Monday, November 25, 2013

I need to Recharge...and warm up!

Happy Monday Bleeps,

It was a long weekend. So much to talk about, but I will wait til later.  I'm tired and it's getting late.   I won't keep in you in too much suspense though. Keith Urban was AWESOME!  And my pictures are crazy cool. I will share them with the post on it.

I am So looking forward to Thanksgiving. 4 days of rest!  Well rest with some running, but still mostly rest. I want to read. I want to sleep. I want to knit. I want to watch cheesy Christmas movies. I WANT to see Aaron Rodgers play football on Thanksgiving, but alas it looks like it'll be another week before he is back. I am bringing my shirt just in case.

I'm hitting that burnt out phase so Thanksgiving could not come at a better time. I'm beat. I need to relax. I'm physically tired. I'm emotionally tired. I normally like to drive, but Friday night I just had it. I would love a helicopter. If anyone has a spare one that they aren't using...and a pilot...and wants to kick in for fuel, I would be happy to help.

So the Holiday season is upon us and I'm already beat. This isn't good. I need to recharge. And this cold is NOT helping. How the heck did I spend 4 years at Syracuse???  Seriously, WHY IS IT SOOOOO COLD???  I don't want to put more clothes on. I want to take them off. I want to show off my body, not hide it! 

Today I wasn't sure what to do during lunch. I had a coupon for something that I wanted to get for Christmas presents. Today was the only day that I could make it there before it expired. But I did NOT want to leave the office. I needed to get up and move around to warm up. Again, I did not want to leave. It probably wouldn't have been so bad if I wasn't frozen in the office. I mean it was so cold that I kept getting cups of hot water just to hold. I had knee socks, boots, a big sweater, and a blanket on. And still I was frozen. So the idea of leaving the building to go outside where it's even colder let me think about no.  I did go though.

My coupon was for Yankee candle. I'm not going to give away what I got and who is getting it, but I did get something for me too. They have all of the yummy Christmas candles and I really wanted one for me. But, too many were cookies or other food scents. I already have a candle that smells like a tree and a Twisted peppermint one. I don't want food scented candles. I don't need that trigger to make me hungry. And so to put myself in a warm state of mind I got myself the Sun & Sand candle. It smells like Hawaiian tropic. Is it summer yet????

It's times like this that make me rethink the Polar Plunge for February. I will still do it because it's for a wonderful WONDERFUL cause. And I will even do it in a Bikini if I can raise a certain amount of money. But I may have lost my mind.

The cold and the Holidays also make it harder to get to  the gym. I hadn't been since Thursday so it wasn't that hard to go, but my brain kept listing things that I need to get done. I'm never home. I have things to do. Too bad. I went to the gym. And I was glad to do so. Syracuse Hoops was on so I got to watch the game and workout...even though I banned machines while the games are on because I get too intense. My distance night is moved to tomorrow and I may have to rethink the plan as my legs are tight. Oh well they play again tomorrow night and then it's Biggest Loser night. And I need to shower and stop at Subway...bah. I'll figure it out. It may not be the full distance. It might be a shorter one. And that's fine. Right now we just want to keep moving.

Alright kids, I would like to write more, but frankly I'm toast...and I need to get some knitting done before I go to bed.

Today's Tip: To help reduce the stress of the holiday season plan ahead. Make lists. Keep your calendar up to date. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

Have a Blessed Night.

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