Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Random Wednesday: Girl Scout cookies, Awesomeness, and Taye Diggs

Wow...Is it Wednesday already?  Happy Random Wednesday!!!

I'm a little tired so this will probably be a short one. Of course every time I say that they get mighty long. haha.

So remember last week I said I was thinking about Girl Scout Cookies...well this week I got my 1st email announcing that a coworker's daughters are selling them. I will always support them. I just have to manage my craziness. Remember, I like to freeze them.  However, I can also polish off a whole box in one sitting...the peanut butter patties are my weakness.


The moving is almost done...until April at least. I made it to the gym last night, but otherwise I have been working really hard. And burning those calories baby. Yesterday I felt like a bottomless pit. I feel horrible that I haven't been to the gym as much as I would have liked, but I am most certainly getting workouts in. I wish I had kept track of the number of times I have gone up and down stairs. Plus the lifting of bin after bin after bin.

Of course the casualty of this is that every day I find a new bruise. I have a strange one at the base of my thumb and a nice deep purple one on my belly. I also have a bunch on my legs and arms...I look like someone used me for a punching bag. Basically I put my whole body into this move. haha.


Te he...I can't stop laughing at that one.


All I'm saying is that I have a massage that I need to schedule...hmm...I really need to check my calendar. I could use it badly right now.

Thank you Heather!


I don't have cable in my room any more and last night I was too exhausted to go down to the basement to watch The Biggest Loser (basically it felt like a mighty big climb up the steps to bed). So I will watch it later and post on it.

I kind of like no cable now. I can still watch if I want to, but I'm enjoying my reading and radio time. It's very calming.


Work has been beyond hectic These past couple weeks. Let's just say that when you work in Logistics and there is a monster winter storm that blankets the whole country, things get a little backed up. We've been handling it though, but now Ms. Liz is sick. So please wish her well because I'm on my own tomorrow while she stays home and sleeps. Wish me luck!


On my way home tonight I stopped at Starbucks and found something. I cannot wait to try them!  I do enjoy my Gevalia mocha lattes, but this is a non-keurig option so I could be mighty happy if they are good.


I had just decided that I would grow out my hair for Locks of Love again and now I want to cut my hair. BAH! What is wrong with me???


I keep seeing the commercials for the 3 Day For the Cure...Mark my words: I will be signing up for that in 2015!  I am determined to do this. But, I can only do so much fundraising. This year is Run For Autism. Next year is 3 Day for the Cure!


I think I mentioned before that one of my coworkers is from Columbia. Whenever he goes home he brings me and Ms. Liz back some Columbian chocolate...and let me tell you it is FANTASTIC. We got some this  week and my packs are almost halfway done. DOH. I told you it was a stressful week at work.


Today we went to lunch at Wegmans. Ms. Tina's program at work is up this week and she will be going back to China. I will miss her so much. Whenever I need a smile I go see her or send her an email. I don't think I've ever met someone who smiles so much. I heart her! 

We got a little excited about going to Wegmans. Ms. Tracey and I were talking all morning about what we would get. We both hit up the Vegetarian bar. Some new items were an apple, yam, and almond cake (like a pancake) that was super yummy. We also got some glazed carrots with cranberries. It was a delicious lunch.

Because you always have cake when someone leaves I got us some Black & White cookies, since they are my favorite. I cut them in half and we each had a small portion.

This led to a fun discussion about how much I love them and that every time they see them they will think of me...and if I were to ever get married I would forgo a cake for a giant display of black & white cookies...and from there it spiraled out of control. haha. Let's just say that now that Taye Diggs is single again (he is a fellow Syracuse Alumni by the way) they would be the perfect cake for us. :-) 


And on that note, I'm going to try to get a little reading in before bed time.

Have a Blessed Night.

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