Monday, November 18, 2013

That's right I took time off to go Christmas Shopping on Friday

Happy Monday Bleeps,

Well once again it was a busy weekend, but I tried to get some me time in. Yeah!

I took a half day on Friday and met Cousin Kim and Miss Cassidy (da baby!) at Bahama Breeze for lunch. I had pre-selected my meal from the website menu. I had chosen a beautiful salad: Grilled Chicken with Tropical Fruit over mixed greens. I didn't look through the menu when I got there. I knew I would change my mind for something more dangerous.

Cousin Kim had ordered the corn cakes to start with. They came with a pineapple salsa. I had them when I went with Former Work Husband Phil for his goodbye dinner so I knew they were good. You get 5 small patties and we split them.

I ordered a soda with my salad for the burp factor and when my salad came I was not disappointed. It was delicious. I felt happy and satisfied when I was done. Well except for the goat cheese. I forgot to ask them not to include it and it's just impossible to avoid. I am not a fan.

When lunch was over we headed to the mall to do some Christmas shopping. For the record, I brought a bottle of water to make sure I stayed hydrated. I drink plenty before I left work, but you can't have too much.The first store we went in was William Sonoma. It's not a store I usually go in and I forgot that they have cooking demonstrations there. It smelled heavenly!

I was on a mission, but I can't tell you what it was for as it is a gift, but I was on sensory overload. I could smell the food and I could see it. I really REALLY wanted to get the butternut squash sauce, but it was way out of my price range. And then there was a whole display of peppermint bark...only my MOST FAVORITE holiday treat. I was very happy to pay for my present and get out.

The next stop was another kitchen store. This one was all gadgets though.  I saw a bunch of things I wanted for myself. Why does that happen with Christmas Shopping? I end up finding more things for me than other people. On my list: a new tea pot, wooden salad bowl, avocado scooper, and Wonder Woman Apron :-)

After a couple more stores we passed by Bath and Bodyworks. It's my go to for gifts. Can't go wrong. I wasn't planning on going there though because I can do that anytime. EXCEPT they had the holiday scents back. Twisted Peppermint!  It is my favorite favorite maybe you missed that Favorite. I stock up when I can. It's soothing for me and really really great for my feet. I picked up some for gifts and one for me.

We visited another store and then decided since it was getting late we would walk across to the other mall. We wanted Starbucks though. The line was out the door. What?  Wait a minute!  Holiday drink time!  Between 2-5 all holiday drinks were buy one get one free. It was 4:45. We had a baby and a stroller. It was a crowded store. Don't care. We want our tall skinny Peppermint mochas!

It was a strange experience.  You know how crowds can be. But, oddly it was perfect harmony. It was as if everyone was so happy to have the holiday drinks back we all worked together to make it a pleasant experience. Strangers were helping us guide the stroller. Lots of smiling and talking with everyone. It was like a Holiday commercial. Of course, it was way early in the Holiday season. I don't expect to have that experience again closer to Christmas.

We were starving so we split a dijon pretzel. Those brownies and cookies looked so good, but frankly they wouldn't fill me up. I at least had a shot with a pretzel. Of course they are tiny to begin with, but splitting it is just a tease. I was still hungry.

We walked across the street and found ourselves in Macy's. Cousin Kim had been on a Boot mission.  We were actually on our way to DSW so that she could look for boots and I could look as sneakers, but it was like a boot wonderland in Macy's.  It was hard for me to sit and not try things on, but someone had to hold the baby. haha. Gladly!

Shortly after it was time for them to get on the road so we said goodbye. Then I went back in. I went to check out sneakers. It had been a bust so far. Lady Foot Locker let me down. No Reebok. However, I did find a shirt that I really really want. Out of my price range though...unless I skip a few Christmas presents.  DSW didn't have any either. Doh. I did find a light pair of New Balance in the clearance section. I was almost ready to get them, but then I found a pair of light Brooks. Everyone loves Brooks. For the most part the ones I have tried were too heavy for me. These were crazy light. And they felt good in the arch support. So I got em!

I made my stop at Teavana for some more tea. I actually got more of the pumpkin spice brulee not the white chocolate peppermint.  Then I looked at time and flipped out. It was way later than I had hoped and this mall didn't have any healthy options for food. So I decided to head out and hit Panera.

I wanted the squash soup, but I was also planning on a distance run the next day so I needed some carbs. I got a small mac'n'cheese and the half ham & swiss sandwich. I said no to the cookies.

I had also stopped for new earphones. I love the ones I have, but I broke them on Wednesday and wanted to cry. I taped them and they held for my workout on Thursday, but I needed new ones. 

By the time I got home it was after 10. Doh. I wanted to go to bed early so that I could get up early and go to the park. Now I just wanted to sleep in. Did I get my Me Time? Stay tuned tomorrow to see what happened...

Today's Tip: When buying sneakers, buy them the time of day you will use them. If you exercise in the morning, then buy them in the morning. If you exercise at night, then buy them at night. Your feet change throughout the day. Buy them closest to the time you will use them.

Have a Blessed Night

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you! Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week. The journey is so much easier if you have support.

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