Monday, January 27, 2014

My Weekend: Snow, Saving Mr. Banks, Snow, Cold, Snow, Cold. Snow....

Happy Monday Bleeps,

How was your weekend? Was it cold and snowy like mine? haha. Why am I not living in the South yet???

Saturday's forecast was for 1-4 inches of snow. I was allowing myself to sleep in and then see where the day took me. I woke up at 7:45...argh. The daylight coming through the windows woke me up. I am always booked so when I get to sleep in I get excited. I just ended up laying around for a couple of hours and then I saw the snow coming down. So I quickly got ready to run to the store before it got worse.

In retrospect I didn't need to get anything for Saturday and I could have easily have waited until Sunday. But spending 2 days working from home last week gave me cabin fever. I would take my chances. Besides, I wouldn't be out long. I put on my heavy boots. I live in the country and the roads were nice and slick. The main roads weren't so bad, but seriously, I share roads with Amish buggies. I stopped at Dunkin Donuts first for a multigrain bagel and a coffee. I have no idea what happened when I got to Walmart, but I felt possessed to practically walk through every aisle. I didn't seem concerned with the weather at all. But, as I got closer to the middle, and still needed to get my food, my back started to kill me. My boots are so heavy and they were just pulling my back all out of alignment. ACK. By the time I got to the checkout I could barely stand. As soon as I got home I went upstairs to lay down on the floor with my feet up and let my back get a little relief. It hurt for a while.

While I was on my way home I had gotten a text asking if I wanted to go to the movies and so a plan was hatched. Aunt Kathy and cousin Hannah were driving down to surprise Grandmom. So I would ask her if she wanted to go to the movies and they would meet us there. The Movie: Saving Mr. Banks.

Grandmom was immediately on board. She really wanted to see the movie.  When I agreed it had stopped snowing. By the time I left to pick her up it was snowing again. I was sliding all over the place. But, we made it. She had one request: Movie popcorn. So we split a medium, which was really the size of an old large.

Aunt Kathy and Cousin Hannah made it right before the movie started. Surprise!  :-)

I LOVED the movie...kind of wish I had worn my Minnie ears to it...but no, that would be silly...or would it?

When the movie ended we went to Panera for dinner since it was right there. This means I had Panera 3 days in a row. I finally got my breadbowl though. I got french onion...yum. And I got a hot chocolate (and cookie) to go...grr...why did I get the cookie? I had popcorn and a hot chocolate. I did not need it at all...this is why I hate the makes me want to munch all day.

Sunday my plan was to go through my clothes and get rid of many of them. I started strong, and then took a nap. I was exhausted. I think I may have been fighting a cold or something.  I still have to go through my summer clothes and one bin of workout clothes, but I did get a nice pile for donations together. It wasn't as much as I had hoped, but it was still a good pile.

I was preoccupied all day thinking about the Polar Plunge...praying that it will warm up for it.  And then I was even more annoyed that I had the cookie and popcorn the day before...argh.

So I think the french onion soup disagreed with my belly. To put it mildly...I had a lot of gas last night. It made my belly very upset. Maybe it wasn't the soup, but I was very uncomfortable all night. Even tonight I wasn't feeling good about my run. I hate running with gas. Generally not bad when you are outside, but in the gym yeah it is.

Alright kids, I probably have more to say, but I'm tired and I pulled a muscle in my back while I was running today so I really just want to lay down and call it a it's supposed to be a billion below zero tomorrow so I have to keep adding layers before bed.  Stay safe!

Have a Blessed Night.

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