Friday, December 2, 2011

Have my first 5K in the morning

 Happy Friday!

So last night was the big Italian dinner. It was a tough night.  We had a couple hours to kill between work and the dinner.  So we went to the mall.  Got a little shopping in, but oh man we smelled some food and we were HUNGRY.  It took everything we had not to stop and get some food.

We did go to Starbucks and got a peppermint hot chocolate.  Really wanted something to eat there, but I could not justify getting some sweets if I was going to be having a nice dinner.  So I settled for the hot chocolate. 

Reservations were for 7pm.  This made me nervous. You know that we aren't going to eat right away.  I don't like to eat after 8pm.  Ideally I eat between 6-7.  You need 4 hours for your food to digest before you go to sleep.  I've been in this habit for about 5 years and it's really tough when it's tested.

The first thing to come out was the bread and dipping oil.  YES PLEASE.  I needed something in my stomach so bad.  While I was shoving bread into my mouth they brought out the appetizers. There were anti-pasta platters and bruschetta platters.  From the anti-pasta I took some grilled zucchini, mozzarella, and yeah a little salami.  I tried to stay good with the bruschetta, but I was hungry!

I had scoped out the menu ahead of time and was pretty sure I was going to get the Pollo Ai Ferri - charred *chicken breast, rosemary, garlic*.  First I asked what that came with.  With my luck it would come with a side of pasta.  Not quite, it came with a side of veggies and a small side of mashed potatoes.   Sold!

I have to say that when the mounds of food came out on everyone's plate, mine was pretty much the only truly healthy choice for nutrition and portion.  Those servings were ginormous.  And you know that someone sitting close to me got the eggplant parm.  Oh yeah, I literally sat there with my head in my hands gazing longingly at his plate...there may have been a little drool, I'm not sure.

I was happy with my choice.  The bad news though was that my snacking on appetizers early made me feel way too full. I needed to burp and I needed to burp something fierce.  I had one glass of diet soda and several glasses of water.  Eventually I burped and felt better.

When they came out with trays of desserts I literally covered my eyes.  I passed and did not have any.  Go me!

So tomorrow is a big day.  I have my first 5K.  I'm going to walk in the Reindeer run (got my Reindeer ears for the occasion).  So I really need to get to bed soon (but I got an iphone tonight and that's kept me occupied for hours...and now the Nascar Awards are on and my Tony Stewart is looking F-I-N-E!  CALL ME!). As a reward, I am going to see the Muppet movie with a bunch of friends in the afternoon :-)  And then I have a 10 mile walk planned for Sunday.

And in case you are keeping track...the Half Marathon is in 8 days!  And yesterday I learned that my family Christmas party is in two weeks.  I got a lot happening and I'm starting to panic.  I have to put my tree up, finish my shopping (a week early), and get my cards out (they are usually done by now).  My life is different this year and walking has taken priority.  I do not have any regrets.  I just have to sit down and plan out a schedule.  I also have lots of posts that I have running through my head and I want to get them out for you.  It's a fun and rough time of year.  Just know that we are all in this together.

Have a wonderful weekend. I'll be back tomorrow :-)

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