Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Random Wednesday: Bagels, Cookie Dough Cake, and Pity Party

Happy Random Wednesday Bleeps!

I heart my little nephew. He ain't so little any more though. I joke around when I forward pictures of him and say "look at my little linebacker nephew". He's a little on the big side for his age. My brother says that if we are buying him onesie type clothing to go up a size he's quite long (he obviously doesn't take after Aunt Jennie). If we are buying separates it's a little different.

Every time I get a picture I immediately say "Look at those chubby little legs. I just want to nibble them!" What? Why do we say that? I can't help it. Then I feel guilty for calling his legs chubby, but they are so stinkin cute. When the heck do chubby baby legs stop being cute?


So today was breakfast club day. Next week was supposed to be my week. I had been thinking about a "build your own yogurt parfait bar". And then last night as I was in bed in my PJs I got a text from Ms. Liz who wasn't feeling well. She asked if we could swap weeks. Crap.  I'll do it though.

So I got up a little earlier. I had originally thought of stopping at Dunkin Donuts for bagels, but the parking lot was full and I decided to get closer to work before stopping...and hopefully get ahead of the traffic. So then I would go to Wegman's and still get the yogurt parfait stuff. But, I changed my mind when I got there. I am not familiar with the grocery part of the store and I didn't want to be too late. Besides I would want to wash and cut up the fruit and I did not have the time for that. So I got bagels. But, I did get several multigrain bagels and that's what I had.


Before I headed to the gym last night I had a plan in place: if gym crush babe was on the elliptical I would get on one by him otherwise I would just read on the treadmill and take it light since I had run the night before.  I was gung ho and noticed his van when I parked my car (it doesn't make me a stalker!)  I walked into the locker room and there were these two young early 20 something girls, with tight little butts and abs, changing. I felt ginormous next to them. It totally deflated me.

Gym Crush Babe was on the ellptical, but I was so bummed from the locker room that I got on the treadmill and read.

Good news!  My Tiffany and Co. necklace is ready for pick up!  YEAH!  I got the email during lunch today. If they had only sent the email 10 minutes earlier I would have run to pick it up during my lunch hour. I considered going to get it after work tonight, but then I would be late for the gym. So I will just pick it up after bootcamp tomorrow.


Yesterday I was hot when I came in from my lunch time workout. I practically begged Ms. Liz to go to Starbucks for a Frappacino. I'm not sure why, but I pulled up the Starbucks website. Holla!  My Frappacino Happy Hour is coming back Friday! YEAH!

So we went to the menu and pulled up some frappacinos and started messing around with them. We compared the calories with non-fat vs. 2%  and with or without whip cream.

The result: my tall non-fat chai latte frappacino with no whip was 140 calories.

YEAH!  Sure it's not as creamy, but it'll do.


On Saturday I did 5 miles around the neighborhood. I was feeling good. A little hot, but good...and then on mile 3 it happened...Mr. Softee started driving around...BAH!  That's my new training program. Have the Ice Cream truck drive in front of me. That outta improve my speed.


Today I was asked if it was okay if someone made me a cake for my birthday. Um...YES IT IS!  And then she sent me links to some amazing cakes...are you ready for it? A cookie dough cake!  Oh yeah...Cake with no-bake cookie dough frosting and cookie decorations...uh...YES PLEASE...I can't even imagine the calories...


Today I had a pity party for one. I got a little cranky, sad, and anxious. I don't know if it was because it's the first day of May and I've been really really hoping that May would not arrive...birthday stress.

It could be that work has been stressful.

It could be that I really do hate my haircut...and it's been 30 days now...I'm not going to like it. It's too short...I can't put it up and it get sooooo sweaty since I can't put it up during workouts...and when it falls flat I look like a boy with boobs.

Whatever the reason, I had a bad afternoon...argh


I am so ready to freshen up my playlist. Luckily I got my monthly email just in time:

Here's the full list, according to votes placed at Run Hundred--the web's most popular workout music blog.

Ash - Arcadia - 151 BPM

Krewella - Alive - 128 BPM
The Band Perry - Done - 102 BPM
Daft Punk & Pharrell - Get Lucky - 116 BPM
Alex Gaudino & Mario - Beautiful - 128 BPM
Jonas Brothers - Pom Poms - 148 BPM
Will.I.Am & Justin Bieber - #thatPOWER - 129 BPM
Avril Lavigne - Here's to Never Growing Up - 83 BPM
Paramore - Still into You - 137 BPM
Carly Rae Jepsen - Tonight I'm Getting over You - 126 BPM

To find more workout songs, folks can check out the free database at Visitors can browse the song selections there by genre, tempo, and era—to find the music that best fits with their particular workout routine.


Have a Blessed Night my friends.

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