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The Biggest Loser: Season 15 Episode 12

The Biggest Loser: Season 15 Episode 12 recap

The Biggest Losers are going to Park City, UT where the Olympians train! LUCKIES!

It was cute. We got to see them boarding the plane with Rachel behind the camera narrating. They realized how easy it was to walk through the aisle in their new bodies. They were no longer bumping into the people in the seats. Jennifer mentioned that when she was on the plane to come to the Biggest Loser she needed a seatbelt extender. Not anymore!

When they arrived in Park City Dolvett was there. He introduced them to a friend of his...Apolo Ohno. Not a bad friend to have. Chelsea said all of the girls had their mouths open. Yummy.

Apolo shared his own Second Chances. When he was 14 he was a World Champion. When he was 15 he came in last. His father sat and talked with him. Focus. What do you want? He gave himself a Second chance and became the most decorated American Winter Olympian.

Apolo takes them inside to workout. Speed skaters have amazing legs so they spend some time on bikes. And then Dolvett tells them to do 100 burpees. Tanya doesn't believe him. Rachel is a beast and the first to finish. Apolo tells her that he sees a mental light on in her.

They also do some sprinting. David is explosive. When Apolo asks about his previous experiences David discloses that he was a high school football player

Dolvett has them all sit down and close their eyes. He wants them to reflect and remember their first days at the Ranch. He reminds them not do say 'No'. He wants them to remember that first time on the scale when they saw the weight coming off. Remember how scared they were to get on the scale. It's only been 12 weeks. Imagine what their life will be in 12 years. He reminds them that going home isn't going to be easy, but not to doubt themselves.

The schedule away from the Ranch is different. They aren't in the regular gym and they are eating out more. Bobby says that it is like a transition back to reality. He's already been home and he's nervous. They are all nervous.

My girl Rachel planned ahead. She prepared food back at the Ranch and brought it with her in a cooler. She brought cooked chicken and vegetables. And that is why, regardless of whether or not she wins the Biggest Loser title, she will win in real life. Jennifer comments that when you are very hungry in a place that you aren't used to you tend to make bad choices. Yeah ya do. Rachel says that it's a trigger.


And then it's my favorite part of the episode. I am a Curling junkie! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Curling. Can't explain it, but I do. Ali introduces the US Women's Curling team. Tanya isn't sure what curling is. Biceps? Hair? Cheese?

Their Second Chance story is that they finished in 6th place during an Olympic qualifying round. In order to qualify for Olympic trials they needed to place 1st during the next round. And they did.

So now there was a Curling Challenge.   There would be 2 heats. Each heat had 4 people. They needed to push 100 lb stones on the ice and have them land in the red circle for a point. The first 2 people in each heat to get 3 points move on to the final round. The first person in the second round to get 3 points wins $5000.

Tanya wants to win because she will need all new clothes. Jay says cowboys and ice don't mix. He doesn't want to win. He doesn't want to become a target.

During the first heat Rachel and Bobby move on . Chelsea and David move on from the second heat.

In the winner's round Chelsea starts off strong. She has 2. Bobby has 1. David has 1. Rachel has 0. And then Rachel gets 1. Bobby has 2. And Rachel comes from behind and knocks another of hers in with her stone. She wins.

Rachel says that previously she would have shied away, but now she's so much more confidant.


Bob takes them outside. He hates when they travel on the Ranch. Traveling and weight loss are rough. It sucks. Someone always ends up with a Plus on the scale.

Bob wants them to be competitive. He designs a competitive program for them: zig zag sprints, 100 thrusters, 100 kettlebell swings, medicine balls, and carrying each other during sprints. They need to work together and Marie has a hard time jumping up on Bobby's back. She yells at him to get on her back and she carries him. Bobby laughs after and says he has never been so attracted to a woman. haha. I have to say that Marie hasn't been one of my favorites this season, but I adored her for this. It is exactly what I would have done. You go girl!

Afterwards, Chelsea says that she wants to be a threat, but not a target.

Bob lets everyone go, but he wants Bobby to stay behind and talk to him. He says that he can be his own worst enemy.  He says he is not ready to go home yet. Bobby admits that the stress of this week had him binge eating before he left the Ranch. I felt so bad. I could identify with this. I am a stress binge eater. It's the most horrible feeling. I really hope he doesn't go home this week.


After his talk with Bobby, Bob went grocery shopping. He decided to give them all a Breakfast cooking lesson. You should have a lean protein with every meal so he makes fritatas with Jennie-O sausage and bacon. They can be frozen and made in any size muffin pan.


Dolvett wants to talk to Rachel. He wants to talk to her about her relationship with her dad. When Rachel gave up swimming she hit a rough patch with her dad. And then within 6 months her parents divorced. She was so angry that she turned to food. It has been a struggle. But, her dad has been writing to her at the Ranch and they are mending their relationship.


It took forever, but they finally showed us how Tumi is doing today...and she looks AMAZING!  When she started at the Ranch she weighed 319 lbs. Today she weighs 188 lbs.

She gets a warm welcome at home and she is pleased to see her sister there who she hasn't seen in over a year. They even go wedding dress shopping (looking FANTASTIC!). No matter how things turn out with The Biggest Loser "This day is a Victory to me". I love her. I love her. I LOVE her!


It's time for another Challenge.  This one takes place by the Bobsled track. Two lady bobsledders are introduced. Marie says their bodies are likes temples.

Lolo Jones is getting her second Olympic chance. There were high hopes for her in Track during the 2012 Summer Olympics, but she failed. She is getting her second chance with the Bobsled team.

The winner of the challenge will get a 1 lb advantage at the weigh in. The challenge: Run up the track. It is 1 mile up a 400 ft incline at a 7400 ft elevation.  They were to line up by % of weight loss to date.

Jay passes Rachel and the two of them battle for the lead. Jennifer and Marie struggle with the effects of the altitude on their lungs.

At the halfway point Rachel passes Jay. He started to struggle with his breathing. Rachel easily wins. She is followed by Jay, Marie, and Chelsea. Marie realizes that her Best is good enough. She didn't win, but she still accomplished it.

Not only does Rachel win the 1 lb advantage, but she also wins the fast way down the track...she gets to ride with a bobsled team (OMG can you say jealous???? I would LOVE that!).


Challenge America

Becky from Season 12 stunned everyone at the Finale. She is working with Teaching Gardens and they plant gardens with students at school. The students get to see where healthy food from the start and get invested


In a video diary Bobby fears that he is at risk of going home. He is struggling trying to adapt outside of the Ranch this week.


Jillian has them at the Center of Excellence. It's where the skiiers and snowboarders train. She notices Jennifer struggling with the box jump like she did before. So she pulls her aside to talk to her. She tells her that she has to let go. She asks what Jennifer is afraid of. Jennifer is afraid that she is not good enough. She's not a good enough mom, wife, daughter, etc. Jillian lets her know that she thinks Jennifer is pretty awesome.

That seems to be the encouragement that she needed. She Nails the jump!


It's time for the Weigh In...and it's dramatic. It's outside in the dark at the base of the Nordic Ski Jump...and it appears to be a little cold.

Rachel goes first. She started at 161 lbs and now weighs 155 lbs for a total of 6 lbs plus her 1 lb advantage. She has lost 4.35%.
   Rachel, the Beast, has lost 105 lbs in 12 weeks.
Jennifer started at 189 lbs and now weighs 189 lbs. She did not lose any weight this week.
   She has felt different all week and her body was having a negative reaction to the altitude (my
   prediction is that if she makes it through this week she will see good things on the scale next week)
David started at 270 lbs and now weighs 266 lbs for a total of 4 lbs. 1.48%
Marie started at 183 lbs and now weighs 178 lbs for a total of 5 lbs. 2.73%
Chelsea started at 171 lbs and now weighs 168 lbs for a total of 3 lbs. 1.75%
Tanya started at 198 lbs and now weighs 196 lbs for a total of 2 lbs. 1.01%
Jay started at 192 lbs and now weighs 193 lbs for a gain of 1 lb. +0.52%
Bobby started at 254 lbs and now weighs 256 lbs for a gain of 2 lbs. +0.79%
    Bob says there is a fighter in Bobby.

Jay and Bobby fall below the Yellow line. Allison asks them each to state their case before the vote.

Jay says that he is honored to know everyone. It's a game and it's not easy. He has had 1 goal and that is to make it to makeover week.

Bobby says that he loves everyone. They are his family, but he knows it is a game. Strategically Jay is in 2nd place so it makes more sense to send him home. Bobby still has a lot to lose.

I gotta say, I was proud of Bobby for fighting to stay. His was a smart case.

Ali says she will ask them all for their vote. They need 4 votes to go home. In the event of a tie, the person with the lowest percentage will go home. That is Bobby.

Tanya says that Jay is amazing and that Bobby has had some challenges. That concerns her. So she votes for Jay.

Jennifer votes for Jay.

Rachel struggles with emotional eating so she feels for Bobby. She votes for Jay.

Marie cries. She has been with Jay since day 1. He has no quit in him. So she votes for Bobby (which is interesting because she voted the opposite way last week...just sayin)

David is torn. He has related to Bobby this week and sees that he still needs to be there. He hopes that if others see he still needs to be there they will keep him. He votes for Jay.

Jay is going home. He's okay. He knows that it's not fun thing there voting. It's a game though and he still loves them. He is 8 lbs from his goal and has lost 104 lbs. He says that he would have voted off whoever gave him the best chance so he doesn't blame them.  He then says that Jillian was the key to his success. He has a whole new life ahead of him.

Next week (which is really tonight) is MAKEOVER WEEK!

Have a Blessed Night.

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