Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Part 2 - Christmas Eve at Disney World!

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

When we left off from the last post we had just arrived in Florida...ahh...warm sunny Florida...what I wouldn't give to be there right now. Side note, the girl that used to LOVE the snow and cold weather because it was a good excuse to layer up and cover up the fat, now HATES it. I WANT WARM!!!

Monday morning was a joy. I couldn't wait to wake up and see my nephew. Silly little boy tried to sleep in. So I got ready and waited for him. I hadn't seen him since June, but it only took a minute for him to warm up to Aunt Jennie. YEAH!

We got to play for a little while before my brother was taking him to a company party to see Santa. I had to work in the afternoon and logged on a little early so that I could cut out early the next day for Disney.

I set up in the living room because it was the brightest room in the house. If I could have worked from outside I would have. I made sure to drink lots of water so that I would get up regularly and move around. Don't worry, I wasn't alone while I worked.

Monday night means Monday Night Football. So the back story here is that my sister-in-law is a 49ers fan and I am a Ravens fan. The Ravens beat the 49ers in the Superbowl last year. *remember this for tomorrow's post* So of course nephew was put in his jersey...and one was provided for me. Dang it!  Only for his sweet blue eyes!

I did fall asleep before halftime. They won though.

Okay, so Tuesday morning came and it was DISNEY day! I got up early and logged in for work to make sure that I was all good to go. I made sure to eat breakfast. I just couldn't decide what to wear though. Sneakers were a given, but what else? I figured on jeans, but do I go with a short sleeve shirt? Long sleeve shirt? Sweatshirt? Jacket? Too much pressure. My brother gave me a black long sleeve thermal shirt that he got at Disneyland with an embroidered mickey. SOLD! If I got too hot I would just buy a shirt. And yes, I wore my Rock'n'Roll Marathon bag on my back and was able to keep myself from being weighed down with bags.

We would be getting to Disney World at lunch time so we stopped at Wawa for some lunch. That's right kids, there's a Wawa not too far from Disney! I ordered a turkey hoagie and some baked lays chips. I was tired so I got a small Diet Dr. Pepper. Yes, they had small bottles. YEAH! I really wanted to drink my water, but I also needed a caffeine fix. It was going to be a long day.

When we got to the Park the parade was getting ready to start and we were hungry. So we quickly found some tables and sat down to eat. We had a view looking up at Cinderella's castle and the parade route. It was pretty Magical.

When we finished eating we were ready to head over to Adventureland. Of course I realized that I forgot to bring my pedometer. Doh!  I really wanted to find out how much walking we did.

Adventureland was high on my list. My two favorite Disney movies are Aladdin and Beauty & The Beast. I was all over going to ride Aladdin's Magic Carpet.  The line was 30 minutes so we went to the Enchanted Tiki room first. Oh I was enchanted alright. So cute.

And then when we came out my brother handed me my nephew and told me to take him for a Magic Carpet Ride...well okay...if you insist :-)  Mom came too. The wait was still 30 minutes and thank goodness I have been working out. Carrying nephew through that line for that long could have been difficult. But I was good with it. I actually kept putting him in my left arm trying to strengthen it.

We enjoyed our ride and next up was Pirates of the Caribbean...but by the time we got there the wait was over an hour. Nope, not happening. And so we headed over to Fantasyland. Although along the way I saw a Captain Jack Sparrow that was particularly Johnny Depp-like...I was intrigued...YUMMY! But, we wanted to ride Dumbo. The line was 55 minutes...and so we went to the Big Circus tent to get me some Ears!

I was getting a bunch of things and looking at shirts. Once again I struggled with sizes. I loved the Dumbo shirts, but they looked so small. And so I didn't get them. But, I did grab a bag of Dumbo Delights at the register...we call it peppermint bark...#Kryptonite.

When we came out the line was down a little, but nephew was hungry...and so was Aunt Jennie. I got a bottle of water with my ears, but I needed a snack. We were close to the popcorn stand and they had a cute souvenir Christmas bucket so I headed over there and ran into my brother. They had a special Dumbo bucket that my sister-in-law wanted. It was so cute. And so we all got some popcorn.

After a potty stop the Dumbo line went down even more...and so we parked the stroller and everyone got in line. It's one of nephew's favorite rides...and now mine!

When the ride was over we started heading back towards the front of the park. I was getting hungry and I had heard lots about the famous Casey's hot dogs. Actually I wanted very badly to stop at Gaston's Tavern, but I was the only one who was hungry so we didn't stop there.

I'll just show you some of my favorite pictures from the day now:

Someone was a little tired and there was a show going on by the Castle. The line for hot dogs was around the corner. And so a new plan was proposed....we stop for BBQ on the way home. Um YES PLEASE.

And so we stopped in one last store before we left...of course it was the largest store. The most amazing thing happened while I was in there...I found a Mickey Mouse tea infuser!  OMG how perfect. YEAH! Take that Lost infuser!

When we left it was dark and the lights were beautiful.

We got to the BBQ place at 7:30...they closed at 7. WHAT??? I'm HUNGRY. I was not the only one by this point...and so we ordered pizza...Hawaiian pizza. HOLLA! #IHeartPineapples

Our tradition is to open one present on Christmas Eve. My brother handed me a gift from my nephew.  They are wings for my sneakers :-)  Can attach them through the shoelaces. This way nephew will be with me during my races. I heart them!  I'll put them on and take a picture. Too cute. Thank you Nephew!

It was a long and fun day. I kept up my water and I'm proud of that. I didn't buy ice cream or loads of other junk. And the smells were enticing for all things fried. I could have walked around all day. In fact, I have wanted to do a Disney Princess Run and that's all I could think of the whole time. Just how much fun it would be to do a race through the park...but goodness you know I would stop to take a billion pictures...totally worth it though.

Have a Blessed Night

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