy staircase to get home.

When we moved to Broadway I took the Jitney to 42nd street and walked the 15 blocks to the office. When I would get home at night I was running to start my Tae Bo tapes. Yep, that was back in the videotape time.

One of my favorite times is when we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. It's my most favorite bridge. I would love to run it one day.

This is me in my "black" phase. When in NYC you wear Black.

This is me with Mr. Brian and our former co-worker Greg. I am so small.

After I left NYC Grandmom Joyce and I went back up to see Chicago. It's one of my favorite Musicals. I may have left NYC, but it never left me.

So it's no secret that I LOVE Taye Diggs. We even went to college together...although he went by Scott back then...I didn't know him. When Grandmom and I went to see Chicago we found out he was starring in it the next week. I bought more tickets...his understudy was in it :-(  Please note that I wore an oversized sweatshirt to a Broadway show...

I got a nice visit from my brother and we spent the day in NYC. He was just a young Army kid. I was not.

I LOVED Central Park. Now I loved sitting around in Central Park, but I did enjoy watching other people be active. What I wouldn't give to live by Central Park today.


This was years later after I had begun my journey. I just love this picture though. Cousin Kim and I went to see Legally Blonde. Only we didn't know that it was the first day of the Broadway Strike. So there I was in NYC on a beautiful Fall Day in a hot pink wig. We were very disappointed that we didn't get to see the show, but it still goes down as one of my favorite days ever.

 This was only a couple of years ago, but I never get tired of remembering this day. SHELDON!  Jim Parsons was simply fantastic in Harvey. I love Love LOVED it!

Weehawken had the best VIEW!

NYC will always hold a special place in my heart. You can't take that away from me.

Have a Blessed Evening.

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