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The Biggest Loser Season 15: Episode 3

The Biggest Loser Season 15: Episode 3

We begin the episode with an update on Fernanda. I feel so bad that we didn't really get to know her in the first couple of episodes. I heart her.

When she got to the Ranch she weighed 250 lbs and today she weighs 195 lbs. She was fit and confident in high school, but then she started to gain the weight. She let her fear of what other people thought of her paralyze her.

When they put on the shirts with their weights on at the Ranch she was no longer hiding behind 250.

Today she is no longer hiding her body from her husband. They go out on dates dancing. She is starting to love herself again.

Fernanda's goal for the finale: 130 lbs. I hope she does it because she is just so sweet.


Week 3 begins with Bob sitting and talking to Matt. Matt was supposed to get married that week and put off his wedding to come to the Ranch. It broke my heart. He said that he was marrying the person that he loves, but that he couldn't be the "best me for her".   In a way he feels selfish that he is at the Ranch and not home getting married. If he doesn't make it past Week 3 then he feels like he will have failed.

Bob assured him that he is at the Ranch for all of the right reasons.


 So everyone walks into the gym only to discover that there is no equipment in there. Allison is at the front and announces that there will be an Auction. Each team will be given $500 and must bid on the equipment which will only come out once.

oooh....ahhh....Interesting twist...I like it!  It's a good way to see which teams know what their trainers like and what is the best way to lose the weight.

The first item: All of the Kettlebells and Weights. There was a bidding war between the Blue Team and the Red Team. The Blue Team won for $100.

The next item: All of the treadmills. The White Team was Salivating. Jillian loves treadmills.  Red put the first bid in. Followed by Blue. And then White. The Blue team almost bid again, but realized that they can do it outside. So White won for $250.

The Blue Team won the jump ropes and rowing machines.

The boxing equipment was next. Red REALLY wanted this. They bid first. Then Blue. Then Red again. They won it for $100.

Now comes the Mystery box. White has nothing to lose so they go all in. They only have treadmills and really need some weights. The bidding war starts and everyone is in. White wins it for $180. What is it?  Baking equipment...what? Bags of flour and sugar. Well technically you can lift them. But wait! There's more...they get a Trade voucher. They can trade the flour and sugar for any other item. They take the Boxing equipment...the only thing that the Red team has.

The last item is the medicine balls. Red buys it as they are the only team with any money left at this time.


When the trainers find out about this twist they aren't exactly happy.  Dolvett makes the best of it and says they don't need equipment.

*The Red team are working out with giant tires too...I don't remember them on Auction so there must have been some things that we didn't see.

Bob wants to sink his teeth into Matt.

Jillian is focused on not losing another weigh in. "I've been too nice. I have to crack the whip."  My favorite of her comments was "I don't want to hear I can't. If you want to make me mad say I can't."

Bob wants Hap to give Holley a piggyback and carry her across the gym. Holley is very cautious of this. And then Bob yells "Jump on him!"  Too funny. I feel her though. When you are heavy it's very hard to think of someone lifting you and feeling confident in them. But, she gives in and Hap carries her.


Let me just say that I LOVE that Jay wears his cowboy hat during his workouts. LOVE it!


One of the no-equipment exercises was doing push-ups with people on their back.


Dolvett says that he's not getting 100% from Tanya. There are a lot of dramatics. So he pulls her aside and tells her that he needs some fire out of her.

Tanya tells him that her daughter was born 11 lbs 6 oz. She is at risk for childhood diabetes and it's her fault. Tanya's mother was a drug addict and she's seeing the same cycle.  She's doing things that aren't right as a mother.

Back when she was younger her mother would hit her in the face if someone complimented her. Dolvett asks if she is angry?  She says she's still pissed at her entire family. They left her with her mom even when she told them and begged them. No one saved her.

Dolvett tells her that the only way to let go is to forgive them.  He asks her to write 2 letters: one to her mom and one to her family. He wants her to find a place for forgiveness.

Tanya says that it takes forgiveness to change and she is trying to change. She sits and writes her letters.


Bob says that the contestants have been busting their butts for 3 weeks. They are physically and mentally beat. So they are getting a video chat with their family for motivation.

David is missing his oldest daughter move into college.

Matt tells his fiance that his spirit has been broken. He feels like he left so much of himself at home. She tells him that everything is okay and that she'll be there for him when he gets home.

Craig's wife shares with him the news that they are expecting another girl.


Final Weigh In...37 minutes in

The Blue Team is up first.

Matt started at 325 lbs and now weighs 319 lbs for a total of 6 lbs. 
     Bob did not see him slacking at all this week.
Hap started at 373 lbs and now weighs 368 lbs for a total of 5 lbs.
     Bob says that is not a good sign.
Chelsea started at 223 lbs and now weighs 220 lbs for a total of 3 lbs.
     Bob asks what is going on.
Holley started at 325 lbs and now weighs 319 lbs for a total of 6 lbs.
Bobby started at 328 lbs and now weighs 321 lbs for a total of 7 lbs.

The White Team is next. They need to lose more than 19 lbs.
Craig started at 361 lbs and now weighs 357 lbs for a total of 4 lbs.
Marie started at 235 lbs and now weighs 229 lbs for a total of 6 lbs.
Tumi started at 297 lbs and now weighs 287 lbs for a total of 10 lbs.
Jay I missed it.

The Red Team is last and needs to lose more than 25 lbs.
Jennifer started at 246 lbs and now weighs 242 lbs for a total of 4 lbs.
Rachel started at 231 lbs and now weighs 224 lbs for a total of 7 lbs.
David started at 360 lbs and now weighs 356 lbs for a total of 6 lbs.
     Dolvett anticipated more.
Ruben started at 431 lbs and now weighs 428 lbs for a total of 3 lbs.
     Ruben thinks Dolvett is upset with him. Dolvett tells him that he is disappointed in the number, 
     not him.
Tanya started at 242 lbs and now weighs 242 lbs for a total of 0 lbs.
     She tells Dolvett that wrote 3 letters. She also wrote one to herself forgiving herself.
     Tanya is upset with her number, but Ruben tells her that she worked hard and they are proud to be
     on her team.

Dolvett uses the Trainer Save. He says that she sounds like she really wants to be there so she's going to be.

After a lifetime of waiting for someone to Save her someone finally did. Her life has come full circle.

Awwww...LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Have a Blessed Night.

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