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The Biggest Loser: Season 15 Episode 4

Welcome to Week 4 on the Biggest Loser Ranch.

At last week's Weigh In Tanya lost zero pounds and Dolvett saved her. She worked hard and had a huge break through. It's understandable that she was upset. "I can't let obesity win."  She's going to fight harder than she's ever fought.

Ruben commented that "The save is gone. This is gonna push us harder."

Halloween Challenge

The average American kid collects 7000 calories of candy in one night on Halloween.

The challenge is a Temptation Challenge and the reward is Immunity...for the entire team...oohh...ahhh.

The White team needs this. They don't have a 'Save' and they are down a player.

So here's the Challenge: There are 100 pumpkins. One has the immunity in it. The others have cash or treats. You can eat or pass on the treat. However, once you pass the entire team is out.

Chelsea: "I'm not gonna lie. I wanted a piece of chocolate." For her first pumpkin she got Cash though. $500.

Craig got chocolate.

David got chocolate. He said it was bittersweet.

Holley got a Kit Kat. 210 calories.

Jay got a chocolate bar. 250 calories.

Ruben got a slice of pumpkin pie. He hates pumpkin pie, but ate all 290 calories for his team.

The white team opted to have Craig and Jay alternate because it would be easier for them to burn off the calories. Except that Craig was starting to feel sick.

The Blue team was lucking out and winning money. At one point the calorie count was:

Red: 1594
White: 1944
Blue: 890

Jay had 4 candy bars for a total of 950 calories.  At that point they switched to the chicks. Tumi had her eye on one particular pumpkin. Hap beat her to it by a split second. It was a chocolate bar...wrapped in Immunity!  Doh!

So the Blue team has a Save and Immunity as long as not one person gains a pound. No slacking.


So now it's Red vs. White.

White: Craig comments that they have felt what it's like to have someone go home. Red hasn't.

Jay is having severe pain in his hips. He's pushing through something that would send most people home. And he's still wearing his Cowboy Hat. HEART HIM!  He feels at risk because of his injuries, but he has 'No quit in me!'

Red: During their workouts Ruben comments that they have never been pushed that hard. 'My whole body is numb.'

Dolvett says that he's nervous. Ruben only lost 3 lbs last week.

Tanya is laying on the ground. She is dizzy, but conscious.

Dolvett: "I have contestants falling left and right."


Since the Blue team has immunity, Bob decides to have a little fun with them. He brings in a group of weight lifting ladies. One is wearing a tutu! HOLLA!  A nice orange one...I wonder where she got it. I need an orange one.

Bob wants to show Holley that she can be smaller and still be stronger. The ladies that Bob have brought in weight 165 lbs. That's the next weight class for Holley.  She used to think that if she lost the weight it would ruin her weight lifting.

Our girl goes and lifts 225 lbs.  Amazing!

Bob was excited. Weight lifting may not be for everyone, but the point is to try different things. Try to find something that sparks your interest.


Next we find Jillian boxing with Tumi. She doesn't see any fire in her. Jillian thinks that Tumi is afraid of fire, that she is afraid of anger.

So they walk outside and sit down for a talk.

When she was a little girl her father left. It was just her mother, herself, and her sisters. Her mother later remarried and had more children. Then when Tumi was 14 her mother passed away from cancer. Her stepfather then decided to leave and take his biological children, but not her and her sisters.  That's when she started to gain the weight.

Jillian tells her that it's okay to be mad. That she shouldn't feel guilty. Tumi responds "I just want to graduate. I don't want to go through this again."


Catching up with Biingo.

When we first met Biingo last year he was spending days playing video games and was afraid of vegetables. Today is always playing sports and eating right. His entire family has caught the health and fitness bug. His father las lost over 100 lbs and his mother has lost over 80 lbs.

He is active and out of the house so much that there is very little time for video games. And he's never felt better. YAY!


The contestants walk into the kitchen to find a table covered in mail. It's letters from home.

*I am happy to see that they no longer have to compete for this. Having the support from home is so key to this journey and withholding that for competition is just not cool.

Craig learns that his daughter carries around a toy phone and uses it to talk to daddy all of the time. she takes it everywhere. *too cute

Ruben gets letters from kids at his music camp. He hates not being there, but his health is a little more imporant.

Tanya's friend asks if she has squeezed Dolvett's booty yet. haha Whatcha waitin for girl????


David is worried about the weigh in. He is hitting the treadmill at midnight every night.

Tha'ts awesome to see. Those are the ones that succeed. Putting in the extra time makes the difference.


Time for the Weigh In

Since the Blue team has immunity they go first.

Holley started the week at 319 lbs and now weighs 315 lbs for a total of 4 lbs.
Matt started the week at 319 lbs and now weighs 315 lbs for a total of 4 lbs.
Bobby started the week at 321 lbs and now weighs 317 lbs for a total of 4 lbs.
Hap started the week at 368 lbs and now weighs 363 lbs for a total of 5 lbs.
Chelsea started the week at 220 lbs and now weighs 215 lbs for a total of 5 lbs.
    She can taste the 100's.

The White team goes next.

Marie started the week at 229 lbs and now weighs 225 lbs for a total of 4 lbs.
Craig started the week at 357 lbs and now weighs 350 lbs for a total of 7 lbs.
Tumi started the week at 287 lbs and now weighs 280 lbs for a total of 7 lbs.
Jay started the week at 253 lbs and now weighs 244 lbs for a total of 9 lbs.
   He was scared, but has lost 53 lbs since coming to the Ranch.

Next it's time for the Red team. They need to lose more than 35 lbs to be safe. That's around 7 lbs each.

Rachel started the week at 224 lbs and now weighs 216 lbs for a total of 8 lbs.
David started the week at 354 lbs and now weighs 347 lbs for a total of 7 lbs.
     He has lost 62 lbs since coming to the Ranch
Jennifer started the week at 242 lbs and now weighs 236 lbs for a total of 6 lbs.
Tanya started the week at 242 lbs and now weighs 239 lbs for a total of 3 lbs.
   She is upset. She thought this would be the big comeback week. Dolvett says they will figure it out.
Ruben started the week at 428 lbs and now weighs 423 lbs for a total of 5 lbs.

Ruben is going home. The Velvet Teddy Bear is leaving. So sad.  He has enjoyed every minute on the Ranch. It's instant sadness, but he's leaving the Ranch with a wealth of knowledge and he's lost 38 lbs.  The next time we see him he will have a Sexy body.

Have a Blessed Night.

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