Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Distance Day and my Walk of Shame

Hello Beautiful People,

Most days I can't wait to get to the gym. Distance days are not those days. I love when I'm done, but I don't love getting there.

Today was a difficult day for me. There's really no explanation for it. Perhaps I was still upset that no one made it to stage 3 on American Ninja Warrior last night. But, more than likely, it's because I didn't properly fuel up yesterday knowing that today was distance day. That plus the fact that my body is tired.

The marathon is less than 3 months to go. That means I have been training for it for 9 months. Seriously training since April. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I am slow. My knee limits me. That plus my short legs mean my strides are short. I take 3 steps for the average 1 step. My training time doubles other trainee times. I'm pounding the pavement for hours a day. I'm tired. I cannot wait to relax on December 7. I seriously don't plan on moving a muscle for a week or two after.

I had gotten in the habit of doing my distance later in the day because that meant I had the morning to do stuff. But, I need to start transitioning it to the morning. The race starts at 7am. I need my body conditioned for eating and drinking (and peeing) at that time. I didn't quite make it that early today, but I went in the morning.

My first 3 miles S-U-C-K-E-D. I did not want to be there. I did not want to do it today. I thought about making it just a 10 miler, but that meant I still had to have a distance later in the week. Besides, I was wearing my new sneakers and my 26.2 headband. Those are reserved for Distance Day only now. I had to do this.

The first 3 miles are always the worst. I always want to quit during them. I always want to make it a lighter day during them. Once I hit mile 4 I am fine. And today was no exception. I hustled it on mile 5 and hit another problem. I was inside on the treadmill, but I was having breathing problems. I left my inhaler at home. I don't always need it so I sometimes forget it. So I slowed things down.

Around mile 7 I was still thinking that I wanted to cut it short a little. I knew I was going to get hungry. All I could think of was that Wendy's is in the same parking lot and they have baked potatoes. I wanted one so bad it hurt.

At mile 9 I got off the treadmill and got my protein bar. I heard my belly roar and I knew I wouldn't make it 4 more miles. The irony is that today was bagel day at the gym. I had never been there for that. I had already eaten breakfast and I considered taking half a bagel. I should have done that.  The bar satisfied me for a little while. But, then I had to use the ladies room. I finished 11 miles. That was good enough.

No, go back and give me TWO more!...and I'll get you a dang baked potato.

And so I did.

That is another story. I was miserable sitting in Wendy's. Fast food depresses me. The food depresses me. The atmosphere depresses me. I felt like I was doing the walk of shame when I left. I inhaled that potato and it's what I needed, but I doubt I will be doing it again. The funny thing is that while I was in line a lady came in behind me. We had been talking in the locker room. Definitely not cool that we met up there. 

I was miserable for a couple of hours. I just wanted to leave. But, when I hit mile 13 I was as happy as can be. I pushed through it. It wasn't that taxing physically as it was mentally today. I have a lot on my mind and I'm very distracted. It didn't matter though. I am on a mission.  It is September 9 and I have logged 49 foot miles so far this month. My goal is 175. I'm already behind. ACK!

Marathon training is not for everyone, but activity is. Even if you don't feel like it, it's necessary. It'll make you feel better in the long run. There are many things in life we don't want to do, but we have to do them anyway. Once your body is used to activity it will crave it. You can make it fun. But, there will be days when you really don't want to do anything. Do it anyway.

I have never regretted working out, but I have regretted not working out.

Have a Blessed Night

(please note the swollen left knee...and this is before I started)

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