Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Random Wednesday: Struggles and Motivation...and French Toast

Happy Random Wednesday,

So a little note on yesterday's post. I get cranky at night. I leave the house before sunrise and I don't get home until almost 8pm every night. I spend almost 3 hours a day commuting. That has really taken it's toll on me. It's almost over. Just a couple more months. So I'm sure that when I make my big move everything will change. Hopefully. I would like to think that I will be okay with my running, but if things don't ease up a bit I am not sure that will happen. So here's hoping that we get to switch it up.   I don't love that I'm blogging at 9pm every night. I liked it better when it was done by 9pm. Then I could still do something relaxing before bed. I'm not giving up the blog though. It's too therapeutic and motivating for me.

I'm very excited about tomorrow. I have the day off. Holla!  But, more importantly I took it off because one of my best buddies from college is coming to town for a wedding. So I am picking her up at the hotel and we are going to play tourist in the City of Brotherly Love.

While I can't wait to catch up with her, the best part is that she is not on social media with me. She doesn't know what I look like now. I cannot wait for her to see me :-)  I'm so much smaller than she will she has only known me with a perm! haha. that's right, I sported perms for years...I miss them. I would give anything for a day of curly hair right now.

We don't quite know what we are doing tomorrow. I'm hoping to take her to the Reading Terminal Market and get some of my Pennsylvania Dutch French Toast...but if she needs to experience an authentic Philly Cheesesteak I am more than willing to comply.


I think I figured out why I struggle with my hair right now. For the most part it's long, but there are still some layers in the front that are chin length. I'm telling you that chick Chopped my hair in March. I think that once I can get that a little longer I will feel better about growing it out.


I have been getting Polar Plunge tweets and an alarming rate. haha. It's still on!  It also snowed there last night.  The webcam for it is pretty beautiful. So the good news is that while temps feel like they are below zero, the water temperature is a balmy 41 degrees. Say what!  With temps like that everyone will be leaping into the water.


I do enjoy my 'non-workout' days...I like the rest and I like that I get to wear my fancy underwear. There are just some pretty pairs that I can't wear while running or I will give myself a wedgie and that ain't pretty.


Ms. Tracey and I walked at the mall today. As cold as it was, neither one of us wanted to stay inside. Because of the puddles, salt, and slush neither of us switched to sneakers. We just wore our boots. They weren't the best choice. We were sliding a little with each step. I guess it's time for a new pair since the tread is going on the bottom.

At the end of our walk we stopped in Teavana. I got some more White Chocolate Peppermint tea and I got a fun Strawberry one. I think it'll make a great iced tea, but it should also make a nice hot tea. The fun and weird thing is that it has actual popped popcorn in it...strange, but ok.


Tonight at the gym I struggled. I struggled getting out of my car to go in. This cold just makes me want to go home, get under a blanket, and relax. I forced myself to go inside though. I know once I'm in I'm fine.

There are nights though that I seriously struggle. Either I'm extremely tired or extremely preoccupied. On those nights it's very hard for me to focus. If I get to that point then I know I have to cut it short for the night or I risk injuring myself. If I can't focus and pay attention that's not good. It's important for me to distinguish those nights from the night's that I just need the proper motivation. I'm so very proud that I've gotten that far that I can tell the difference.


I was supposed to watch The Biggest Loser online tonight to prep for tomorrow's post, but I'm too beat to devote 2 hours to it tonight. I'll have to do it tomorrow....or this weekend. So no one tell me what happened please :-)

And on that note I shall call it a night.

Have a Blessed Night.

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