Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Birthday Weekend - Part 2

Happy Tuesday Bleeps.

I know you are all on the edge of your seat wanting to know how the rest of Birthday weekend went. I won't make you wait longer.

Birthday Weekend - Part 2

Sunday morning came mighty quick. And frankly, it wasn't a great night of sleep for me. I haven't had a night like that in a while. I just kept waking up. I would fall right back asleep, but I lost count of how many times I woke up.

I was the first one up and got in the shower. Then it was time to get ready. We had purchased matching white and pink shirts at Reebok the day before "Big or Small Save them All". Love them!  I had that paired with my spandex running shorts, new hot pink running knee socks, and hot pink tutu.

Let's talk spandex. Before I put the tutu on I was loving how I looked from the front with the shirt and shorts. I looked thin!  When I turned to the side I was not as happy :-(  I quickly threw on the tutu.

I got everyone up and ready. I wanted to take some pictures before we left. Ms. Jen was not going to be joining us. She needed to get home and Ms. Danielle wasn't feeling well so she stayed behind to sleep. So after pix Heather, Ms. Tina, and myself got on the road. It was cold and misty. OH fun!  I was wearing a white t-shirt...this is going to be fun.

I wanted us to leave early because I anticipated a lot of people And I was not wrong. I am VERY glad we picked up our packets the day before. The parking lot was MOBBED.  It was a sea of pink. And it was wonderful. Pink Shirts. Pink Socks. Pink Sneakers. Pink Hats. Pink boas. Pink Leis. Pink Balloons. YEAH!

I loved our shirts. Mine was a medium and it fit nicely. But, I had those spandex shorts on. Add that with the sports bra pushing the fat down and I was not super thrilled with how it made the fat bunch up, but I got over it. I still looked cute.

First stop: bathroom. The first one we passed had a huge line. So I took us to the one further away. No line and then when we got out we realized we were close to the start line so BONUS.  We took a few more pictures and then got in line ready to go. Right in front of us were some cool Yoda shirts. Heather is a huge Star Wars fan and she loved it. Throughout the race I saw dozens of them. hmm....

So when it started it was a mob of people. Some were easy to move around and some not so much. At one point I almost ran into a parked car trying to pass. Oops. Then we were moving on to the trail...past the mud.  DOH. Pink and brown are not pretty.

The race itself was good. Ironically I got hot QUICK. The trail is covered in trees and while that may cool you off if you are walking, there was no air and it was like a sauna. By the time I came out at the other end I was drenched...and it wasn't even quite half way yet.

Part of the course took us on a section that we do for the Half Marathon so that was pretty cool. I felt good there. And then it was back on another trail back to the outlets. My pace was great for the first two miles. I was on pace for a new personal best. But then in the trail when I got hot again I was suddenly thinking that the Skinny Margaritas the night before were not such a great idea. I pulled over 3 times thinking I was going to throw up. I didn't, but that was not fun.  I was hot. I was drenched from sweat. And I was extremely nauseous. Then on the last .1 miles we came out of the trail and that cool air made me feel so good that I sprinted to the finish line.

I was a little past my personal best. I kind of knew the day before that this wasn't going to be one of my better runs, but I don't care. It was for a good cause and I felt good for most of it.

Immediately after I needed to find my peeps and hit the food tables. I needed water. I found my peeps and then after checking out the table with the registrations for future races we moved over to the food tent. GIMME!

Within minutes my body temp started to cool and it was gross. I was soaking wet and getting chilly.  We started to walk to the ladies room and car when we spotted some tables with goodies. Good thing we also went for our wallets because we found those Star Wars shirts. YEAH!  A group had them made and had a bunch of extras so they were selling them for donations. Yes please! I also picked up some water bottles...because quite frankly, I cannot have enough.

We had a little time before the outlets opened so we decided to run to Starbucks while we waited. I would most definitely need some caffeine later. So I got my tall skinny caramel macchiato.

I was at the door when Reebok opened. I loved my pink socks so much that I brought back the other socks that I bought to exchange for more. I didn't want to buy two sets if I didn't like them, but I did. So I found some that will match my Run for Autism shirt. YEAH! I also stopped at J Crew for a skirt that I had found the day before...my rule was: If I am still thinking about it then I can get it tomorrow. Well I was. So I did. :-)

Then it was time to go home. I got a shower and had some lunch before we got on the road. Dad had made some Friday Spaghetti so we had that for lunch and then I got to bring the leftovers home. YEAH!  Thank you Daddy!  I also brought the rest of the cake home. 

I forgot to mention that on our way home on Saturday, we stopped to pick up some Fisher's Caramel Popcorn. I call it Candy Crack. It IS that good. It's hard for me to say no to it. Quite frankly it's a miracle that it made it the 5 mile ride home. So Sunday we divided it among ourselves. I got a zip loc and put some in it for Ms. Tina. She was so excited. I packed mine in the trunk. She did not...Ummm...her bag didn't make it home. And that's why I have my rule about putting treats in the trunk. haha.

Have a Blessed Night.

I signed up with Run for Autism again :-)


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