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The Biggest Loser Ranch Season 15 Episode 7

The Biggest Loser Ranch Season 15 Episode 7

At the end of the last episode Bob had just Saved Matt....

Matt: "Having to use that save was a kick to my pride."  So Tanya pulled him aside to talk to him. She is the only other person in the house with a Save.  "We're going to have bad days and that's what the Save is for."  This is so much bigger than the scale.

Back in the Gym

There are screams...good workout screams. It's Jay. The stakes are high. And let me just say that Mr. Jay's face is getting nice and thin. He's the one I see the most change in.

Dolvett is happy to have a complete team.

Bob's Birthday

It's Bob's birthday. Holley gives him a shirt. It's cute...and ooh he shaved his mustache! I miss it.


Bob isn't thrilled with them having Thanksgiving. "If they think they are going to eat any of it, I will beat it out of them before they eat it."


It's a Thanksgiving Food challenge. There are three empty trucks and boxes and boxes of food. They need to load the trucks with all of their boxes.  There are 40 boxes for each person. They are 30lbs and 15lbs.  The food is from The Biggest Loser Resort and will feed the people of Moore, OK. If you remember, they had some devastating tornados.

David's wife grew up there and her mother and brother still live there. He was touched that this would go to help them.

The winning team will have a family member flown in for each member of the team.

Rachel misses her mom.
Tanya wants to see her 2 yr old.
Holley's mom is her best friend.
Jay wants to see his wife.

Update on Sunny

Before we got to see the challenge, we got an update on everyone's favorite Sunny.  She's so cute.

Sunny's goal last season was to wear a pretty dress to prom. She wore the stunning dress that she wore at he finale.

She is in her Senior year and it's very stressful with college admissions. The old Sunny would have turned to food to deal with the stress. The new Sunny works out after studying.

Before the Ranch she just wanted to be an ordinary teenager and fit in. Now she realizes that she has the power to be an extraordinary teenager. *that is my most favorite thing ever said on this show...and it makes me cry happy tears writing it...seriously, there is a tear drop flowing down my cheek*.

Back to the Challenge

The Red team have a plan: Rachel, Ruben, and David will take the heavy boxes.

The Blue teams plan is to take all of the heavy first and sprint with the lighter boxes.
*Hap really wants to meet his new son.

The White team is the first one to the halfway point.

But, the Blue team wins

Bob's Thanksgiving Tip (also applies to any party)

Make sure to eat breakfast on Thanksgiving. Poached eggs and toast or fruit with yogurt.

Time to meet the Families

Hap's wife brings his adorable baby boy to meet him. I'm sorry, I mean Hap's Smokin hot can't believe she just had a baby wife....she tells him that she brought some stuff for him. It's his little girls. OMG I want to eat them up. So adorable. He is excited. They are super active and he'll be able to keep up with them now.

Holley's mom is so cute and tiny. She comes right in and smacks Holley on the butt in a playful way. It's a big giant hugfest.

Bobby's dad is crying happy tears. He's not an emotional man and Bobby isn't used to this. Bobby lets us know that not only has he hidden being gay in the past, but he still has not told his dad.  He's very scared.

Matt's fiance says that he looks like that Matt that she met the first time. It was difficult not being with him on what was supposed to be there wedding day, but this is worth it in the long run.

They sit and have dinner with Bob and thank him for everything he's done for them. Holley says that she tries hard not to give Bob a big head. haha.

Bob is a little worried that his team has been distracted with their family.

Then he pulls Bobby aside to talk to him. He knows that Bobby still hasn't told his dad. His dad comes from a strict Catholic background and Bobby always felt like something was wrong with himself.

Bob tells him that he is gay. He's never discussed his sexuality on the show. He knows the repression that Bobby feels. He came out at 17 and the support wasn't always there. But, coming out doesn't mean you are weak and it's the biggest step he will ever take. Bobby is still scared. He doesn't want to disappoint his dad. He's the eldest and the only son.  He is very moved by Bob's coming out on TV for him.

Red Team

I heart David. I think America is in love with this man. Thanksgiving is around his 1st wife's birthday. So every year he and his girls write love notes to her and tie them to balloons. Then they release the balloon.  He writes and tells her that he's finally keeping his promise to her. He is 8 pounds away from 100 lbs.

Weigh In

Ali asks Bob is he is concerned about his team? Were they distracted?  Yes.

The Red Team goes first.

David started at 317 lbs and now weighs 306 lbs for a total of 11 lbs.
Jennifer started at 220 lbs and now weighs 211 lbs for a total of 9 lbs.
Tanya started at 220 lbs and now weighs 216 lbs for a total of 4 lbs.
   She is not happy.
Rachel started at 195 lbs and now weighs 183 lbs for a total of 12 lbs.
   She feels very happy.
Ruben started at 401 lbs and now weighs 394 lbs for a total of 7 lbs.
   His goal was to get in to the 300's...he hasn't been there in 3 years.
Total: 43 lbs 3.18%

The White Team is next. They need to lose more than 21 lbs.

Marie started at 207 lbs and now weighs 203 lbs for a total of 4 lbs.
Jay started at 226 lbs and now weighs 219 lbs for a total of 7 lbs.
   It's getting harder as he's getting smaller
Tumi started at 256 lbs and now weighs 250 lbs for a total of 6 lbs.
Total: 17 2.47%

The Blue Team is last. They need to lose more than 34 lbs.

Matt started at 290 lbs and now weighs 281 lbs for a total of 8 lbs.
Chelsea started at 197 lbs and now weighs 191 lbs for a total of 6 lbs.
Hap started at 340 lbs and now weighs 334 lbs for a total of 6 lbs.
Bobby started at 293 lbs and now weighs 284 lbs for a total of 9 lbs.
Holley started at 291 lbs and now weighs 288 lbs for a total of 3 lbs.
  She looks so pretty.

It was upsetting. Holley is going home. Normally she loves to be the anchor, but she was nervous.  She was stunned. She ran every day and she hates to run.

Bob is sooooo sorry. His heart is broken.

Holley tells him "I've lost so much weight. I'm happy. I came as an Olympian and I've seen everyone change." She then tells Bob that she would have never gotten this far without him. He tells her that she's brought him joy every day. She has lost 63 lbs and realized that she can be healthy and fit and still be competitive. Bob is sad sitting on the step. :-(

Then Ali breaks the news. She is not the only one going home this week. Everyone assumes that it's a double elimination...but we don't know what's going on yet.

The previews for next week are that there is a spin of the wheel and only one person's weight will count for each team. So my guess is that one person from each team is going home for the week. And they alone are responsible for their team...cue the dramatic music!

Have a Blessed Night

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you! Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week. The journey is so much easier if you have support.

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