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The Biggest Loser: Season 15 Episode 6

Welcome to the Biggest Loser Ranch Season 15 - Episode 6

It was very sad to see Craig go home last week, but we knew we would get to see his progress this week.

Craig started at the Biggest Loser Ranch weighing 385 lbs. Today he weighs 274 lbs! He was afraid of dying young like his dad and hadn't even been to the cemetary in 20 years. We see him go back and thank his dad for everything he did for him.  He never realized how fully his father's death affected him. "It was a door I was not willing to walk through."  Today he trains every day. He is down to 274 lbs and looks fantastic. His goal is to weigh 190 lbs at the Finale.


Back on the Ranch every one is happy to walk in and find Ruben. The Velvet Teddy Bear is back!  He assures his team that nothing has stopped. He continued to work out and didn't waste any time. "I want to suck the Biggest Loser Ranch dry of all of the knowledge that I can get. My health is everything." Amen!


Jillian sits with the White team. She apologizes to them. She is sorry that they were the collateral damage and assures them that they did nothing wrong.

Jay says they just have to move forward. They need to stand behind her like she stands behind them.


Challenge time!  A Money challenge. Every team member on the winning team will win $1000.

I hope I can describe this well enough. haha. Only three people per team will participate.  Two members will need to take 10 lbs balls and carry them across the course ducking under barriers until they get to the ravine. At that point they turn their back to the ravine and throw the ball against a trampoline to try and bounce it over the ravine to the third team member. It just has to land, doesn't have to be caught. Then that person will do something similiar. Only they are trying to bounce it into boxes with different point values. There is a board that will block the balls moving back and forth in front of the boxes.  The first team to 30 points wins.

There is no drama...and no contest. David is on fire!  Tanya calls him Michael Jordon. He is nailing 3 pointers left and right. They win easily.

Back in the gym Dolvett is happy. They have won a challenge and they have Ruben back. He wants them to keep the momentum going to the weigh in.

Rachel tells him that they worked together like they've never done before. The Red team is her family. At home she worked from home and was very isolated.


Bob tells the Blue team that they need to stay focused. He still has his save, but he wants to make sure he uses it on someone who really wants to go the distance.

Matt says it's his personal job to make sure that he doesn't put Bob in a position to use the Save.


Back with the White team Jillian wants them to focus on why they are there. Tumi is engaged and has never tried on a wedding dress. Marie wants to be a mom in the worst way.

Jay is a BEAST!  I heart him. He's on the treadmill in front of them tossing his cookies. "You gotta throw up, you throw up. You just do it and move on." 

Jillian is in the background screaming "NO REGRETS!"


Everyone walks into the living room to see cards and dvds. The card says "Remember why you're here". It is there submission tapes.

Marie says she sees so much sadness in her eyes back then.

Matt can't believe how "huge" he was. He keeps looking at his jaw and arms.

Bobby is appalled by his face. He says that when he realized that he was gay he imprisoned himself.

Jay's son wants to be like him and ride horses. Only the old him couldn't do that any more.

Hap says that the best part was when the screen goes black and he can see his skinnier reflection now.

David's submission said that when you are fighting for someone else then you forget about yourself. "To be healthy is the greatest gift I could give my family." Tears all around.  He gets lots of hugs.


While they are sitting around Season 14's winner, Danni, comes to visit and brings Subway for lunch.

Bobby says she is inspiring because she didn't just win, but she's kept it up.

Danni tells them that since the finale she has shot a Subway commercial and run a full marathon.

Rachel says that hopefully that will be her.

Before she leaves, Danni tells them that they will all have their Finale whether they are in the final 3 or not.


I'm not really sure about this...other than it's Ruben...and the song has meaning and everything...but um...doesn't quite fit with the show.

Dolvett takes Ruben to his music producer's, David Foster, house.

David says that losing the weight isn't going to change Ruben's voice, but it will change his performance. He isn't very mobile on the stage.

Dolvett wants to see him at work.  David has him sing a song that he has written with this journey in mind. It's about Making a vow and taking a look at what you see in the mirror.

Then they ask Dolvett to sing. Not bad...until he gets to the high note. Then they tell him to stick to training.

Dolvett says "I'm sure someone will let me sing." Then flashes his smile. Oh heck yeah. Sing to me anytime you want!

Weigh In Time

Allison reminds them that there is one save left...foreshadowing?

The Blue team goes first.

Hap started at 348 lbs and now weighs 340 lbs for a total of 8 lbs.
Holley started at 296 lbs and now weighs 291 lbs for a total of 5 lbs.
Matt started at 294 lbs and now weighs 290 lbs for a total of 4 lbs.
Chelsea started at 202 lbs and now weighs 197 lbs for a total of 5 lbs.
  She is very excited. This is a big deal. She is in Onederland!
Bobby started at 298 lbs and now weighs 293 lbs for a total of 5 lbs.
  Bob comments that he is not impressed with what Bobby has done this week.
For a total of 27 lbs. 1.88%

The White team goes next. They need to lose more than 13 lbs

Jay started at 231 lbs and now weighs 226 lbs for a total of 5 lbs.
   He has not weighed 226 in 10 years.
Marie started at 213 lbs and now weighs 207 lbs for a total of 6 lbs.
Tumi started at 267 lbs and now weighs 256 lbs for a total of 11 lbs.
   Jillian "That's ridiculous!" in a good way
For a total of 22 lbs. 3.09%

And now for the Red team. They need to lose more than 26 lbs.

First off, let me just say that Dolvett was wearing a jean vest with a cream color bow tie. On anyone else I would say No, but on him it works...Yum!

Ruben started at 409 lbs and now weighs 401 lbs for a total of 8 lbs.
  *He left the Ranch at 423, but this is his weight when he came back to the Ranch.
Rachel started at 198 lbs and now weighs 195 lbs for a total of 3 lbs.
Tanya started at 224 lbs and now weighs 220 lbs for a total of 4 lbs.
Jennifer started at 224 lbs and now weighs 220 lbs for a total of 4 lbs.
David started at 334 lbs and now weighs 317 lbs for a total of 17 lbs.
   He is happy. It's been his "hero week." First the challenge and now this.
   He has lost 92 lbs in 6 weeks.
For a total of 36 lbs. 2.59 %

The Blue team lost.  Matt fell below the red line.

Bob asks him if he wants to go the distance. I think he's looking for fire. He's been saving it for Chelsea since she is the smallest and he knows she wants it. Matt tells him that he wants to be there, but he will be fine if he leaves.

I'm surprised because it's not the fierce reaction that I think Bob is looking for. Then again there may have been some editing.  Bob says that obviously Chelsea doesn't need protecting. He wants it to be a level playing field so he uses the save.

Chelsea says that now everyone has to bring their A Game.

Next week: Thanksgiving...and no more saves.

Have a Blessed Night.

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