Saturday, May 25, 2013

Not handling stress well

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

Tomorrow I will be heading up to NYC to go see Annie. YEAH!  I'm heading up with cousin Kim (Happy Birthday Kim!) and Aunt Sue. I'm very excited. I need a good distraction.

While I have signed up to share my life, my friends and family haven't. I hope you won't mind that I am not going to share what is going on in order to respect their privacy. So I am just going to say that it's been a stressful month and things are only going to get worse for a while. I hate to see people that I love hurt.

My range of emotions this past month have hit anger, hurt, sadness, and worry to name a few.  It's hard enough to deal with it, but the reaction my body is having is not good. One minute I have no appetite and the next minute I am grabbing a kit kat at the check out counter. The leftover birthday cake that I put in the freezer...well...I've been hitting it. Although in doing so it has kept me in check from binging on additional food.

There have been some angry runs, but my heel was sore after last weekend so I tried to hold it to walking this week. I did run for 30 last night and then walked an incline for an hour. I followed it up with a massage before I left the gym. I was feeling good. And then I stopped at the store to pick up some bread and vegetables. I was doing so well...but the kit kat got me. It was the king size that caught my eye, but I was wise enough not to get that. I just got the single size. Confession: I ate it in the car on my way home.

So add that to my normal stress and I'm a bundle of joy right now. I was feeling pretty good about passing a quiz this week. I was feeling like I was back on track. And then I met up with a friend who is a trainer. She is hard core and I love talking to her. And then she told me that she failed the Ace exam her first try. So not what I wanted to hear. Hello Stress.

Today was supposed to be a study day, but I was too distracted. I'm mad. I did need the day to take care of some housekeeping though. I feel like I haven't been home to get things done in ages and well I'm busy for the next few weeks. So today sort of became a recharge day. I am going to study in the car tomorrow. And I still have Monday when we get back.  The good news is that I did get some sleep this morning, I gave myself a much needed pedicure (looks professional too!), and I washed my sheets and bedspread...ahhh.  I also lifted some weights while I was watching a movie.

So while I was procrastinating writing this post I came across this. OMG my favorite video of the week...and a much needed laugh and smile. Fresh Prince...:

I am packed for tomorrow and I'm ready to turn in. I'm not taking my laptop with me so I will tell you all bout our NYC adventures on Monday.

Have a Blessed Night.

I signed up with Run for Autism again :-)

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