Saturday, May 4, 2013

Boot Camp, CPR, and Soccer

Hello Beautiful People,

Well it's been a little while since I caught up with you. I need to make this quick though because I need to get a little studying in before bed.

So Thursday night we had Boot Camp. It was a little hot.  We offered two different groups: beginners and more advanced. This was my idea. Since we have such a range of people participating I didn't want some to think it's too hard and others to think it's too easy.  I opted to stay with the beginners. I asked if I should participate or facilitate?  Alex told me to go ahead and participate and keep an eye on everyone...that's not real easy when we are laying on our backs doing core work. haha.

So during our second circuit we were alternating push ups and short sprints reversing direction halfway through. Now I have to say that in the back of my head I had been thinking as I was watching the Advanced group "Maybe I belong with the beginniners. What if I can't keep up with the Advanced. What kind of trainer would that make me?"  I don't think I need to worry about that anymore. Pretty sure I could move over.

My push ups were still good. Some in our group could barely do a couple. And for the sprints I was never out of breath. I was good with them

I will miss next week's class because I have birthday dinner plans, but I will be back in two weeks. We talked after class and there are some people that attended that are not used to working out. Hopefully they will come back and if they do I will be with them one on one. I will provide support and instruction. So cross your fingers.

I was feeling good after class. I was sweaty because it was hot, but I wasn't tired or anything. And then Friday my knee made it's presence known. All of that pivoting was NOT good. It was swollen and by the time that I got to the gym I could barely walk on it. It was a light night with a massage. My pivoting days are over :-(

Today was a great day. I would have liked to have slept in a little, but alas, that was not in the cards. I was meeting Bibble early at Starbucks and then we were off for our CPR Certification.  We lucked out. Her former instructor now teaches CPR full time so we got a private class. I'm so good with that. It's easier for me to pay attention and ask questions.

Let me just say that I know that there are going to be physical challenges with clients when I am a trainer. Especially since my ultimate goal is to specialize in weight loss for the obese. Those clients will be at a higher risk for heart problems.  This just really hit me. It scares me to think that I might ever need to use CPR on a client, but it's possible. Most people I talk to say they have only ever had to provide ban aids or ice. They have never faced this situation. I hope that's the case for me too, but I'm glad to know that I'm well prepared if it should arise. I'm also really happy because they changed the order since I was last certified. It's good to keep up on these things.

We had a little time after our class before I needed to meet my friends for the soccer game. Bibble and I decided to go grab lunch at Panera. On the drive over there I had this horrible vision of someone choking or going into cardiac arrest and we would be forced to use what we just learned.

Good news: no one needed us.

After lunch I went to meet up with Former Work Husband Phil and his fiance Jen. They were taking me to my first Philadelphia Union soccer game for my birthday. Now, the Union colors are blue and gold. I however dressed in red pants with a black t-shirt with margaritas all over it (for Cinco de Mayo early). I dressed with the idea that I needed to be comfortable and the outfit needed to transition from morning to afternoon to evening and fit all temperatures...but I stuck out. So we went to look at shirts. If they had one I liked for a descent price I would get it.

I liked a white shirt, but remembered that I was wearing a pink bra and well, that's not the family friendly look I was going for. And then I found a long sleeve navy blue shirt that I liked. The price wasn't bad so I grabbed one. I took a large because it was 100% pre shrunk cotton and most sports team shirts run small for ladies. I changed and I actually could have gotten a medium:-)  I still like it though.

So we were walking around and I was glancing at the food were reasonable...shirts were was not so reasonable. Argh. I don't even want to tell you what I got...but I will. A pint of mint chocolate chip. Bah! It was hot and I didn't want a pretzel. I had not had the water that I needed and I did not want any more salt. It was good, but I immediately regretted it. I finished it in about 10 minutes. The flashbacks to the pints of Chunky Monkey that the Former Fat girl would put away...well they came back in droves. Argh.

The game was great and so much fun, but I was still hot as I sat baking in the sun. So at half time I went to use the ladies room and buy a bottle of water. That was my only complaint about the game. The line was long. The second half started while I was still in line...and then two goals were scored. Dang it. I missed them!  Luckily I saw them on the TV.

It was a good day. I wanted to study. I really did. I had every intention, but I didn't have time between my events and tonight I have been sitting here typing with leg cramps and I can barely focus on writing this. Argh. I needed a good day off with some fun today. And as I have been reminded all day the CPR class counts as studying.

I have a 5K in the morning and then it's study all day....if it kills me.

Have a Blessed Night my friends.

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