Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Former Work Husband got married!

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

So it's time to tell you all about Former Work Husband Phil's wedding on Saturday, but first I want to tell you about my last two nights at the gym.

Last night was a run night. I ran 5 miles.  It was a good 5 miles. I got faster every mile. I was feeling good when I was done. I was also feeling hungry. It was pizza night at the gym and you know the rule is that I am only allowed one slice if I run my butt off.  I more than earned it. But, I was wearing my new white jacket and it was not worth getting it on the jacket.  So I did not get one. I knew I was going to be hungry. When I got home I didn't make as much food as I should have. So today around 4pm I got that severe hunger pain. Not "Oh did you hear that? That was my belly." It was a dull ache in my belly. A hunger ache. It hurt.

I got a massage at work today so I didn't want to do weights and ruin it.  I was going to just walk for a bit, but I didn't want to push it. If I was that hungry I didn't want to risk passing out. To ensure this I did not change into a sports bra. There would be no bouncing.  So I walked for 20 minutes then did some push ups and plank.  I have not had a hunger belly ache like that in a LONG time. I am usually much better about my eating. I need to focus.

On the good news front, my crush is back on for Gym Crush Big Dude. Thank goodness. Motivation to go to the gym. Tonight he looked so good lifting that I wanted to bite him...in a good way.


Okay, wedding time!

First let me just say that I heart Former Work Husband Phil and I heart his beautiful new wife Jen. He is truly one of my most favorite people in the world and one of the best friend's that I have ever had. There have been a lot of ups and downs since I have known him and I could not be happier for him. I am happy to relinquish my claim to Jen. I have told him that even if he weren't in the picture she and I would be best buddies. Two of my most favorite people in the world found each other and it has truly been a pleasure to have watched their love blossom.

I was rushing from cousin Hannah's race to get to the hotel to pick up Ms. Amy. She is also a fellow Phil admirer and we have known each other for many years. We were both going to the wedding stag and I'm so glad. We are leading parallel lives and really got to catch up. It turns out that she ran in the Philly Rock'n'Roll half marathon too. She also wants to get certified as a yoga instructor and weight/nutrition consultant. It was so fun to talk to her. We have plans to go running together and do some races together.

After we spent some time complimenting each other and mutually admiring the other's progress I got my dress on and we ran out the door...to the wrong church. DOH!  Phil's never going to forgive us. We got to the correct church 15 minutes late. I was running in my new heels, which oddly was easier than walking in them as I got them a half size too big anticipating that my feet would be swollen.  We snuck in the back and made it in time for their vows, which really was the most important part.

After the ceremony we went outside to blow bubbles on the unsuspecting couple..although they provided the bubbles so I am pretty sure they were in on it. What a beautiful day for a wedding. After the bubbles, Amy and I had to rush to the reception. We were given jobs to do. We had the important job of putting together the cupcake display and helping with the center pieces. We will not let you down Phil and Jen!

I cannot believe they gave me the job of setting up the cupcake display. They must have more faith in me than I do. Luckily the ladies at the hall had already begun setting it up when we got there. Can you imagine me putting out 200 cupcakes? They smelled sooooooo good. Red velvet. Mint Chocolate. Confetti. Pumpkin Prailine. Peanut butter bottom. Lime in the coconut. Carrot cake.

The appetizers were yummy.  All I'm saying is that we saw someone with a plate of cheese and left skid marks on the floor trying to get there. CHEESE!  Mini hot dogs rolled in pastry. Vegetables. Crackers. YEAH!  Feed me!

Ms. Amy and I were pretty happy with how we looked so we made sure to get someone to take our picture at the beginning of the night. This is my pretty dress from Dress Barn. YEAH!  And those are my shoulders!

Soon Mr. And Mrs. Phil were introduced. WOO WOO! Let the party begin. Did I cry during their first dance? Um...duh!  Look how cute he looks in his tails!  And how beautiful is that bride! Love them!

The favors at every place setting was a small bag of hershey kisses. My seat was the only one that was missing one. Since we were the first ones there I took it from the setting next to me. shh.

Dinner was yummy. Salad. Green beans. Ham. Turkey. Stuffing. Mashed potatoes. WHAT?  Seriously, the bowl was right in front of me...the others at the table were lucky to get any.

I ate what was on my plate and forced myself to let it sink in before having more. I skipped my roll in favor of more green beans and another scoop of mashed potatoes. Come on, you can't put it in front of me and not expect that to happen.

After dinner the heels came off and the fuzzy pink slippers came on. Time to hit the dance floor. I love to dance, but I was having a hard time. I was not confident in my strapless bra. What if one of the girls pops out and then pops out the side of the dress?  Can't risk it. I toned it down.  I also toned it down because I ran the night before and then wore heels. My knees already hurt and doing the Twist did not help.

*Most people don't really understand my knee pain. My knee is constantly swollen from arthritis. If your knees are swollen the last thing you want to do is put on high heels. It's painful. I do everything possible to minimize it.

So when it was time for cupcakes I couldn't decide...I wanted one of each. I was promised 2 and there would probably be more. I picked the Lime in the Coconut as it was my request from them. I was NOT disappointed!  Coconut cake with lime flavored icing with coconut shavings. O to the M to the G! I had planned on bringing a container to take my second one home, but I forgot one. So I kept it to one cupcake...and it was painful as the DJ kept reminding people to have more.

I enjoyed every minute catching up with everyone and dancing, but every night must come to an end. So as the lights came back on I went out and got my pjs to change in to for the ride home. I had many offers to stay over, but I felt awake (I didn't have anything to drink) and I didn't want to lose part of my Sunday. Although I was suddenly aware that I never stopped for caffeine during my travels. So we tracked down someone in the kitchen and they got me a diet coke from the fridge.  As I was saying good bye to my former work-in-laws they offered me some sugar cookies. Normally I would have said no, but I didn't have that second cupcake and I would take any sugar I could to make sure I stayed awake. OMG. SOOOO good. They were were the size of a cotton ball. I had a few. I should have taken more.

What I wild day. I made it to Cousin Hannah's race and then raced to the wedding and then drove back home after. I did it all and drove 270 miles. I was beat on Sunday. It was so worth it though. What a joyous day!

Have a Blessed Night.

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