Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Biggest Loser - Finale

Well it's the Biggest Loser happy to see everyone and so sad that it's over.  The good news is that the next season starts January 3...YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay,  so things were a little different this year.  Usually all of the at-home players weigh in for the At-Home prize.  This time they weighed them before the show. Only the top 3 would weigh in.  They broke them out into groups of 4.  One person in each group would make the top 3.  They looked so good. 

Mr. Johnny comes out and he looks great.  He's lost almost 100 lbs. Ms. Becky looked fantastic in her red sassy dress.  Ms. Jessica came out in a slammin blue dress.  She had a good story about how before people would always say she had "such a pretty face" and what the implications were.  Now people ask her what sport she plays because she obviously works out.  On a side note, I got a note from cousin Randy that she totally looks like me.  hahaha.  I'll take that.  And out comes Vinny.  Boy is smokin!  He looks awesome.  He has done very well at home.  It's kind of no surprise that he made the final 3.

Next up is Courtney in her gold dress.  Then Bonnie who looks great.  Sunny is slammin skinny and then Patrick comes out.  It comes down to the two of them and the difference is less than 1%.  Would have loved it to be Sunny, but alas Patrick is in the final 3.

The last group is Debbie, Jennifer, Koala Joe, and Coach Mike.  They look good.  But, it's obvious that it's between Jennifer and Koala Joe.  My favorite part is the video montage of Jennifer's crush on Bob.  Seriously, can you blame her?  He even came out and gave her flowers.  Loved it.  Honestly, I thought Koala Joe had it, but Jennifer pulled it out.

So then it was time for the weigh in.  I don't remember the order so I'll cut to the chase...Jennifer got it!  YEAH GIRL!  What I loved best about that is that if you remember her, she was the one on crutches with the bad knee.  She did most of her workouts in the pool.  Sister kicked butt.

And now it's time for the final 3.  These guys looked amazing.  Ramon was first.  He looks great.  His parents were in the front row.  His dad has lost 85lbs and his mom is about to go to the Biggest Loser Ranch for two weeks.  Paying it forward is what it's all about.  Next is Antone.  LOVE HIM.  Now here's confession time...I fell asleep.  I know I know...I was flipping out.  I woke up when the news came on.  I happened to see the winner on Live With Kelly this morning...John.  Good for him.  Man lost 220lbs.

I liked what he had to say today.  Don't look at it like "I need to lose 10lbs in this amount of time".  Look at it as "I will start with this meal and make the right decisions".  It's such a healthy way to look at it.  It's so right too.  One meal at a time.  Congratulations John!

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