Monday, November 11, 2013

My Weekend: Following men up a hill and a Passionate Romance

Happy Monday Bleeps!

Once again I had a pretty packed weekend. Surprise! haha.

I had an appointment to get my tail light fixed early Saturday morning so I arranged to spend the night at Ms. Kristin's again. This meant that I could schedule a Friday night dinner with Ms. Jamie, Mr. Joey, and the kids. I haven't had a Friday dinner with them in forever. So we planned on meeting at Panera. It was a good day for some squash soup.

I got there a tiny bit early and waited up front for them. I even tweeted @Panera that I was ready for some soup. Then I saw them walking by. I came outside and they were heading next door. Not everyone wanted Panera and they were going to get food and bring it over. I was okay with changing so we went next door to Pei Wei for some Asian cuisine.

I stepped out of my box and ordered the Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps. I usually order the sesame chicken or sweet & Sour chicken. And I usually feel full and stuffed afterwards. The Thai chicken wraps did not include rice and I think that makes all of the difference. I was full and satisfied when I was done. It was soooo yummy too. I would definitely order it again.

While I was eating @Panera tweeted me back and told me to Enjoy my soup. Bah...I felt like they knew!  I will go back. I promise.

My fortune cookie was quite exciting..."A Passionate new romance will appear in your life when you least expect it."..hello!  The problem is that I am now expecting it. Ahem...hey Tony Stewart...CALL ME!

I had another one that said "In dreams and in life, nothing is impossible." I love that one.

Afterwards I went to Target as I don't get to them that often anymore. Like a kid in a candy store...actually I was pretty quick. I picked up some long johns that were on sale. I figured I could use them in the mountains. I also picked up some rice crackers as a snack.

And then I headed over to hang with Ms. Kristin, Mr. Ken, and the kids. We hung out and relaxed which what I need right now.

My appointment was for 9:15am, but I wanted to get there earlier in case they could take me early. I still had a bit of a drive after that. I was getting ready to pack my car when I thought "hey, what time does kohl's open?" So I looked it up and they opened at 7am. I packed my car and ran there first. Jennie needs some new sports bras. I looked at Target and they didn't have my size. I am getting too small for mine and need some tighter ones for running. It's a good problem to have :-)

I made it to the dealer early and they took me right away. And since I was there we threw in an oil change. I was in and out in an hour and then got on the road to head to the mountains.

My original plan was a Starbucks stop before the dealer, but since Kohl's happened (and yes I got a new bra...a MEDIUM! HOLLA!) I didn't stop. I needed caffeine. So I stopped on the way and got a tall skinny peppermint moccha. Yum.

I arrived at my destination a little after noon. We visited and unloaded and after an hour I realized I really needed to eat lunch. Cousin Hannah had a late breakfast (an amazing homemade omlet that I am completely jealous of) so we just headed up some leftover pasta for me. I didn't want too much, but I needed food.

We cleaned the kitchen and rewarded ourselves with some White Chocolate Peppermint tea...heaven. Cousin Hannah said it changed her life...yes, it is THAT good. Both girls liked it so much that they requested it for Christmas presents. We even looked to see if there was a chance that there was a store semi hour and a half was too far.

It was cold. I am talking COLD. I put on another layer and we discussed what we wanted to do that night. We settled on playing Bananagrams and going out to dinner. We considered going to Panera, but that's not exactly close by. I was tired and didn't really want to sit in a car for a long time so we chose a local place that has pizza and sandwiches.

They didn't want a pizza which was fine with me so we ordered sandwiches. First we started with the vegetable medley. I loved that the receipt says: Mixed veggies.  It's fried mushrooms, cauliflower, and zucchini. Mixed veggies sounds so healthy. I don't like mushrooms and couldn't tell the difference visually between them and the cauliflower so I had a few zucchini sticks. Not many.

For my dinner I ended up ordering a chicken cheesesteak. Nothing was really grabbing my eye and I was in the mood for chicken. I figured I could not eat some of the roll and I really wanted to pack my belly. It was COLD and I needed to make sure I had food in my belly to burn when I shivered. I wasn't happy when I ordered, and I second guessed thinking I should order the turkey hoagie, but I balked. I wanted a warm sandwich.

I got it with fried onions and ketchup. It also came with potato chips, but I didn't eat many of them. The sandwich was good, not great, but good. I only ate half of the roll and finished the chicken. I had some diet soda to make me burp there. I should have gotten a ginger ale or something for later, but I didn't.

So we came home and played Bananagrams for a while. We had some hot cocoa and listened to Christmas music. Yes, I am That girl. I LOVE Christmas. They have made Hallmark Channel Christmas movies about girls like me.

Okay, so let me explain just how cold it was. The bedroom that I was going to sleep in is off of the kitchen. Since no one has been using it the door was closed and the heat turned down. We had put my suitcase in there and I panicked about bringing my clothes back out in to the warm part of the house. My teeth started chattering the second I opened the door and I literally RAN in and grabbed my suitcase and ran out. I closed the door and then realized I left my coats in there. I would not even use that bathroom. I went upstairs because the toilet seat was slightly warmer.  Ice cold toilet seats are BAD.

I had been offered a bed upstairs, but we opted to turn the heating pad on the bed on, bring in the space heater, and turn the heat up a smidge. I also put on my long johns, sweat pants, long sleeve shirt, sweat shirt, and two pairs of socks. I was ready.

I was actually okay and fell asleep fairly quickly. I didn't even really wake up much except that I had a pain in my back. I crawled out of bed and into the shower. The pain in my back was gas. It hurt. Ugh. Not feeling like it's going to be a good race.

After my shower I got dressed. I was wearing my new running leggings, a running top, and the jacket that I wore for my first Half Marathon. Wow. It looks sooooo different on me. So much bigger. My belly may still be there, but it's so much smaller than it was two years ago. Yeah!  I also paired it with my new Wonder Woman bondiband. Holla!

We stopped at Dunkin Donuts for bagels before we got on the road. My belly was still upset. I just finished one half of my cinnamon raisin bagel. Then it was time to go.

We got there early and registered. It was COLD so we waited in my car until the last minute. I had been sparingly drinking water before we got there, but I left my bottle in the car by accident. When the race started I realized I had none. The course was two loops. The water stop was at the haflway point. Dang it. When we started I was dealing with a dry throat and the cold was making it hard to breathe. But, I paced myself. I was doing really well. It was a pretty campus.

The course was full of turns so you could easily lose sight of those in front of you. I was right behind two guys with a woman right behind me. We were a good pace pack. Then we got to a spot that had no signs. It didn't tell us where to go. Before the race they warned us about the big hill and told everyone to go slow on it. One of the guys in front of me checked me in so I figured he knew where we were going. There were slight hills to the left and the right, but the street in the middle was a HILL. It didn't look right, but I repeat he checked me in.

We made it up the first hill...running...knees aching...and there was a plateau and then an even steeper hill. We made it up there...only to find a dead end. It was like that scene in Animal House where they lead the band in the alley and they just all pile on and keep marching toward the wall.

We could see the course through the fence, but there was no way over it. Some people on the other side told us there was a clearing in the field and we could cut through that way. Okay. Only problem is that to get there we had to go through the woods and down a very steep drop. Big thanks to the dude that got me lost in the first place for holding my hand and helping me down.  Lots of leaves and mud.

We came through the clearing and ran into other runners. Cousin Keeley was just rounding the corner. we joined in and headed towards the finish for our second lap.  We were offered just one lap and my knees really really really didn't like me after those two hills. I considered stopping, but then I thought I would at least walk the second lap. As I was coming up on the halfway point Cousin Hannah went blasting past me. She was on her second lap. She was the fourth person to finish and the first female.

I got my water and felt much better and then I started running. So I ran the second lap. My time was off due to our little detour, but that's okay. I finished strong. I spoke with the lady who was detoured with me and she had us going an extra .4 miles. Without the detour my time would have been a Personal best. Doh. Okay, I'll just do better at the Pumpkin run after Thanksgiving.

After the race we had cookies and water at the finish line. I ate one cookie and then we stood around for the drawings. I never win anything and there I was the first name drawn. I won a gift card for the Scranton Running Company. Woo Woo...except that I don't live there and you can't order online. Doh.

When the drawings concluded I grabbed 2 more cookies and we went to the car.  I was cold and hungry. When we got home I showered and then got back in the heated bed. A little while later I got up for some lunch and then promptly got back in bed. It was raining and it was cold. I did not want to drive home.  Plus my belly really hurt.

I did get up though. I had to get home for the Hallmark Channel Holiday movie. YEAH! I was really tired though. I did make it home and I was able to watch the movie on at 6pm. The 8pm though was not happening. I couldn't stay awake. I passed out by 8:30. I think I was a little exhausted.  And on that note, I really want to go to bed now.

Have a Blessed Night

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you! Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week. The journey is so much easier if you have support.

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