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The Biggest Loser - Season 15 Episode 11

Welcome Back Biggest Loser! 

Well we took a break over the holidays and were welcomed back with a BANG last week.  The episode started with a dramatic recap of the season by the Trainers. It was a little too dramatic for my taste, but I'll live.  I get it. It's a push for the new watchers and for those making New Year's Resolutions.

And then the contestants talked about their journeys. I had tears during Tanya and Jay's talks.  It has been quite a ride. My favorite though was when Rachel said "It's in the struggles that you get the Triumphs." Amen!

There is One month left before the Finale (and the Olympics begin) so let's get started.

At the last Weigh In both Matt and Hap were eliminated. But in The Biggest Loser fashion, there was a twist. Everyone is back and one of the eliminated players will be back on the Ranch.  Afterall, this is the season of Second Chances.

And for those who have watched many seasons you will remember that Ali went home and came back to win it all. *Dramatic music* They didn't mention that, it's just my little factoid for ya.

The contestant with the highest % of weight loss since the beginning of the show will be back.

Matt lost 26.12%
Hap lost 21.59% - He is going home.

Ruben says that he has made workouts part of his schedule.
   When he started he weighed 462 lbs. He needs to have lost 120 lbs. He weighs in at 377 lbs. He has
    lost 85 lbs for a total of 18.40%. He is going home.
Fernanda started at 250 lbs. She needs to have lost more than 65 lbs. She weighs 208 lbs. She has lost
   42 lbs for a total of 16.80%. She is going home.
Holley is lifting again. LOVED seeing her.
   When she started she weighed 351 lbs. She needs to have lost more than 91 lbs. She weighs in at
    277 lbs. She has lost 74 lbs for a total of 21.26%  She is going home.
Craig looks awesome. Everyone keeps mentioning that.
   When he started he weighed 385 lbs. He needs to have lost more than 100 lbs. He weighs in at
    307 lbs. He has lost 78 lbs for a total of 20.26%. He is going home.
It's down to Bobby vs. Matt.
Bobby really wants to finish on the Ranch. His burden is lifted and he's ready.
   When he started he weighed 358 lbs. He needs to have lost more than 93 lbs. He weighs in at
    267 lbs. He has lost 97 lbs for a total of 27.09%. He is Back on the Ranch!

Matt is okay. He said he gets to give the best version of himself to his fiance.

Ali tells Bobby about the Triatholon (the winner automatically earns a spot in the finale). He's not thrilled because he can't swim.

And now for the bigger news: This week there is a Yellow line!  Two people will fall below and they will vote who gets eliminated *Dramatic Music*

When the Trainers walk into the house they see Bobby. Bob says it is a welcome surprise. When Bobby left Bob just kept thinking "he's not ready to leave yet." When everyone heads to the gym Bob stays back with Bobby. Bobby tells him that he came out to his dad and how supportive he is.

Rachel talks about the old Rachel (her Former Fat Girl). She said that now it's not about pushing her aside. It's about realizing how she got there and forgiving her. So true.

I loved Dolvett yelling "This ain't for every body. Just your body!" I'm totally using that.

Dolvett asks Tumi how much she has lost. 94 lbs. He asks has she ever lost that much before? No. 30lbs here and there, but then always gaining it back.  She's so sweet. She got engaged at 300 lbs. She and her fiance met in their 30's and he always says "I wish we met when we were younger. We would have more time together." She says that now they will have that time. LOVE IT!

Tanya is working out with Jillian. Jill says that she starts strong, but then sabotages. She has her run at a 10.0 so that she can see her potential. She tells her that her problems are in her last moments. She is afraid to embrace her potential. I saw a lot of the Former Fat Girl in that conversation.


How is Hap today? Well when he started on the Ranch he weighed 403 lbs. Today he weighs 270 lbs. When he left the Ranch he had to go straight to work. His work includes travel so he brings a portable grill with him. He grills chicken, fish, and Veggies. I follow him on Instagram and I had seen pictures of his grill in the hotel room...love it!

He is still close to Matt and they talk regularly.

He stresses that you can workout anywhere. If he can do it while he travels, so can you.

His goal for the finale is to have lost over 150 lbs.


Bob sits and talks with David. He says that we hear all about his wife who passed away, but Bob wants to know about his current wife.

She is David's best friend and they met on a blind date. She is the perfect gift for him and his family.   He says that he needs to talk to her and tell her what he has realized on this journey. She inspires him to be a better man and he wants to say Thank you.


Challenge Time

This challenge is on a monster hill at the beach. It is all sand and all uphill.

The winner will get $25,000 worth of gym equipment .  Um where do I sign up for this???  Jay says that he's already got a spot in his house picked out for it.

Okay so the hill is filled with kettlebells. At the top of the hill is a stand for each contestant with 10 branches. Whoever fills the branches first wins. There is also 1 Gold Kettlebell worth 5. The loser earns a 1 lb disadvantage.

Jay's strategy was good. Run to the top and fill the branches with the kettlebells closest to the top.

He easily wins followed by Rachel, Marie (who found the Gold), and Chelsea.

Jay wants to jump up and down and celebrate, but he's too tired.

Tanya is in last place. She is battling Bobby. She's exhausted, but refuses to give up. She does come in last, but is proud of herself for completing it. And so am I. Remember, all of the kettlebells closer to the top had been used. She had to climb more to get back up with the kettlebells. That had to SUCK.

So not only did Jay win, but included in that gym equipment is a hydro massage bed. SOOOOO Jealous!


Back on the Ranch, David gets to video chat with his wife. He tells her that he's come so far emotionally. He never grieved. He held back and didn't like his physical state. He tells her that they have had good times, but he hasn't been his best. It could have been better. She loves him unconditionally and he truly appreciates that.

When all of the contestants are sitting around outside they get a visitor. Abby from season 8 comes to see them. Abby's story was so heartbreaking when she came to the Ranch. Her husband and two small children died in a car accident almost 7 years ago. She spent 3 years in a haze before coming to the Ranch. She wanted to live again. And she has found joy in her life. She has remarried and is very happy.


Dolvett takes them to a race track.  He shows them the Finish Line...a nice metaphor...and the next thing we know a Sprint Cup Car is racing around the track towards them. It's Carl Edwards in the 99 car sponsored by Subway. LOVE Carl Edwards!

Jennifer says the sound of the car just makes your heart throb...Yes, YES it does!

David is excited because Carl Edwards is his favorite driver.

Carl tells them that he's there for two reasons. That is to have fun and be inspired. He takes them on a workout that he does at the tracks. They run the track and then up the steps in the stadium. They finish with side steps through the bleachers. Then they are rewarded with Subway salads. Not bad.

I enjoyed it. Too bad it wasn't several seasons ago when Tony Stewart was sponsored by Subway...Hey Tony Stewart, Call me!

Back at the Ranch

Rachel gets a package from her mom.  In it is a pair of jeans that she has carried around with her for 6 years. They are a size 8. When she came to the Ranch she was a size 20. She tried them on and they fit. *I cried tears of joy for her*

Her response: "This makes it so real." Back when she wore these jeans the first time around she was at her most confident.

Marie and Jillian sit down for a talk. Marie wants to know what her place is in the house. She asked Jillian if she thought she wanted to win or just lose enough to go home and start a family. Jillian said she thought she was a B. That's what Marie thought too, but now she's thinking that she could win it.  She wants to go balls out and go for it. She must read my blog. hahaha.

Jillian says she's going to regret telling her that. hahaha. Look out Marie!


Last Chance Workout

Bobby says that he has been treating this week like it's a red line. Just stay above!
Tumi is still one of the biggest 3. She thinks she needs an 8 to be safe.
Jay says it just gets tougher and tougher every week.


Catching up with Matt

When Matt came to the Ranch he weighed 356 lbs. Today he weighs 240 lbs. He and hsi fiance have a new wedding date. They are getting married in May. We join him at a fitting and he has gone from a size 60 jacket size to a size 48.


Weigh In

Tanya started at 201 lbs and now weighs 198 lbs for a total of 3 lbs. Plus her 1 lb disadvantage. She's not thrilled with her numbers, but looking at the positives. She is in Onederland! This is a goodbye ceremony to the 200's. 1.99%

Bobby started at 261 lbs and now weighs 254 lbs for a total of  7 lbs  -2.68%
David started at 282 lbs and now weighs 270 lbs for a total of 12 lbs - 4.26%  He is safe.
Chelsea started at 177 lbs and now weighs 171 lbs for a total of 6 lbs - 3.39%  She is safe.
Rachel started at 167 lbs and now weighs 161 lbs for a total of 6 lbs - 3.59%  She is safe.
  She is also 7 lbs from 100 lbs!
  Jillian says that she had worked with Tara, Dani, Ali, Hannah & Olivia and Rachel smokes them all.
Jennifer started at 195 lbs and now weighs 189 lbs for a total of 6 lbs - 3.07%  She is safe.
Jay started at 196 lbs and now weighs 192 lbs for a total of 4 lbs - 2.04% He is not safe.
   Bobby is Safe.
   Jillian says that he's lighter than Bob.
Marie started at 187 lbs and now weighs 183 lbs for a total of 4 lbs - 2.14%  She is safe.
Tumi started at 225 lbs and now weighs 221 lbs for a total of 4 lbs - 1.78%  She is not safe.

It's time to vote: Tanya or Tumi

Bobby says he has to decide between voting with his heart or his brain.
Marie says she has to decide between her allegience and the end game.

After the Vote Ali asks who they voted for. 4 votes will send you home.

Bobby: He voted for the person who is ready to go home. He voted for Tumi.
David: He is closer to one person. He voted for Tumi.
Jay: He voted for his best chance in the finale. He voted for Tumi.
Marie: She is thinking of the end game. She voted for Tumi.

Tumi is going home. She said that she is leaving with so much in front of her. She never thought of having children before because she was afraid that she would die and leave them alone. Now she's thinking of starting a family.

We didn't really get to know her too much this season. It was only the last couple of episodes that they have focused on her. I LOVE her. I am pulling for her for that at home prize. I have hidden my allegience as I pretty much like everyone, but Tumi, if you are listening, I TOTALLY HAVE YOUR BACK!  YOU GOT THIS GIRL!

Next week: They go to the US Olympic training site in Park City, Utah.

*I couldn't help, but see Tanya's face when everyone was saying they were voting for Tumi because she is the bigger threat. I saw relief that she was still there, but I also saw a little pain. I hope she sees just how strong she is and becomes the threat that she can be.

Have a Blessed Night

Pledges for the Polar Plunge for Delaware Special Olympics can be made here:

AND I have signed up for Run for Autism again :-)


****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you! Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week. The journey is so much easier if you have support.


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