Monday, November 4, 2013

I gave up chocolate and then went to Hershey for the Day

Happy Monday Bleeps,

Oh my's been a busy time. Halloween. Running around Friday for last minute things for the wedding. Cross Country State Championships. Former work husband's wedding. My brain was a little tired yesterday. Thank goodness for daylight savings time. It's the only way that I was able to make it to church.

Thursday night I went to Ms. Kristin and Mr. Ken's for Halloween. I gave out candy, well more like stood around shouting "Merry Christmas!" (no alcohol involved, I will explain later on Random Wednesday haha).  I slept at their place and ran errands during lunch on Friday. Friday night I got my run in then did last minute shopping. If I could get everything done before bed then I would be able to go see cousin Hannah's team compete in the State Championship for Cross Country in the morning.

Part of that included a stop at Subway. I needed to have dinner and have a lunch prepared for the next day as I had no idea where I would be for lunch. I had a lot to do, but I still stopped at TJ Maxx to look at running pants. Then I stopped at Walmart for tissue paper, hair gel, etc.

I did it. I got everything done.  Or so I thought.

So the crack of dawn rolls around and when the alarm goes off I immediately think to myself "This is crazy. This is too much. You shouldn't go."  But, this is a BIG deal. Hannah is one of my biggest cheerleaders. She has been there for me for 2 of my big races. If it is possible for me to be there for her then I will move heaven and earth to do it. Everyone should have a cheerleader waiting for them. It makes that finish line that much sweeter.

Okay, time to get up. I lept into the shower. Shaved. Soaped. All of the good stuff. I did my hair and make up. Please hold up for the day!  My hair was full of gel and pulled back into a tiny pony tail. I accented it with a sparkly diamond headband and gold bands around the pony tail. I grabbed my bags, ate my breakfast, packed my lunch, and headed for the door.

My plan was to stop at starbucks for caffeine, but I was cutting it close time wise. I spent a little too much time looking up where the race was. It takes 90 minutes to get there and I had 2 hours before the race started. I couldn't risk it. So I drank my crystal light peach mango tea instead. I was even too scared to pull over for a potty break. I was afraid I would miss it.

You know I was on the road for 5 minutes before I realized that I forgot to do something. I brought my two cameras, but I totally forgot to charge one of them. DOH. Okay, phone camera and Big camera will have to do (I did buy batteries for it last week).

I pulled in and parked at 10am. As I was crossing the parking lot I could hear lane assignments. I heard Hannah's school and took off. I saw their tent, of course it was empty cause everyone was at the start line. Now where the heck is the start line? I followed the people and found it.

I saw North Pocono warming up and got excited. I grabbed my camera and took a few pictures. Their uniforms are red, white, and black. I headed to behind the start line to let her know I was there. Do you know how many schools are those colors? I could not find them. And then I realized that from behind they are only black and white. Doh! Found em!  Shouted hello. Took some pix. Got a little teary eyed.

When it started I bolted over to the finish line. These chicks are fast. I wouldn't have to wait long. And I didn't.

While I was standing there at 10:20 am I smelled french fries. The two dudes behind me were eating french fries. Someone must have been questioning their choices because they got defensive "We didn't get breakfast. This is our breakfast."  So much wrong with that. Sadly, the Former Fat Girl has been there. But, I plan ahead and most definitely try to limit my fried food intake and I most certainly don't eat it for breakfast.

Shortly after we got the updates on the leaders. 6 minute miles...I feel very slow. Major props.  The first girl came flying by and about 30 seconds later the rest of the field started in. I saw some of Hannah's teammates and got their picture. When I saw her coming I tried screaming her name by I got all choked up. 

As soon as she was done I ran to the finish. It was a sea of people. There were red jerseys everywhere. I felt so bad. Every direction I turned there were girls in pain. They put it all out there.

I found Hannah and hugged her..and cried. Who didn't see that coming? I didn't have time to make a sign or anything, but I made sure to grab a bag of her favorite gummy powerbar bites.

After I found her my mission was to find Grandmom and Aunt Sue. I left Hannah with her teammates and found my way to their tent. The walk took a few minutes and let me just say that the line for the porta-potties was that long. I had to pee since before I parked, but I would NOT be going in a porta-potty. I had seen a Panera close by and would need to be leaving soon anyway.

I brought the ladies to our little rockstar and offered to buy Hannah a shirt. She already got one, but told me to go get one so that we could match. haha.  So I did. The line was long so I went over to another tent first. They had headbands and I was intrigued...but they looked small and my allegiance lies with BondiBand (my Wonder Woman headband came today!).  Another table offered chocolate milk to all athletes and spectators. It hit the spot. And then I got my shirt.

I didn't want to leave, but I had to. I had a wedding to get to...and I needed to change first. Hopefully it wouldn't be at a rest stop.

I forgot to mention that I found it extremely ironic that I have been very public about giving up sweets and treats right now and I went to the Chocolate capital on Saturday. We were in Hershey, Pennsylvania.  All of the signs in the parking lot designated your section by a different candy bar. Talk about crazy temptation.

Panera was packed and I just wanted to get on the road so I did. I eventually stopped at a Cracker Barrel to use the ladies room. ahhhh. And then I sat in the parking lot and ate the second half of my Subway sandwich for lunch and drank some water.

I could not have been prouder of Hannah and her team. It was so exciting to be there for her and get caught up in the energy of the day. It made me sad to think about how much I enjoy running now and how much time I have wasted. That could have been me 20 years ago, but alas it was not.  How different my life could have been...if only...

Coming up tomorrow: Former Work Husband's Wedding...just hours later.

Have a Blessed Night

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you! Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week. The journey is so much easier if you have support.

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