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The Biggest Loser: Season 15 Episode 5

Welcome to the Biggest Loser Ranch Season 15 Episode 5

Okay, so let's just note that at the end of last week's episode they did not say that we would see Ruben's update at the beginning of this week's episode...Peculiar.

Everyone is noticeably upset when they are sitting around the house after the Weigh In.   The house will not be the same.  Craig expresses his thanks for all of the help that Ruben gave him.  Rachel says that having Ruben go was devastating. He was the light on their team and they will have to be strong without him.

Dolvett says that the Red team needs inspiration. So he brings in a group of ladies. They are the Beat Cancer Bootcamp. These ladies have either beat cancer or are currently battling it. "If they can do it, so can you."  The idea is that they will get stronger physically to get stronger mentally.

David starts to get emotional. He is seeing his first wife's face. He was with her for years during her struggle. "I am inspired to workout with these ladies."

Jennifer commented on being surrounded by these strong women "If they're not going to give up, then I'm not either."

Tanya reflected that these women are going through chemo and working out. She'll never complain about a workout again.

Nutrition Challenge

Sam Kass, the Senior Policy Advisor on Nutrition Policy in the White House, is there. He stresses the importance of Balance in your diet. is a great reference source.

The Challenge is a cooking challenge. Most people are not only cooking for themselves, but also for their kids. Welcome back Sunny, Biingo, and Lindsay. They will help judge.

Jennifer is excited to see the kids. Her daughter is overweight. These kids took what they learned from the trainers and are paying it forward with their families. That's what she wants to do with her family

So what is the challenge? The teams have 30 minutes to cook a meal for kids. They will be judged on taste, creativity, and nutrition. The winning team will win a year's worth of groceries.

Hap I super excited. "It's not all about the Ranch. It's about what happens at home."

The Blue team wants to make a quesadilla. The White team wants to make a chicken quesadilla with kale chips and fruit.  The Red team wants to make tapas around the world.

Holley knows that Biingo still does not like vegetables. Her strategy is to chop the veggies up very finely so that he doesn't even taste them.

The Red team's Tapas is only 380 calories. The kids seam to like it, but Biingo doesn't like the sweet potato chips. Sunny does.

The White team made a Ranch Living Quesadilla.

The Blue team added a side of fresh fruit with honey to their Backyard BBQ quesadilla.

All three were healthy and tasty, but only one made Biingo go back for seconds...the Blue team.  He ate his vegetables and wanted more!

Tip - Biingo
Biingo's tip for parents who have kids that don't like vegetables is to take them grocery shopping and let them pick out the fruits and vegetables. They will be more likely to eat it.

After the challenge Jennifer sits and talks with Biingo and his mom. She mentions that she has seen the changes in her daughter when she tries on clothes. Biingo's mom tells her that is not easy. That the first few months are going to be tough. Biingo says that the most important thing is to get the junk out of the house. His mom says that "Parents are the gatekeepers. If we don't bring it in to the house, they aren't going to get it."

Back on the Ranch

Jillian has the White team in the pool. She has them run a lap in it then get out and do squats. She has them kicking against the wall. And then she tells them to freestyle to the end and back.

Craig says no. He can't swim. So Jillian jumps in with him. Craig: "Jillian is very big on WHY are you here?" Eventually he swims the length of the pool. He has conquered a fear.

The Red team is down a man. Tanya is sick and in bed. She is unable to workout.

The Blue team can't says Bob Harper sporting one amazing moustache *LUVS IT*. He tells his team that they need to be focusing on the finale. Chelsea says that it's amazing what 5 weeks can do to your body. Bob says that she's the girl to watch. And I concur!

Dolvett has the Red team boxing.  There is a fire in Rachel. She LOVES boxing.

Challenge America

Season 14 At Home Winner Lisa was only on the Ranch for 5 weeks. She and her family stress the importance of good hydration. The key to a healthy lifestyle begins with drinking water...and lots of it!

Side note, I LOVE following Lisa on Instagram. She's awesome.

Back in the Gym

Tanya forces herself out of bed. No matter how horrible she feels, she doesn't want to be the reason that her team loses. She kept thinking of the Bootcamp ladies and didn't give up.

Weigh In

Before the weigh in begins, Allison announces that last week Jillian broke the rules. She gave the White team caffeine supplements that were not approved by the show physicians first. That means that last week's weigh in is invalid. The Blue team still has immunity and the Red team will get Ruben back. *That explains the beginning!* Oh, and the White team will be penalized 4 lbs.

Allison asks Jillian if she has anything to say and she says that she stands by her decision. It is a better option than pumping yourself full of coffee. Her only regret is that her team suffers.

The hour is almost up and they FLY through the Blue team. I almost missed writing down everything.

Bobby started at 317 lbs and now weighs 298 lbs for a total of 19 lbs.
Holley started at 315 lbs and now weighs 296 lbs for a total of 19 lbs.
Hap started at 363 lbs and now weighs 348 lbs for a total of 15 lbs.
Chelsea started at 215 lbs and now weighs 202 lbs for a total of 13 lbs.
Matt started at 315 lbs and now weighs 294 lbs for a total of 21 lbs.

The White Team is next.
Craig started at 350 lbs and now weighs 336 lbs for a total of 14 lbs.
Marie started at 225 lbs and now weighs 213 lbs for a total of 12 lbs.
Jay started at 244 lbs and now weighs 231 lbs for a total of 13 lbs.
Tumi started at 280 lbs and now weighs 267 lbs for a total of 13 lbs.
They lost 52 lbs but add 4 and they lost 48 lbs for a total of 4.37%

The Red team needs to lose more than 45 lbs.
David started at 347 lbs and now weighs 334 lbs for a total of 13 lbs.
    He has lost 75 lbs on the Ranch
Jennifer started at 236 lbs and now weighs 224 lbs for a total of 12 lbs.
Tanya started at 239 lbs and now weighs 224 lbs for a total of 15 lbs.
   She was due for a big week!
Rachel started at 216 lbs and now weighs 198 lbs for a total of 18 lbs.
   She is the Biggest Loser of the Week AND she is in ONEderland!
They lost a total of 58 lbs for a total of 5.59%

The White team lost and Craig is going home. He tells them not to feel bad about it. It's just the beginning for him. He has lost 49 lbs since arriving on the Ranch. That Save bought him 4 extra weeks. When he goes home he wants to visit his father's grave and thank him.

We do get the blurb that we will get to see how Craig is doing today at the beginning of next week's episode.

Okay, I will admit that I love Ruben. I didn't watch American Idol, but on the Ranch I adore him. Am I happy that he's coming back? Yes. Do I think this was rigged? I'm not going to answer that. What I will say is this: While it is a Weight Loss competition, it is also a TV Show. Ruben is a marketing dream. Already I have seen the commercials that he will be back. Not just Ruben, but Ruben Stoddard. He's a big name. I have seen some contestants on the show for the wrong reasons. I have a good feeling about this season's contestants and would hate to think that the game got manipulated for ratings.

Today's Tip: Keep a separate pair of sneakers for workouts. Don't wear the sneakers you wear daily to workout in. It will make them last longer

Have a Blessed Night.

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  1. Water is very good for weight loss. And juice fast and green coffee is also very effective for weight loss.

    Kopi Luwak

  2. Ruben is the velvet teddy bear! Of course they didn't want him to go home. I haven't really been watching but I read your recaps and was sad to read that he left. May tune in now to see him through.