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The Biggest Loser Season 15: Episode 13 Makeover Week

The Biggest Loser Season 15 Episode 13

We made it to Makeover Week! HOLLA!

 We begin the episode with a little tease. We see all of the contestants in limos all dressed up. Okay, so we just see their legs and feet.

Tanya is finally looking forward.

Jennifer says that her shining moment is extending outward.

Chelsea feels like she has conquered the world.

Marie has a new found confidence and feels like this is a coming out party.

David says this is his second chance to have he dream life. Before he left for the Ranch his middle daughter told him that she had a dream. In that dream he was the healthiest and happiest he has ever been.

Rachel says that this second chance will transform her. She is saying good-bye to the old girl and hello to the new Can Do Anything Girl.

12 Hours Earlier....

The Makeover team has arrived: Tim Gunn and Ken Paves.

Tim says that being a part of Makeover week is an hour. It's giving life and love a second chance.

Ken tells them that when you kind of resemble your former self that's you see so he asks them to please be open to his transformations. This hit me. Is this how I will feel while I'm growing my hair out again for locks of love? Maybe I should cut it short again. I don't need any set backs.

After the makeovers, friends and family will be joining them on the Ranch.

Tim tells us that he never wants to make anyone his dress up doll. This is a collaboration. He has a rack of clothes and asks what draws their attention.

Tanya is looking at the clothes and immediately says that they won't fit. She jokes "Where is the rack in the back?"

Tanya puts on the shirt black leather skirt and gold sweater. She looks beautiful and she knows it. "I feel amazing. I look amazing. I look beautiful." Aww Tim chimes in "Ravishing!".  Next she comes out in a panel blue and black dress and declares that she can now "shop off of the rack".  It's the first time that she can focus on herself. Tim asks her how that makes her feel. Her response "I'm worth it." This brought tears to my eyes.

Next up is Bobby.  He tells Tim that he's a lawyer so he has to have a serious side too.  Tim asks him how he wears suits. Bobby tells him that he calls the process "Hulking" because he busts at the seams. One day his pant seat broke right before he was due in court. He used paper clips to hold it together.

Tim doesn't put him in a suit. He puts him in a jacket over a sweater. Bobby feels shell shocked. He feels freer. He has closed the book on the 'Old Bobby'. Tim gets chocked up "Coming out it nothing to take lightly." He says that Bobby has tremendous confidence and is a Home run.

It's Rachel's turn next. She tells Tim about a black sparkly dress that she used to have. She wore it to a German prom. She had moved to Germany and it was a happy time. And then it spiraled out of control. Tim has a similar sparkly black dress for her to wear. And just as she is about to reveal herself they cut to a commercial.


How does Jay look today? Amazing!

When he started at the Biggest Loser Ranch he weighted 297 lbs. Today he weighs 185 lbs.

When he was at his heaviest he had sleep apnea. He no longer has it. He has that now he can be a role model for his kids.

When he gained the weight he felt the absence of horses in his life. He had been roping horses for 20 years. It was his passion.   Since returning from the Ranch he has started roping again. He was moving so fast on the horse that his hat fell off. haha. We finally got to see the top of his head!

Jay feels better than he has in 25 years and hopes to compete again after the finale.


Rachel comes out. She cries when she sees herself in the mirror. It's been a 6 year journey.  She looks stunning.

Next up it's Marie's turn.  This is Marie's second chance to be a mom. Tim asks her what she used to wear. She tells him "anything comfortable: cardigans and loose jeans". Tim says that she was trapped in baggy denim and voluminous cardigans. He dresses her in a stunning form fitting orange dress. She tells him that her husband has never seen her this size.

Chelsea girl is up now.  She has always been an admirer of pairing cowgirl boots with short dresses, but she could never pull it off. Tim has her come out in a short green skirt, tight white shirt, denim jacket, and boots. She looks Awesome! I'm absolutely copying this look. She never wanted to look in the mirror before, and now she can't stop.

Tim tells us that he has to hold his emotions . The contestants are so dumbstruck when they see themselves that they can't reconcile themselves with the person they see in the mirror.

Chelsea tells us that her 10 year high school reunion is coming up. She wants to look stunning.

It's Jennifer's turn and she tells us that before she would never walk in to a boutique like that. They would not have her size. She came to the Ranch as a size 22/24. The first thing Tim puts her in is a leopard print top and short black skirt. Vavavoom! She tells us that it never crossed her mind that the words "myself and sexy" would be a combination.

David is excited. This is a gateway to the new David. He steps out in a blue sweater and jeans. He is "half the man I was in proportion, but twice the man I was in every other way. "

Tim says that he has been included in many Biggest Loser seasons, but he has never seen so many contestants who look this great at this juncture. The aura that they radiate is stunning.

Now that they have seen their new bodies in new clothes it's time to get some hair cuts!  Tim sends them over to Ken.  They haven't taken care of their hair in 13 weeks.

Ken lets Tanya makes the 1st cut. Chelsea gets bangs! LOVE THEM!  Jennifer tells him that she totally trusts him and he can do whatever he wants to her hair. She wants to shock her family so much that they won't know who she is.  Rachel feels like a movie star with this treatment. Bobby says that right now no one is thinking about elimination.

David started growing the beard a year ago.  He had decided that he would not shave it until he lost 100 lbs or made it to Makeover week. It's time for him to "come out from behind the mask." and he shaves it off.

Marie says she has no control. Ken Paves has all of the control. Ken asks her what she loves and she replies "my smile". He wants to give her bright hair and a short cut. He wants to force her to see herself. This is terrifying for Marie. She is afraid of chopping it off. Her mother cut her hair very short when she was a child and she was teased. She is afraid it will be traumatic. Ken tells her to be brave. She isn't defined by her hair. This will be more symbolic. She struggles with this. She had always envisioned her "thin self" with longer hair, not short.


The limos escort them back to the Ranch one at a time. Ali is there to greet them and bring out their families.

Rachel is the first one to arrive. She is wearing a short orange/red dress. It's a size 6! She's also rocking some feisty gold heels. Her hair is curly and brown. It's a little shorter, but I didn't think it was that drastic. Just purtied up.

Her parents arrive and after hugging them she tells them that she has made so much progress. She has seen the little changes and that "confident girl is back. I'm not hiding anymore."

Ali greets Bobby next. This second chance represents freedom for him. He is wearing a leather jacket with a tie and jeans. His journey is different. He already got to go home. Soon his dad, mom, and I assume one of his sisters arrive. His dad is so proud of him. He has always worried about his health. Bobby says that before coming to the Ranch he didn't see much of a future. He does now.

Our lovely Jennifer arrives next. Gone are her long blonde locks. Instead she now has shoulder length brown hair. She is wearing a stunning green wrap dress. Her husband and daughters arrive and they are speechless. That is exactly the reaction she was looking for. She asks her daughters if they have ever seen her this small? They say no. One of her daughters has a sit down interview and proudly announces that her mom could be a finalist.

Marie is very nervous. Hers is one of the more drastic makeovers. "I don't even know it's me".  She has short platinum blonde hair. Love it!  Her dress is a sheer black lace. She feels like a million bucks and she's shaking. Ali almost didn't recognize her, nor did her husband.

Lovely Chelsea struts up in a short hot pink dress. She is working her new bangs and has extensions.  She is surprised to see her brother greet her. He has been working in South Korea for two years.

Tanya struts her stuff in a red dress and a shoulder length bob. She looks Stunning! Ali tells her that the best part of this transformation is her smile. "I don't know where I would be if I didn't come here." And then she declares music to my ears "I am in love with myself.". Her kids arrive and she says that because of sacrificing these 13 weeks she now gets to spend 40-50 years with them.

And now for David. Holy cow. I knew he would look different, but I had no idea. Ali didn't even recognize him. He arrives in a jacket over a sweater with short hair and a clean shaven face. Ali is misty eyed. And then his wife and daughters arrive and it's a giant hug fest. One of them asks "where did the beard go?"  Before they leave, David asks his daughter "That dream you had, did it look like this?" She says yes. His youngest daughter keeps looking at him. He promises her that it's Daddy. She says she knows.

Everyone gathers on the patio for food and visiting. David's family hands him a card. In ti are things that they can't wait to do with the new David. There are hot air balloons, sky diving, and horses. He says he'll save the sky diving until last. haha.

Tanya's daughter tells her that she looks her age. He son says they can't go anywhere together because people will think they are dating. She laughs and laughs. And so do I. Sweet. 

Marie tells her husband that she can't even tell him how different she feels. This journey is for both of them. She is so cute and declares that they will be the hottest couple in Springfield, MO.

Chelsea tells her brother that she has done some soul searching. In the past she put her dad first. She played the role of the parent while he drank. Now she's Number 1!

Rachel's parents are divorced so she is happy to see them come together for her journey. She tells her dad about the previous week meeting Apolo Ohno. She tells him that she told Apolo that he used to be a speed skater. She hopes she never disappoints them. Her father says they could never be disappointed.

Jennifer asks her daughter if she has been working on the stuff that Dolvett gave her. She has. She then gets said and tells them that she never taught them how to eat right. But, that will change when she gets home.

Ali toasts everyone to their Second Chances.


Back in the Gym

Bob declares that they have a new crop of people. He can't believe how much younger David looks.

It's time for the Last Chance Workout!

Bobby has a goal to get under 250 lbs.

Bob says the worst part of Makeover week is the weight loss. It's more days away from the gym. And it's interesting timing considering they traveled to Park City, UT last week too.

Jennifer tells Dolvett that her daughter has lost 16 lbs and is gaining confidence.  Tanya is aware that she is the last one standing who was given a save. She thinks about that every day and doesn't want Dolvett to regret it.

Jillian pulls Chelsea aside. She knows that she is in the gym in the middle of the night. Jillian wants to know more about her. Chelsea tells her that when she was 12 her dad had a nervous breakdown and started drinking. She had guilt that she couldn't fix him.


America's Challenge

Drink more water America!  Brita has teamed with Eva Longoria. She designed a Drink Up water bottle for them that has a filter in it. No Excuses.


Weigh In Time

Whoever survives this week will compete in the Triathlon. And this week there are Two spots below the Red line. There are no more second chances.

Bob says that it's a crap shoot when routines are shaken up. They are notorious for low numbers.

Bobby started the week at 254 lbs and now weighs 248 lbs for a total of 6 lbs. 2.36%
   He sounds stuffy and that made me nervous...being sick can be a problem.
   He has lost 110 lbs and he med his goal to get below 250 lbs!
Tanya started the week at 198 lbs and now weighs 194 lbs for a total of 4 lbs. 2.04%
   She has lost 70 lbs.
Chelsea started the week at 168 lbs and now weighs 164 lbs for a total of 4 lbs. 2.38%
   Bob says she went from an "I want to go all of the way" to "I AM going all of the way!"
   She has lost 77 lbs.
Rachel started the week at 155 lbs and now weighs 151 lbs for a total of 4 lbs. 2.58%
   Dolvett says she looks like a new woman. She is a fighter.
   She has lost 109 lbs.
Marie started the week at 178 lbs and now weighs 175 lbs for a total of 3 lbs. 1.69%
   She has lost 74 lbs.
Jennifer started the week at 189 lbs and now weighs 185 lbs for a total of 4 lbs. 2.12%
   She has lost 81 lbs.
   Marie is eliminated.
David started the week at 266 lbs and now weighs 259 lbs for a total of 7 lbs. 2.63%
   He has lost 150 lbs.
   Tanya is eliminiated

Tanya wants to thank each and everyone. She came to the Ranch with a crush on Dolvett and now she genuinely loves him. She says that when she came to the Ranch she was a woman struggling to find her way. She is ready to take on any challenge and loves herself unconditionally.   She says that at the Finale Dolvett will be crushing on her.

Marie says that the journey has been amazing and that she has found the woman that she wants to be.  she says that this is more than just weight loss. She is a strong confidant woman now. She's going to miss all of the amazing people that believed in her and can't wait to start a family.

Next week is the Triathlon...and 2 people will fall below the yellow line. We will have our final 3!

Have a Blessed Night

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